Disclaimers:  I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters.

Notes:  I wanted to try something a little different.  Pairings:  Inu/Hojo/Kagome, Sesshomaru/Koga, Miroku/Sango.

More Notes:  Hojo finds himself in a strange and frightening predicament when he gets stolen away to the Feudal Era.

Inner Demons


“Do you think he suspects the truth?”  The elder male said to his female companion.

The woman shook her head, flaxen hair swaying behind her.  “No . . . how could he?  We have never spoken of the truth to
him and the spells remain intact.”

“But his age . . . time grows short.”  The male countered, drawing a clawed hand along his mate’s arm.

The female smiled, baring pointed fangs, easily catching the hand of her beloved.  She nodded.  “I am well aware of this,
husband.  Demons are difficult to come by these days.  The ceremony cannot be completed without one . . . it can’t even be
started without one.”

The male sighed, closing his silver eyes briefly.  “Yes . . . times have changed.  In our day it was not so difficult.”

“Demons roamed freely then.”  She smiled.  “Now, we remain in hiding.  Humans are the ones who roam freely now.  Perhaps
times will change again.”

“We’ll have to wait and see.”  He sighed again.  “Where is the boy now?”

The female chuckled, shaking her head.  “Off visiting that sick child again.”

“Of course . . . if not with her, then taking something to her.  The boy is obsessed.”

“No . . . he is infatuated.”  She grinned.  “A fleeting affection such as this will pass though.  It was not meant to be.”

The male nodded.  “Yes.  If she is as sick as he claims, she is not long for this world.  A sad problem with humans.  They
perish so easily.”  He shook his head.  “No matter.  We have other concerns.  Come, let us continue our search.”

“Of course.”  The female replied, turning to walk with her husband . . . her mate.  They had things to do, important matters to
see to.


Hojo frowned as he was greeted at Kagome’s door by her grandfather.  She must still be ill, he thought, sighing sadly.  “I
brought this for Kagome.  It’s a jewelry set.”  He said, then blushed, thinking it would sound the wrong way if he simply left it
at that.  “Magnetic . . . I thought she would prefer discretion in her pain therapies.”

Kagome’s grandfather opened the box and blinked, then looked up at Hojo.  “This must have been quite expensive.”

Hojo smiled.  “No, not at all.”  He said, though he regretted lying to the elder gentleman.

The jewelry actually had been expensive . . . he’d had to custom order them.  It was a set containing a choker, bracelet, anklet,
and a pair of earrings.  The finest silver beading wire . . . each expertly cut and polished black onyx bead was a powerful
magnet.  The stones were set barely a half an inch from each other.  They certainly didn’t resemble medicinal items, expertly
crafted to look just like any other piece of stunning jewelry . . . but their beauty could hardly be compared with Kagome’s.  

“I only wish to see Kagome feel better.”  Hojo said, wishing that he had been able to hand the box to her personally.

The grandfather nodded, apparently accepting Hojo’s half-truths.  “I’ll give these to her when she returns . . .”  He shook his
head, looking flustered.  “When she . . . awakens.  She’s gone to bed.  Poor dear couldn’t get up at all this morning.”  He said,
beads of sweat beginning to dampen his face.

Hojo internally shrugged, thinking that the man was just concerned for his granddaughter.  It was a reasonable assumption.  
Hojo himself was quite concerned for Kagome’s health.  She seemed to be ill so often.

“Thank you, sir.”  Hojo replied, bowing politely to the older man.

The Grandfather bowed in return, although more stiffly.  “I’ll tell her of your visit.  I’m certain she will appreciate it.”

Hojo nodded, thanking the Grandfather once again.  “Give her my well wishes.”  He said, then turned and strode away, a
dejected sigh leaving his lips.

He had hoped to see Kagome today.

To Be Continued . . .