Disclaimers:  I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters.

Notes:  My very first Inuyasha fic.  This is a Het fic, with pairings as follows . . . Sesshomaru/Kagome, Inuyasha/Kikyo, and
Miroku/Sango.  This is most definitely an Alternate Universe fic, and I take great liberties in changing their lives to suit my
purposes.  And for the most part, I stick with English terms and spellings for their names . . . I do hope you can get over it.

More Notes:  Sesshomaru and the other slaves get put up for sale.  Kagome and her family are introduced.


Part One

Sesshomaru opened his eyes as he heard the creaking of the cell door swinging open.  He gently shook Rin, rousing the child
from her slumber.  She yawned widely, rubbing her eyes wearily before she smiled up at him.

“It is time.”  Sesshomaru said, watching sadly as the little girl’s smile immediately fell.

Rin wrapped her small arms around him, holding tightly to his body.  “I don’t want to leave you, Sesshomaru-sama!”  She
cried, burying her face against his chest.

“We have no choice.”  Sesshomaru said, running his hand along her back.

“Get up, dog!”  A cruel voice shouted, followed by a vicious kick to Sesshomaru’s side.

Sesshomaru did nothing to the slave trader, though he wished that he could tear the man’s limbs off.  He silently rose to his feet,
Rin hiding halfway behind him.  Without being told to do so, Sesshomaru held his hands out, frowning as shackles were placed
about his wrists, covering the mental bindings that were already set against his flesh.

Rin was dragged from behind him, her wrists shackled as well.  Sesshomaru did not like the harsh treatment they showed her.  
Yet, he could do no more about that, than he could about his own life at the moment.  He was merely a slave . . . he had no

“If you lot don’t get sold, don’t expect to get fed!”  The slave trader declared, as his men went about linking the slaves together
by a common chain.

Only Rin and Jaken were left from the chain, as they were both too small for their wrists to reach.  Jaken was placed on a
leash, dragged out as if he were some animal . . . Sesshomaru swept Rin into his arms, not wanting to see her treated the same.  
The slave trader glared at this, but made no move to separate the two of them.

“Come on.”  The slave trader ordered, one of his men tugging harshly on the chain that connected the slaves.

Sesshomaru had no choice but to follow.  He bowed his head as he shuffled along, not sure whether to hope to be sold . . . or
to remain unsold.  Either way, he was not a free man . . . either way, he was still a slave.  But perhaps if he was sold, he would
be given a meal to consume . . . it had been days since he had been fed . . . anything, even a crust of bread would be welcome
right about now.


Kagome stretched and yawned as she awakened to the new day.  She fell back against the comfortable pillows, closing her eyes
once again, wondering if she could get away with sleeping in for just a little while longer.

The choice was taken from her however, as she heard her bedroom door creak open.  The sound of two pairs of little feet
padded over to her and she grinned knowingly.  Only a second later, the mattress shifted.

“Kagome!”  A happy voice chimed, arms circling her body.

Kagome opened her eyes, returning the hug.  “Good morning, Kaede.”  She greeted, smiling at her little sister.  She then looked
at her younger brother, who was standing at the edge of her bed.  “Morning, Sota.”

“Kikyo’s waiting . . . she told us to come get you.”  Sota said, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at her slightly.  “You’
re late for breakfast.  You know how Kikyo is about being on time . . . especially when Grandmother visits.”

Kagome sighed and nodded.  Their little sister’s namesake rarely visited the estate . . . but when she did, Kikyo always got so
tense.  Maybe it was because Grandmother Kaede was one of their only living relatives.  Kagome shook her head . . . Kikyo
might be her twin, but she was nothing like Kagome . . . always so serious.  She really needed to lighten up.

Both Kagome and Kikyo had trained under their Grandmother Kaede.  While Kikyo had gone on to be a dutiful miko . . . a
powerful priestess . . . Kagome hadn’t wanted to do the same.  Instead, Kagome earned her living by owning a small shop in the
village square with her cousin.  She enjoyed the freedom her life provided.  At least she wasn’t expected to see to the needs of
the village on a daily basis . . . but she would help out if Kikyo needed extra assistance.

“All right, you two . . .”  Kagome smiled, easing herself out of Kaede’s arms and sitting up.  “Let me get dressed and we'll go
down to breakfast.  We don’t want our sister having a fit, now do we?”

“Nope!”  Kaede smiled, giggling.

Sota nodded, taking hold of his little sister’s hand and led her from the room.  “You better not take too long.”  He grumbled,
closing the door as they left.

Kagome smiled sadly.  Ever since their parents had died, Kagome and Kikyo had been taking care of the family.  Grandmother
Kaede lived too far away to be of help . . . but she did what she could.  For several years, she had taken care of all of them,
while Kikyo and Kagome had been training.  Now though, they were back in their own home, and Kagome was happy.

