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Notes:  Draco moves to the Gryffindor Tower, and the Gryffindors aren’t too happy about it.

Shadows of Truth

Part Ten

“I can’t believe you’re being so calm about this!”  Ron yelled, gesturing wildly with his arms.

Harry sighed, shaking his head.  “It’s not that big a deal, Ron.”  He replied, trying to calm his friend.  It was, of course, a futile

Ever since Ron had found out that Draco Malfoy would be moving into the Gryffindor Tower, Ron had been quite adamant
about his beliefs.  He simply didn’t want the blonde, former Slytherin, living in the same dorm room as him.  It had only been
two days since Professor Dumbledore had made his announcement, and Ron was just as upset about it now as he had been
then.  Today . . . in just a few short minutes, Draco Malfoy would be walking in to make himself at home.  Ron was livid.

It was a good thing that it was Christmas Break, or else Draco might have a more difficult time in adjusting to this.  With all the
injuries to his body, Harry doubted that he was up to too much physical or emotional stress just yet.

Gryffindor Tower was virtually deserted.  Very few students had stayed behind over the holidays.  Only Ron and Harry
remained in their dorm . . . and Hermione and Ginny were the only two girls left.  There were a few students from other years,
but really not too many people.

“Not a big deal?”  Ron gaped.  “Of course it’s a big deal, Harry!  Draco Malfoy is moving in!”

Hermione sighed.  “Really, Ron . . . you should learn to calm down.  It’s not as if there’s anything we can do to stop it.”

“Yeah, Hermione’s right.  Besides, there really is no other option unless you’d rather I was transferred into Slytherin?”  Harry
said, not waiting for Ron to comment.  “I told you before . . . Draco has been tortured and for some reason he’s decided to
trust me and confide in me.  I can’t just ignore him or the pain that he’s in.  Plus, well . . . he is pregnant . . . with my baby . .
. I’m not about to abandon it or Draco.”

Ron took a breath, closing his eyes as he let himself flop into a nearby armchair.  “Fine . . . but I still don’t like it.  I don’t think
I’ll ever get used to having Malfoy here.”  He muttered, clutching at the arms of the chair he sat in.  Harry didn’t doubt for a
second that Ron was unhappy about this arrangement, but he trusted that his friend wouldn’t do something stupid.

Harry stood up as he heard someone enter the Common Room, watching as Professor Dumbledore strode toward them, his
arm held around Draco’s shoulders as the young man was led inside.  Draco looked a little better than he had when Harry had
first seen him in the Hospital Wing, but not much.  Bruises still covered nearly all of his features, a few cuts lingering here and
there.  Apparently, Madam Pomfrey had only healed the more serious injuries, the ones that would leave scars if not tended to
properly . . . the rest had been left to heal naturally.

“Well, here we are.”  Dumbledore said, his smile faltering after a moment.  “I trust the three of you will be kind enough to see
to it that he doesn’t push himself.”  He led Draco to a seat.  The blonde simply went where he was led, groaning in discomfort
when he reclined in the chair.

“Y-Yes, of course, sir.”  Hermione whispered, her eyes glued on Draco’s beaten form.

Ron simply nodded, apparently unable to formulate a verbal response.  Their surprise was only natural though, since neither of
them had seen Draco since he had left Hogwarts at the beginning of Christmas Break.  Hell, he had only been gone a little under
a day as it was.

“Good . . . good.”  Professor Dumbledore nodded.  “I’ll leave you four to get acquainted then.”  He smiled a little at Harry.  
“Please be sure he gets to rest.  Madam Pomfrey is quite adamant that he be given time to heal.”

“Yes, sir.”  Harry replied, watching as the elder wizard turned and left the Common Room.  He had only been here to escort
Draco here . . . he probably trusted that Harry wouldn’t allow anything harmful to happen to the blonde.

Things were quiet for a long time after Dumbledore left.  Ron and Hermione just stared at Draco.  And Draco focused his gaze
only on the floor.  Harry felt quite awkward just sitting there, nothing but silence between them.  Finally, Hermione broke the

She rose from her seat and stepped over to Draco.  “Y-You look tired . . . why don’t you go up and get some rest?”  She
offered, reaching out to clasp his shoulder.

