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Notes: Snape finished the potion.

Shadows of Truth

Part Eighteen

Severus Snape took a calming breath as he finished up the potion he had been working so painstakingly on.  'Blasted interfering
son of an overly proud showoff!  Didn't anyone ever teach him manners?'  Although he could tell from the clothes Harry wore
that very little had gone into the boy's upbringing.  And Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid had often gone into great detail
over what the Dursleys were like.  Still, there was such a thing as common courtesy and respecting someone else's privacy.  
One did not simply go looking where it is made obvious that prying eyes were not welcome.

Snape shook his head and carefully poured the potion into a glass bottle.  'I'm sure young Mr. Malfoy will be relieved to have
his sight back.'  The most difficult aspect of the potion was to make sure it would not harm the unborn child growing within
Malfoy.  It was sheer luck that the spell used to blind Draco hadn't harmed the innocent baby.

He turned from his work and walked into the bedroom.  "I have good news, Mr. Malfoy ..." His words trailed off there.  Draco
wasn't in bed like he was supposed to be, and the slippers and school robe were gone.  Snape started searching his rooms,
worry beginning to eat away at him.  What if someone had come in to abduct Malfoy while Snape had been finishing up?  He
always tuned out everything whenever engrossed in his work.  And there hadn't been anyone to watch after Malfoy after Snape
had all but thrown Potter out of his rooms.  There weren't even any paintings in here he could ask.  Not many of them would
speak to him even if he had them in here and the one painting he did have, he couldn't bear to hold a conversation with.  It
would hurt too much to see those faces once again.

He stopped his worried pacing at the sound of knocking on the door.  "Come in if it's important.  Otherwise ... go away!"  He
scowled when Hermione Granger poked her head in. The last thing he wanted to see was one of Potter's little friends.  "If
you're here at Potter's request, you can just close that door this instant.  I have no desire to hear anything he wishes to say."

"I quite agree with you, Professor.  And although I am here because Harry asked me to, it's not for the reason you think."  She
straightened her robes as she stepped inside, her eyes roving around the room with curiosity, even as she spoke.  "He wanted
me to come here and let you know that Draco arrived at Gryffindor Tower not too long ago."

Snape had been about to throw Hermione out until she made her announcement.  Then all of the fight left him.  "How in the
name of Merlin did he manage to get there?  Is he all right?"

Hermione nodded.  "Yes, although he appeared a bit shaky when I left."  Then she shrugged.  "I don't know how far he got on
his own, but Neville found him in the hall and brought him the rest of the way.  Right now, Harry is looking after Draco."

Snape walked back to where he had placed the bottle.  He picked it up and walked to where Hermione Granger was standing.  
The girl was still looking around.  "Well, stop gaping at my private rooms and return to the tower."  He motioned to the bottle.  
"The sooner we get this to Mr. Malfoy the better."  He left the room with a purposeful stride.  "I trust you won't be asking me
any nosy questions, Miss Granger?  Bad enough your ring leader went snooping ... I'd rather not hear any prattling nonsense
about one thing or another."

"Of course not, Professor.  I'm rather disappointed in Harry myself."

Snape waited for her to go on with that, considering she was always trying to ingratiate herself with the staff at Hogwarts.  He
hated the ones who pretended to be better than everyone else with their superior knowledge.  All the while getting away with
more because the teachers liked them.  It sickened him to no end.  Many times he had been tormented by such people almost
as much as the elder Potter had tormented him.  If the girl would just keep her blasted mouth shut rather than spout out what
she knew with that tone she took when answering a question, he might decide to call on her more often.  But then, perhaps he
wouldn't.  She was a Gryffindor after all.

He was, therefore, rather pleasantly surprised when Hermione simply followed him with a sour look on her face.  He normally
would rib the girl for not saying anything, but he wasn't in the mood.  "If you have something to say, Miss Granger, spit it out."

Blinking a bit, she cleared her throat.  "I would apologize, but I think that's for Harry to do.  He had no right ... and I feel you
showed great restraint in simply ejecting him from your rooms."

He was curious, but didn't want the girl to know.  He simply stopped and turned to face her fully.  "And what, pray tell, would
you have done?"

"I would have given him a black eye.  I was, actually, quite tempted to do that anyway."

That surprised Snape to a new degree.  From what he understood, Potter could do no wrong in the eyes of his two little
friends.  He sniffed dismissively.  "Indeed?"  That was all he said before resuming his trek to Gryffindor Tower.

He stormed into the irritatingly red and gold common room to the gawks and stares of the occupants.  Ignoring them all, his
eyes located Weasley.  "Where is he?"

