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Notes: Draco reflects on the intimate relationship he and Harry have.  Then things take a turn for the worse.

Shadows of Truth

Part Thirteen

Draco could barely keep the smile off of his face as he sat next to Harry at breakfast.  Last night had simply been the most
wonderful night of his life.  He had proclaimed his love for Harry Potter and Harry Potter had returned his love without
hesitation.  Draco was happy . . . for the first time in so very long, he was truly happy.

A blush came to his cheeks as he remembered the feel of Harry’s tight body around him, the way the Gryffindor had looked as
he rode Draco’s shaft.  Beautiful was the only word that came to mind, and that word could scarcely do justice to the image of
Harry rising and falling above him, bathed in sweat and panting for breath.

Harry loved him.  Draco wouldn’t let go of that memory.  Even after they had found completion with each other, Harry had
been there.  He had held Draco . . . he still loved him.  They had basked in the glow of their lovemaking, and then they had
gone down to the baths.  How Harry knew the password to the Prefects’ bathroom was a mystery to Draco, but he hadn’t
questioned Harry’s knowledge.  It had gotten them into that delightful room . . . and had led to yet another pleasureful
experience before they had even gotten into the water.

The image of Harry on his knees in front of Draco, his mouth laving attention to him, would not be an easy thing to forget.  
Not that Draco wanted to forget in the first place.  No, he loved Harry and wanted to remember each and every detail of their
time together.

“Draco . . . you all right?”  Harry’s sweet voice called, snapping Draco from his memories.  “Your face is all red.”

If anything, that only caused Draco to blush even more.  “I’m fine.”  He smiled shyly, trying to push back his embarrassment.  
“I was just . . . thinking.”  He discreetly reached his hand under the table and squeezed Harry’s strong thigh.

Harry’s cheeks turned pink.  “Oh.”  He replied simply, a devious smile coming to his face.  He leaned closer, whispering in
Draco’s ear.  “You know, if you aren’t careful, I’m just going to have to bend you over this table and fuck your brains out.”

“Wouldn’t that be an interesting experience?”  Draco commented quietly, raising an eyebrow as he observed Harry’s attractive
face.  “Although I highly doubt that your friends would enjoy such a display . . . nor the teachers for that matter.”  He couldn't
help but snicker as he thought of the look on Snape’s face should Harry do just what he had said . . . the man would probably
faint from shock seeing his favorite student and his most hated, engrossed in such carnal activities.

“Okay you two . . . enough with the flirting.”  Ron groaned.

“We can’t stay here all morning you know.”  Hermione added, although she smiled.  “We all have places to go.”

With a blush tinting his cheeks, Draco returned to eating his breakfast.  Harry did the same beside him, casting glances Draco’s
way now and again as they ate.


Draco smiled as he walked through the hallways toward the Hospital Wing with Hermione striding along beside him.  The two
of them had a free class period, so they were taking the opportunity for Draco to get a checkup on his progress.  Harry still
insisted that Draco not travel alone anywhere . . . he was so sweetly protective, it warmed Draco’s heart to know that
someone cared about him enough to go through the trouble.

Softly, reflexively, he ran his hand down along his stomach, feeling the slight bulge that was beginning to form there.  He was
just getting into his fourth month now.  Madam Pomfrey said it wasn’t unusual for him to start showing now . . . he was still
rather thin.  He was just happy that his child was growing . . . that made everything all right in his mind.  It was growing . . . it
was healthy.  There was nothing more that Draco could want.  He had all the reassurances that he needed.

“Oh, bother!”  Hermione announced, stopping dead in her tracks.  “I just remembered that I promised to bring a book back to
Madam Pomfrey.  I borrowed it last week.”  She let out an exasperated breath, shaking her head.  “I was so busy studying
earlier that it totally slipped my mind to bring it with me.  Draco . . . why don’t you go on ahead?  We’re not that far from the
Hospital Wing.  No sense in both of us walking all the way back to the Tower.  Besides . . . you should sit down.  You’ve been
tiring pretty easily lately.”

Draco smiled at Hermione.  “Of course.  I’ll see you soon.”  He nodded.  He watched as Hermione walked off, then turned to
continue to the Hospital Wing on his own.

However, he only got about ten feet before he heard a soft snicker.

Draco spun, looking around himself.  “Who’s there?”  He asked, worry and fear creeping over him.  He didn’t like this.  There
was something wrong about this situation.

Voices, familiar to Draco, came from the shadows.  “Whoever thought that Draco Malfoy would ever turn traitor.”  Said one
of the voices.  “Walking around with a filthy Mudblood . . . honestly, he should be ashamed of himself.”

“He’s just a filthy little whore now.”  Spoke another.  “You saw how he and Potter were acting during breakfast.”

“Probably lets all those Gryffindor’s have a go at his arse, I bet.”  Said the first voice.

“Leave me alone.”  Draco hissed with a glare, taking a step back.  He didn’t want to get into any fights . . . he didn’t want to
risk his baby.  If he should fall the wrong way . . . or get kicked in the stomach . . . he shuddered at the very thought of losing
the life he carried within him.

There was a snicker, and then the first voice spoke again.  Draco was sure that he should know it . . . but he simply couldn’t
place it with a face.  “But if we left you alone . . . how would we ever get to have any fun with you?”

It was then that they came out of the shadows, moving swiftly.  They circled him, two of them grabbing his arms in strong
grips.  He knew them . . . knew them all.  They were his former house mates . . . Slytherins all of them.  Crabbe and Goyle
were among them, although they were obviously not the ringleaders of this little group.  No, it was Randall Wyatt who stood at
the front, looking particularly smug with his arms folded across his chest.  Randall was a sixth year . . . and although he was
their junior, he was a particularly cruel young man.  It was no wonder that Crabbe and Goyle were following him . . . he was
almost as devious as Draco had been . . . and he had quite the cruel streak.

“What are you doing, Wyatt?”  Draco sneered, narrowing his eyes at the dark-haired youth.

Randall feigned innocence, a small smile forming on his face.  “Why . . . I’m only repaying a debt to you, Draco.  You did
cause us to lose a number of points last month in Potions.  Your former classmates were quite unhappy about it when they got
back to the dorm.”

“It was their own fault . . . they were throwing notes and were caught at it.”  Draco spat, trying to wrench his arms away.

He didn’t like the way things were going here.  This was definitely not a good situation for him to be in at all.  No doubt Randall
wanted to do something to get himself seen as leader of the pack . . . so to speak.  And for Draco, this was most likely going
to end with him either getting hurt, or greatly embarrassed . . . more than likely hurt.

Randall only laughed, shaking his head.  “No use trying to talk your way out of this, Draco.  I think the time has come for you
to finally learn your place.  Traitors have to be punished.”  With a cruel smile on his face, Randall raised his wand.

Then Draco saw no more.

To Be Continued . . .