Disclaimers:  I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters.

Notes:  Draco comes to a decision about his relationship with Harry and the other Gryffindors.  A month passes and Harry
comes to another decision.

Warning:  Slash lemon ahead.  If you don’t like it, don’t read this part.

Shadows of Truth

Part Twelve

Draco sat on his bed, his chin resting on his knees, and thought about what Harry had said earlier that day.  Did he WANT a
relationship with Harry Potter?  All he had ever done was taunt the youth . . . and had sex with him that one time.  That was no
basis for a relationship really.  It was no wonder that Harry had stopped him earlier, that he had put an end to Draco’s

Draco felt so stupid suddenly . . . and very selfish.  He had never once thought about how Harry had felt.  He’d only been
concerned about his own problems.  While he knew that it was understandable, he also knew it was wrong.  Harry and the
others were putting up with him, but Draco suddenly realized that he wanted more.  He wanted friendship from them . . . real
friendship.  He didn’t want them to be nice to him JUST because they were nice people.  He wanted them to actually like him,
unlike all of those Slytherins . . . the ones who had called him their friend when they cared nothing for him in the least.

And with Harry . . . Draco smiled a little.  He’d work on being a friend before moving on to something else.  He wasn’t really
ready for a physical relationship yet, not with anybody.  He couldn’t use Harry as a way to get past the bad memories.  As if
thinking of Harry Potter was a spell in itself, the Gryffindor in question entered the room.

“Are you feeling better?”  Harry asked from the doorway.

Draco nodded.  “Much better, thank you.”  He sighed and gave Harry a sheepish smile, uncurling his body.  “I’ve been thinking
about what you said earlier.”

Harry’s eyebrows quirked up a little and he walked over to sit next to Draco on his bed.  “And . . .”

“You were right.  I’m sorry, Harry.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.”  Draco replied, lowering his eyes.  “I’m just tired of all the pain
and worry.”  He felt a wave of anxiety.  “D-Do you think my father is still alive, Harry?  And what about my mother?  I haven’
t heard anything . . . no one will tell me.”

Harry reached out and placed a hand on Draco’s arm.  “I don’t know, Draco.  To be honest, it doesn’t look all that good.”  He
said, speaking honestly.  Draco appreciated the lack of sugarcoating.  “After all . . . my parents never even joined Voldemort,
and he killed them without a second thought.  I can’t begin to imagine what he’d do to someone who had betrayed him.  If
your father is alive . . . I hope he’s far away from Voldemort.  Otherwise, he probably wishes he were dead.”  Harry’s face
was full of sorrow and compassion.  “I wish I could have put that better, but there is no better way to put it.”

Draco nodded as his heart filled with grief.  His parents were probably dead . . . he was alone.  Draco wanted desperately to be
held, so he gave Harry a pleading look.  He wasn’t disappointed when Harry pulled him into a tight hug.  Being held made the
ache lessen a little, although not by much.


A month went by in Hogwarts.  Draco got stronger, and managed to befriend not only Ron and Hermione . . . but several other
students in the Gryffindor house as well.  Madam Pomfrey had been keeping tabs on his baby, and Draco had been relieved to
learn that the harsh beating and rapes he had received from Voldemort had not harmed the tiny life growing within him.  He had
been very worried when he hadn’t been ill at all.  However, Madam Pomfrey had told him that there are exceptions to the
morning sickness rule, and that he was probably one of them.

The nightmares came at him though . . . and they caused him to seek solace in Harry Potter’s bed more often than not.  During
the month, he’d been spending more and more time with Harry . . . getting to know him and learning about his life.  The more
that he learned, the more he came to care about the green-eyed Gryffindor.

He came to a realization one night as he crawled into bed with Harry and gazed upon the youth’s beautiful sleeping visage.  He
realized that he did, indeed, love Harry Potter.  Harry was a good, caring soul.  With that knowledge, Draco felt a new joy well
up inside of him and he leaned to kiss Harry’s cheek.  He kissed Harry a few more times, and Harry remained half asleep until
Draco gently kissed his warm lips.

“Mmmm . . .”  Harry opened his eyes.  “Draco?  What are you doing?”  He whispered, raising his hand to brush his fingers
across Draco’s cheek.