Weasley dropped the chess piece he was holding and gestured shakily upward.  "D-Dorm," he stuttered.

Snape sneered at him, then ignored his continued existence and headed up the stairs.  He wasn't surprised to find Potter in the
dorm.  Nor was it truly shocking to find he and Malfoy in bed together.  Potter's head shot up at the sound of the door
opening.  Upon seeing his teacher, he scrambled out of bed and stood beside it looking awkward and embarrassed.

"Wake him," Snape ordered.  He approached the bed, and stared down at the still-slumbering youth.  He didn't truly want to
wake him.  Sleep was good for him right now.  But, he thought this potion would be even more important.  Being able to see
again might cheer him.  Merlin knew he needed all the cheering he could get.  With his father and mother missing and being
forced to carry Potter's spawn, happy thoughts were probably difficult to come by.

Potter nodded and bent to shake the blonde's shoulder.  "Draco ... Draco, Professor Snape is here."

Slowly, pale eyes fluttered open.  "Harry?"  His hand raised up blindly.  "That you?"

"Yeah, it's me."  The Gryffindor smiled, grabbing that hand and pulling it close to kiss it delicately.  

The sight made Snape feel rather queasy.  He didn't think he could watch any more of this spectacle.  "The potion is ready.  If
you'll kindly sit up and tilt your head back, I'll administer the first dose."

Draco's head spun his way and his blank eyes widened.  "Potion?  First dose?"

Snape was across the room in a few short strides.  "Your ... condition, being as delicate as it is, makes it difficult to treat this
particular ailment.  The most common remedy would abort the child.  As would taking more than a single alloted dose within
too short a span of time.  You will then have to endure this a short while longer, but with each treatment more of your vision
will return."

With Potter's help, the blonde managed to get himself into a sitting position.  "How long?"  He leaned back and lifted his chin.

"A week, perhaps less."  He waved Potter away and stepped closer to the bed.  Taking the potion from his pocket, he also
pulled out a long needle.  Setting the potion on the table by the bed, he unstopped it and set the lid aside.  Without warning, he
pricked one of Draco's fingers with the needle, then dipped the tip of the bloodstained needle into the potion.  A quick stir and
the contents changed color from a pale yellow to a deep purple.  "Potter, pay attention.  Once a day and only ONCE a day, you
will administer a single drop in each eye."  He used a dropper to gather some of the potion and did as he was instructing Potter
to do in the future.  "Do so, until the potion turns clear.  When it's clear, his eyes should be fully healed."

"Yes, sir."

"If you give him any more than one drop to either eye, you will be risking the child.  I suggest you be careful."  With nothing
further to say, he left the dormitory and the sickening sight of one of his favorite pupils being romanced by one that he

Perhaps he should mix up a potion for the rolling of his stomach.


Draco blinked his eyes, grimacing at the faint burning he felt.

"Any difference yet?"

Draco blinked again, then rolled over onto his side.  "No," he replied, sadly.

He felt the bed shift as Harry sat down beside him, but didn't feel comforted by it.  He'd rather see Harry, not just feel him.  He
sighed, closing his eyes.

"Maybe it'll take a couple of days to affect you," Harry suggested, his body lining up against Draco's back.  His hand was
warm and soothing at the blind Slytherin's side, running up and down along his body.  "Give it some time."  He kissed Draco's
neck, his hand slipping around to settle against his stomach.

Draco felt a small smile tugging the corners of his mouth.  "She'll be kicking soon."

"She?  How do you know it's a girl?  Could be a boy."

"No, a girl.  I know it."  He pressed his hand over Harry's.  He did feel better with Harry here.  He didn't know why.  "Harry?"


Draco cleared his throat, bracing himself.  He had no idea how the other youth would respond to this.  It was something he had
been thinking about.  But he'd never thought he'd ever ask.  "Will you ... marry me?"

Harry's hand jerked under his.  "What?"  He sat up behind his lover.

The Slytherin turned, even though he couldn't see.  He was hopeful, but his heart was still hammering in his chest.  "Marry me
... you know ... be my husband?"  He could feel his limbs shaking, but couldn't stop it.  What if Harry said no?  What if he
wasn't really serious about their relationship?  Maybe Draco was imagining there being more between them than there actually

To his immense relief and surprise, Harry took his lips in a fervent kiss.  "Yes, absolutely!" he said when they broke away, then
kissed him again.

Draco couldn't remember being happier.  He rolled over and curled into Harry's embrace, throwing a leg over his as he put all
of his love into that kiss.  Despite the fact that he couldn't see, Draco knew he'd be cherishing this day for the rest of his life.

To Be Continued ...