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Notes:  Sirius checks on Harry.

Sordidus Ars Magica
(Sordid Sorcery)

Part Six

Sirius Black slowly and quietly opened the door of Harry’s dorm room, cautiously stepping inside.  He frowned, looking over at
his Godson, worried as he saw that the young man was whimpering and flinching in his sleep.  He must be having a nightmare,
Sirius thought, striding over to the bed where Harry lay.

He sat on the edge of the bed, gently reaching out and setting a hand against the side of Harry’s face.  “Harry?”  Sirius asked
worriedly, hoping that he wasn’t doing the wrong thing.  He didn’t have all that much experience in dealing with other people.  
Most of his time over these past years had been spent with him avoiding people and hiding.

Harry flinched in reaction to the physical contact, but his eyes did open.  He looked up, his cloudy eyes clearing after a
moment.  He smiled, yawning widely.  “Sirius,” he said quietly, blinking tiredly.

“You were having a nightmare.”  Sirius said plainly, taking his hand away from Harry’s face and clasping one of the young
man’s hands, although he held it gently since he didn’t want to hurt him.  Harry’s hands were cut up pretty badly.  “Are you
okay?  Professor Snape told me you had a bad experience in his class.”

Harry looked away.  “I . . . I panicked.  He shut the door and I felt like I was back in that cupboard.  I couldn’t stand it,” he
said, his voice barely more than a whisper.  “Professor Snape had to take me out of class.”

Sirius offered a small smile, turning Harry to look at him again.  “Harry, you couldn’t have expected yourself to recover all at
once?”  He shook his head.  “There are bound to be remnants of that fear.  In time, I'm sure you’ll get over them.  You’re
strong and brilliant . . . in time you’ll get better.”

Harry sighed.  “Yeah, but until then I can’t be stuck in small spaces.”

“Give yourself some time to heal, Harry . . . physically as well as emotionally.”  Sirius replied, stroking a thumb over Harry’s
hand.  “You can’t expect yourself to get better all at once.  It takes time.”

Harry nodded, but said nothing in reply.  Then he looked up.  “How long have I been asleep?  It was only a few minutes into
Potions when I panicked.”

Sirius smiled.  “You’ve been asleep most of the day.  It’s nearly time for lunch.”  He replied, laying a finger over Harry’s lips to
hush him.  “That’s another reason I came up here.  It’s also time for you to take your medicine.  Do you want me to go get it
for you?”

Harry nodded.  “Yes, please.  Thank you, Sirius.”  He answered with a faint smile.

Sirius brushed his fingers through Harry’s dark hair, letting them linger in the ebony strands for a brief moment.  “I’ll be back
soon.  You get some rest, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,”  Harry said.

Sirius had just reached the door, when a familiar mop of red hair came into view.  It was Ron, looking to be quite out of breath
as he leaned against a bedpost.  “I ran all the way here from my last class.  Good thing Filch didn’t see me.”  He wheezed.

“Ron . . .”  Sirius chuckled.  “I take it you wanted to see Harry before lunch?”

Ron nodded, still trying to catch his breath.  “Yes, sir.”

Sirius waved him over to Harry.  “Go on.  Keep him awake ‘til I get back with his medicine.  I won’t be gone long.”


Ron watched as Sirius left the room and then turned to Harry.  He managed a smile for his injured friend and sat down on the
edge of Harry’s bed.  “Hello, Harry.”

Harry seemed to force a small smile in return.  “Hello, Ron.  I suppose the Slytherins got a good laugh today at my expense.”

Ron frowned at the self-berating tone in Harry’s voice.  He didn’t like hearing Harry talking like that.  “It’s not your fault,
Harry.  You’ve been badly beaten, inside and out.  It’ll take time for you to heal.  Besides, since when have you cared what
those gits in Slytherin House think?  You’ve got me and Hermione backing you, and that’s quite a lot.  You also seem to have
Professor Snape on your side, and that is something rare.  So don’t beat yourself up about something you can’t control.”

Harry smirked.  “You know, everyone keeps telling me that very same thing, although worded differently.”

“Then you should listen to us.”  Ron smiled back.

Harry would have laughed if he were up for it.  Instead, he just reached over for his glasses, fumbling to put them on.  He was
annoyed by the bandages on his hands.  They got in the way often.  Briefly, he felt glad that he had missed out on Potions.  He
probably would have had trouble with the ingredients since his fingers were messed up so badly.

Harry pushed himself to a sitting position, thanking Ron when the red-head helped him out.  As they awaited Sirius’s return,
they talked over what had been happening in class; going over the assignments that Ron assured him he and Hermione would
help him with.  But that just brought up a question.  Where was Hermione anyway?  Hadn’t she wondered what was wrong
with Harry?

“Hey, where is Hermione?”  Harry asked, his brow furrowing as he thought over the possible answers.

“Don’t know.”  Ron shrugged.  “We came out of Charms and Dumbledore was waiting in the hall for us, said he wanted to
talk to Hermione alone.”

Harry frowned.  “I wonder what he wanted with her.”  He mused, looking to be deep in thought.

“I’m sure she’ll tell us later.”  Ron assured him, not wanting Harry to dwell too much on it.  It would be best if he kept his
mind on pleasant matters.  “You wanna get in a game of Wizard’s Chess while we’re waiting?”

“Yeah, sure.”  Harry smiled.

Ron grinned, hopping off of the bed and digging through his trunk for his board.  He set it gently over Harry’s legs and began
to set up the pieces.  For the next few minutes, they played quietly, until Sirius returned with Harry’s medicine and a tray of
food.  Ron picked up the chessboard and set it on his own bed.  

“I guess we’ll have to continue later.”  He said, and then smiled.  “I better go get my own food.  I’m starved.”

“Bye, Ron.  See you later.”  Harry waved.

Ron smiled, pausing at the door and casting a worried glance back at his friend.  He watched as Sirius handed over the potion,
watched Harry swallow it down then make a disgusted face in reaction.  Stuff probably tasted horrible.  Then he watched as
Sirius helped Harry in eating his lunch.  Harry was having a difficult time with the fork, the bandages probably getting in his

Ron shook his head, quietly leaving the room.  He hoped Harry would be okay.  He went down to lunch, only to blink as
Professor Dumbledore met him outside the Great Hall and led him into an empty classroom.  He wondered what the old wizard
wanted to talk about.

To Be Continued . . .