“I’m loving you.”  Draco said just as quietly, a smile playing across his face.  He raised an eyebrow, his smile turning into a
smirk.  “Do you have a problem with that?”

Harry smiled in reply, but that smile quickly faded.  “Are you sure you want to?  I mean really sure . . . do you want me?”  He
asked, his hands stroking up and down along Draco’s arms.

“Absolutely.”  Draco grinned, laying down along Harry’s side, taking possession of those delectable lips of his once again.

When Harry pulled away this time, he yanked the curtains shut around the bed, sealing it closed with a charm and spelled it so
that no one outside could hear what they were doing.  Harry set his wand down on the bed, smiling warmly at Draco.  Slowly,
Harry unfastened the buttons of Draco’s pajama top, kissing each inch of skin as it was revealed to him.  Draco reveled in the
attention, loving the way that Harry made him feel.

Draco ran insistent fingers over Harry’s shoulders, tugging at the pajama top that he wore.  It wouldn’t be right for only one of
them to be bare of clothes, not in Draco’s mind at least.  He wanted to see Harry, all of him.

Harry obliged with a smile, hastily removing his own pajamas and boxers, making quick work of taking off Draco’s now as
well.  Draco smiled though, his eyes trailing over Harry’s physique, delighting in the sleek musculature, the toned body he had
gotten from all that Quidditch playing.  True, there were some areas that were a bit too thin and Draco didn’t approve of that . .
. he’d just have to get Harry to eat better.

Draco raised his hands, running them over the smooth expanse of Harry’s chest, his thumbs lightly brushing across those pert
little nipples.  Idly, he wondered what Harry would look like if he got them pierced, but pushed aside the thought, deciding such
a thing could wait for a later time.  He raised his gaze to stare deep into Harry’s eyes, quickly becoming lost in the shimmering
emerald depths.  He took in a breath, letting it out in a shudder as he steeled himself for what he was about to say.

“I . . . I love you, Harry Potter.”  Draco said in a breathless whisper, scarcely believing that he had said it himself.  But he
meant it . . . he only hoped that Harry felt even a fraction of that for him.

All of Draco’s doubts faded the moment he saw that smile on Harry’s face, the way his eyes shone with the oncoming tears.  
Harry fell against Draco’s chest, clutching at him tightly, his face buried against the blonde’s shoulder.  “I love you, too.”  He
said, his voice muffled a little by their closeness.

Harry pulled away, his tears glistening on his cheeks.  He smiled though, bringing his callused hand to brush across Draco’s
cheek.  Draco leaned into it, sighing contentedly.

“I love you too, Draco Malfoy.”  Harry said, repeating his earlier sentiment.

Draco grabbed Harry around the neck, easily bringing him down for a deep kiss, their tongues meeting almost immediately as
they fervently sought to imprint each sensation to memory.  Harry’s hands felt as if they were everywhere . . . touching,
stroking . . . caressing every possible inch of Draco’s body.

Harry broke the kiss, only to trail his lips and tongue along the column of Draco’s throat, sweeping the slick, hot muscle
around each of Draco’s nipples in turn, suckling against him for a time before eventually he continued on his downward path.  
Draco was reduced to mindless panting, throwing his head back in a soundless cry as Harry’s breath ghosted over his already,
aching erection.

Harry seemed to have other intentions though, as he bypassed the hard organ and nipped lightly at his inner thigh.  Damn
Potter, Draco thought . . . he hadn't known Harry could be such a bastard.  Harry only chuckled though, picking up his wand.  
Draco was surprised though, as Harry turned the wand on himself, using a muttered spell to lubricate and stretch his own body.

Draco had fully expected to be the one getting taken tonight, hadn’t thought that Harry would want to take a submissive
position to him.  Maybe it was because of the baby.  Perhaps that’s why Harry didn’t want to take him . . . it was feasible.  
Whatever it was, Draco decided not to worry about it.  He was here, in bed with Harry, and nothing was going to spoil that.  It
didn’t matter who was on top or not, as long as they were together.

