Broken Spirits
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Since the Motion Picture Association has seen fit to copyright their rating system, I am switching to the new rating system
being used at  You can find more information about the new system at  I hope this
doesn't lead to too much confusion.
Welcome to Keara's fanfiction page..  Here you will find
works written by Keara from various fandoms.

Most of the stories here are yaoi-related (m/m
relationships).  And pretty much all of the stories with a
few exceptions are rated MA for sexual content.  If you
don't like yaoi or are underage, please don't go any further.

Click on the links below to be taken to the different
fandom pages where you will find a list of stories with
summaries and pairings listed.

If you like Keara's fanfiction, need to ask a question, or
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Note:  Gravitation, Heroes, NCIS, Person of Interest, Psych, Star Trek, Stargate, Supernatural
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