With a smile stuck on her face, she dressed herself, making sure that she looked presentable before she left her rooms.  She
strolled downstairs with a skip to her step, taking Kaede’s hand as she hummed happily.  Her little sister was only too happy to
skip alongside her . . . although Sota decided to walk silently.  Sometimes Kagome worried about him . . . he was quiet and
stayed in his room most of the time . . . he rarely smiled anymore.  She wished there was something she could do for him, but
couldn’t think of anything.

Kagome was brought from her thoughts as they reached the dining hall.  She and Kaede stopped skipping, fighting valiantly to
keep the smiles from their faces as they walked into the dining hall with an air of dignity . . . although neither girl could help the
occasional snicker that escaped them.  One glare from Kikyo was enough to kill their fun though.

Kagome sighed, helping Kaede into a chair before she took her own seat, smiling pleasantly at Grandmother Kaede as she sat.  
“Good morning, Grandmother . . . I trust you slept well.”

“Aye, child . . . I slept as well as could be expected.”  Grandmother replied.  “Ye will be off to thy shop this day, will ye not?”

“Yes, Grandmother.”  Kagome smiled.  “As soon as breakfast is over.”

“I trust ye will see me off.”

“Leaving so soon, Grandmother?”  Kagome asked, surprised by this.  “I had thought you were staying a few days longer?”

Grandmother Kaede shook her head.  “‘Tis true I was planning a longer visit.  But I received word from the village that a rogue
demon has been spotted in the forest . . . been raiding the chicken coops and livestock of the farms, he has.  Ye girls should be
careful . . . the forest he is said to roam in lies between our two villages.”

“Yes, Grandmother.”  Both Kagome and Kikyo said at the same time.

“We will keep a vigilant watch for him.”  Kikyo added, her voice as serious as always.

The meal was silent from then on.  Kagome didn’t know what to say.  A rogue demon loose in the forest . . . it was a
distressing fact.  Most demons were slaves . . . although there were a number of free demons left roaming the world . . . some
even holding positions of power.  There weren’t all that many that would run around the forest wreaking havoc though.

After breakfast was done with, Kagome and her siblings bid their grandmother goodbye.  As soon as Grandmother Kaede’s
wagon was out of sight, Kagome left for work . . . she did have a business to run after all.


“Where have you been?  We should have opened hours ago!”  Sango glared as Kagome stepped into the shop.

“Sorry . . . I woke late . . . and of course I had to have breakfast with Grandmother . . . and then we wished her goodbye.  I
couldn’t very well walk out on her without saying farewell.”  Kagome explained, smiling at her friend Sango.

“Well, so long as you have a good reason.”  Sango smiled in return, although it was quick to fall.  She turned her attention back
to the tapestry before her.  If not for her younger brother coming to fetch Sango every day just after sunset, Kagome would be
certain that Sango would always be working on some tapestry . . . or one of her exquisite paintings.  She just never seemed to

Kagome looked over Sango’s shoulder, finding what she had somehow known she would find.  Yet again, the tapestry depicted
a sad event, some tragedy.  Sango always seemed to work on sad things . . . all of her paintings were depressing too.

“Again with the gloom, Sango?”  Kagome questioned.

“I only do as my heart tells me.”  Sango explained.  “Today . . . today it chose this.”

Kagome sighed.  Like her, Sango had also lost her parents and was left to raise a younger sibling, a brother by the name of
Kohaku.  Of course, unlike Sota, Kohaku was an energetic boy, somewhat glum, but at least he got out of the house now and

An idea came to Kagome and she grinned evilly.  “Come on, Sango . . . let’s go shopping today.  The store can wait a day . . .
we won’t go out of business.”  She said, laying a hand on her cousin’s shoulder.

Sango glared at Kagome.  “We can’t just close to go shopping, Kagome . . . we have a business to run.”  She argued.

“Aw, come on.  We haven’t gone shopping in well over a week.  We could do with a break.”  Kagome smiled.  “I’m sure Kilala
would like a treat from the butcher . . . you know he always tosses something her way as we pass.”  She said, gesturing to the
fire cat that lay at Sango’s feet.

“That isn’t fair, Kagome.”  Sango frowned.  “You know how I love to spoil Kilala.”  With a sigh, she nodded her head.  “Fine,
but only for a short while.  I suppose I could take a look and see what new wares the other merchants have.”

“Great!”  Kagome exclaimed, grabbing Sango’s hand and pulling her from her seat.  “Let’s get going before you change your

With that, she hung the ‘Closed’ sign on the door and left, dragging her cousin along with her to each and every shop . . . Kilala
trailing behind them.  Kagome hoped they would find something to buy . . . she did so love shopping.

To Be Continued . . .