Harry straddled Draco’s hips, a shy smile on his face as he took hold of Draco’s shaft and guided it to his entrance, slowly
falling to impale himself.  Draco forced himself not to thrust upward, even though his body demanded that he move.  He
wouldn’t hurt Harry . . . didn’t want to do anything that would cause him pain.  So he clenched his fists in the sheets, closing
his eyes as he pushed aside the impulse that told him to thrust.

Harry’s hands settled on his shoulders and Draco once again opened his eyes.  Draco could scarcely believe that he was
actually inside Harry . . . that it was really Harry Potter’s hot body that was tight around his cock.  It was real though and
Draco couldn’t have been happier.  They took a moment to enjoy the feel of their positions, as well as give the both of them
time to adjust.  It wouldn’t do to come two seconds after they had just begun.

Draco let his hands wander along Harry’s thighs, sliding up and down along the sweaty skin.  As an experiment, Draco shifted
his hips a little, watching with amusement as Harry gasped, shuddering above him.

“You okay?”  Draco inquired, hoping that he hadn’t caused Harry harm.

Harry nodded, a smile on his face.  Slowly, Harry began to move again, bringing himself up a ways only to fall back onto
Draco’s length.  Draco groaned at the way Harry’s internal walls caressed him.  It felt so undescribably good.  Lightly, Draco
rolled his hips upward, smirking in satisfaction at the blissful expression that crossed the Gryffindor’s face, at the way that
Harry’s blunt nails dug into his shoulders.

In time, their pace increased.  Harry was perfect above him.  Draco held Harry’s slender hips, driving up into the welcoming
heat of that perfect body as Harry fell against him, crying out time and again as Draco repeatedly struck his prostate.  They
were bathed in sweat, hair plastered to skin . . . but they didn’t notice that.  All there was for them was passion, pleasure in
their bodies and what they were doing with and to each other.

Harry collapsed against Draco’s chest, his hands grasping Draco’s shoulders as he rode the waves of bliss, meeting each
plunge that Draco made.  His lips found Draco’s and they kissed as if there were no tomorrow, hungry and full of their burning
desires.  Tongues warred, moans caught between lips while they tasted each other, mindless of anything happening outside of
their bed.

Draco allowed one hand to fall from Harry’s hip, taking Harry’s dripping shaft and stroking quickly.  It didn’t take long for the
green-eyed beauty to come, releasing a hot stream of semen across Draco’s stomach and chest.  The feel of Harry’s internal
muscles clamping down around Draco made him buck beneath the darker-haired boy, sending his cock deeper into his lover’s

With a sharp cry, Draco came, filling his love.  He rolled his hips a couple times, trying to lengthen the experience.  Then he
collapsed back onto the bed.

Panting for breath, Harry lifted himself off of Draco’s flagging erection, falling to lay beside Draco.  He was smiling so
contentedly, Draco felt a sudden urge to kiss him.  So he did, tenderly taking his lips and stroking a finger lovingly across one
smooth cheek.

“Love you.”  Draco said, deciding he would never tire of saying those words.

Harry’s smile was brighter than the sun as he snuggled against Draco, pulling the covers up over the two of them, only
covering them up to their waists.  “Love you, too.”  He sighed happily, running a gentle hand down along Draco’s stomach and
the bulge that had already begun to form there.

Draco smiled, although he chose not to address what Harry was doing.  “You know, I think we’re going to need a bath.”  
Draco said.  “I wouldn’t want your friends thinking that you’re slumming with a Malfoy.”

Harry cuddled closer, wrapping his strong arms around Draco’s body.  He kissed the blonde’s shoulder, letting out a happy
sigh.  “I don’t care what anyone thinks about us.  I love you . . . doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Draco kissed Harry’s forehead.  “You just made me the happiest man alive.”  He commented.

“Good.  You deserve to be happy.”  Harry nodded.  He looked down at their bodies, curling his nose at the mess covering
them.  “Although, I think you’re right about that bath . . . maybe it would be a good idea.”

Draco let out a short laugh.  “In a bit.  I want to stay here a little while.”

“Okay.”  Harry answered.

Draco turned toward Harry, enjoying the feel of his arms around him for as long as he could.  He wanted to relish the
sensations, never wanted to forget.  Harry loved him . . . Draco had never been happier in his life.

To Be Continued . . .