Draco immediately recoiled from the gesture.  He whimpered in obvious pain, the movement probably setting off his injuries.  
Then he began to shiver, curling his arms around his body.

Hermione quickly took a step back, apologies falling from her lips.  “I’m sorry, Draco.  I didn’t mean anything . . . I only
wanted to help.”  She babbled.

Harry stood up and hastily moved to Draco’s side.  “I’m sure he appreciated it, Hermione . . . he’s just been through an awful

“Sorry.”  Draco whispered in a slight voice, his gaze fixated on the floor.  “I . . . I do want to get some rest though.  I’m very

Harry nodded, gently taking hold of Draco’s arm.  He helped the young man to get up, then slid his arm around Draco’s
shoulders.  “Come on, then.”  He turned, casting a sad smile over at Ron and Hermione.  “I’ll just be a moment.”  He said,
watching as they nodded their heads in reply before he helped Draco up the stairs to the dorm room.

He helped Draco over to his bed and sat him down, then went around and showed him where his things had all been placed.  
Draco was quiet, barely making a sound at all to acknowledge Harry.  Harry sighed, digging around in a dresser until he found
a pair of pajamas for Draco to wear.  It wasn’t likely that the blonde would be getting out of bed, so there was no point in not
making him comfortable.

“Okay, let’s get you changed.”  Harry smiled, carefully removing the shirt that Draco was wearing.  He wasn’t wearing his
school robes . . . the only reason he was dressed at all was probably because he simply had to wear something when he left the
Hospital Wing.

Draco shivered, yet did nothing to stop Harry.  He allowed Harry to undress him, not declining the help when he was dressed in
the pajamas.  Harry didn’t know what to say or do . . . Draco was obviously in a delicate frame of mind.  What if he said the
wrong thing?

Harry quietly got Draco to lie down and covered him with the blankets.  Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, Harry knew he
had to say something.  But still, the words wouldn’t come to him.  Nothing sounded right, nothing he thought of was good

“Thank you.”  Draco said quietly, his hand timidly moving to lay atop Harry’s.

Harry smiled.  “You’re quite welcome.”  He replied.  “I-If you ever need anything, you can ask.  And don’t be afraid of Ron or
Hermione . . . I swear they won’t hurt you.”

Draco nodded, but said nothing more.  He closed his eyes and turned away, grasping at the blankets that covered him.  Harry
sighed again, seeing that Draco no longer wanted to talk on the subject.

“I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”  He said, not getting a reply in return as he stood and headed over to the door.  He
could only hope that Draco would recover from this.


It was the middle of the night when Harry awoke.  This was familiar, he thought as he came to wakefulness, blinking his eyes
tiredly.  There was something disturbing his sleep, much like when he had found Draco in the Hospital Wing.  Draco . . . Harry
sat upright in bed, afraid for the blonde.  Was it Draco . .  was there something wrong?

“H-Harry?”  A timid voice whispered.

Harry turned, focusing his eyes in the darkness, only to find Draco Malfoy nervously standing beside his bed.  “Are you
okay?”  Harry asked, casting a glance at Ron’s bed and thankfully finding the redhead to still be asleep.

“I . . . I had a nightmare.”  Draco replied, lowering his head.  “C-Can I sleep . . . with you?”  His voice wavered fearfully, his
tone portraying that he was afraid of being rejected.

Harry didn’t have the heart to say no.  He smiled, raising his blankets and nodded to Draco, inviting him in without words.  
Draco moved as quickly as he could and climbed in, shakily drawing his arms around Harry’s body as Harry covered the both
of them with the blankets.

“Thank you.”  He sighed in apparent relief, laying his head against Harry’s chest.

Harry smiled.  “It’s all right.  I’m only happy to help you.”  He raised his hand, gently brushing his fingers through Draco's pale
hair, trying to soothe the frightened young man.  He watched Draco’s face for a long time that night, smiling again when Draco
slipped back into a peaceful slumber.  Only then did Harry allow himself to fall asleep.  As long as Draco was okay, he could

To Be Continued . . .