Disclaimers:  I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters.

Notes:  Hojo has vivid dreams, then wakes only to blindly wander off into the night, only to head straight to Kagome’s home.  
Inuyasha takes notice of him and confronts him.

Warnings:  Yaoi LIME ahead.

Inner Demons

Part Two

His blood pulsed, liquid fire running through his veins.  Cool hands trailed over his body, a hauntingly beautiful form hovering
over him.  He tossed his head back as her fingers wrapped around him, stroking the hard column of flesh until it throbbed
painfully in need.  She smiled sweetly, planting fleeting kisses along his jaw-line, her ebony hair falling around her shoulders to
tickle his skin.

Soundless pleas fell from his lips, a litany of words that held no meaning anymore.

She gave him mercy, her hand wrapping more firmly about his aching length.  She pumped him, pleasured him with that
delightfully wicked hand, her graceful fingers perfect around him.  He thrust his hips upward, his mouth falling open as he gave
in to the sensations, desperate for anything and everything she offered him.

With a voiceless cry he arched his back and spilled himself, his eyes snapping open to the reality of the night.

He was alone.

Hojo shuddered, wrapping his arms about himself.  His dreams had been getting more and more intense.  He couldn’t
understand why.  He was hot . . . so hot.  He wanted . . . but he didn’t truly know what he wanted.  He was in turmoil, not
understanding the sensations sweeping through his body.

Kagome haunted his dreams at night, pleasuring his body in ways that he only thought could ever happen in dreams.  Surely
Kagome was too ill to attempt them in real life.  He frowned, looking down upon himself, at the sticky mess staining the sheets
of his bed.

He shuddered again, suddenly feeling a need to leave this place, to get away.  He pushed his blankets away, caring nothing for
his state of dress as he stumbled out of his room.  Hojo couldn’t control himself, he didn’t understand what was happening.  He
left his house, walking along the familiar roads but saw nothing as he traveled.

He was lost in his mind, trapped in his memories of the dream.  He wanted what that girl . . . what Kagome had been doing.  But
then again, he wanted more than that.  He wanted to feel himself inside of her, to lose himself in taking her body.

He tried to breathe, his throat constricting painfully.  What was wrong with him?  Why was he thinking these things?

Hojo didn’t understand.

He staggered along the road, the front of his boxers stained with his own seed.  His body shivered in the chill of the night.  But
all that he could feel was the stifling heat.  It swept around him, brought sweat to bead on his skin . . . the air was too thick,
weighing heavily around him.

Why . . . why was it so hot?


Inuyasha was still sitting in the tree, dozing off.  Kagome was sound asleep in her bed.  Though she was safe, Inuyasha felt that
he shouldn’t leave her.  No matter that he hadn’t told the others he was going to follow Kagome to her own time . . . he didn’t
care if they worried for him or not, though he doubted that they would.

The wind abruptly changed direction and a curious scent tickled his nose.  Inuyasha opened his eyes, turning toward the
direction where the scent had originated, only to blink as he saw a lone figure stumble onto the temple grounds.

It was a boy . . . that much was obvious, both by scent and sight.  He was standing there wearing nothing more than a scant
amount of clothing . . . boxers, if he remembered what they were called correctly.  But that was all that he wore.  Inuyasha
frowned.  Humans were fragile creatures . . . they could get ill if they walked around so scantily clad in chill weather such as

His body was shivering.  And yet . . . there was sweat bathing his lithe form.  Inuyasha watched with curiosity as the youth
moved further onto the grounds.  As the young man raised his gaze to Kagome’s window, Inuyasha took in a sharp breath.  He
knew this person . . . he was Hojo . . . the one who had given those gems to Kagome . . . the one who thought she was ill.  But
why . . . why was he here now in the middle of the night?

Hojo’s eyes were glazed, his face flushed.  Inuyasha hopped down from the tree, cautiously approaching him.  When he got
closer, he realized that the boy’s scent had a strange tang to it.  True, he could very well taste the arousal pouring from his
form, but there was something else . . . something that Inuyasha felt he should recognize . . . something familiar.

Inuyasha needed answers.  Why was the boy here?  So he did the only thing he could think of . . . he reached out and grasped
his shoulders, roughly shaking him.  “Hey!  Snap out of it!”  He shouted, a low growl rumbling deep in his throat.


Hojo awoke from his daze to the feel of claws digging into the bare flesh of his shoulders.  For a moment, he was disoriented
and could only see eyes as golden as honey hovering before him.  He idly wondered if the lips that shared the same face as those
eyes would taste just as sweet.  Without thought, he leaned forward and gave the lips a tentative lick.

The next thing he was aware of was a burning sensation spreading across his right cheek.  He blinked in confusion, raising a
shaking hand to his face.  “Huh?  What the . . . ?”  He asked, confused, unsure as to what was happening.

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?”  A male voice hissed.  “What’s the big idea?  You come here, in the middle of the
night . . . half-naked . . . and then you . . . UGH!”

Hojo blinked again, finally coming to his senses.  He was surprised to find that someone was standing in front of him.  Hojo was
barely aware of the chill evening air.  All he could see was a boy about his own age with long silver hair and . . . dog-like ears.  
Acting out of pure curiosity, Hojo reached up and touched them to see if they were real.  They were warm and soft and they
twitched a little beneath his fingers.

“Why is it that every time a human from this era meets me, they have to touch my ears?”  The youth shook his head and glared
at him.  “You still haven’t answered my question!  What are you doing here?”

Hojo could only gape at this strange individual, wondering what he had gotten himself into.  “Who . . . What ARE you?”  Hojo
asked, the cold suddenly sweeping around him.  He shivered, wrapping his arms about himself, taking a stumbling step

The silver-haired youth reached out, digging harsh nails into the skin of Hojo’s arm.  Hojo winced, stopping his attempt at

“Please . . . stop.”  Hojo whimpered, turning his wrist to try and twist out of the youth’s grasp.  “You’re hurting me.”

“Will you answer my question?”  The youth inquired, a cold glint in his eyes.

Hojo looked around, noticing for the first time that he was standing on the grounds of the shrine where Kagome lived.  How and
when had he gotten here?  He didn’t remember.  “I . . . I don’t know.”  He whispered, only to yelp as his arm was twisted.

“That’s not good enough.  WHY are you here?!”  The stranger growled.

“Please . . .”  Hojo cringed, biting his lip against the pain in his arm.  “Honestly . . . I don’t know!  The last thing I remember
was falling asleep in my room.”  He frowned in confusion as the boy slowly loosened his hold.  “I . . . I don’t know how I got
here.  Please . . . please let me go.”  As the youth released his strong clasp, Hojo yanked his arm away.  Rubbing the sore flesh
of his wrist, he glanced nervously at the strange youth.  “Who . . . and what . . . are you?”

The boy tossed his hair with a small snort, standing proudly.  “My name is Inuyasha and I’m a half-demon.”  He tilted his head
and wrinkled his nose in what seemed to be disgust.  “You’re that Hojo guy that keeps coming around to give stuff to Kagome!”

Hojo gasped, fearing for Kagome’s safety.  Surely this . . . Inuyasha . . . was not a trustworthy individual.  He must mean the
poor girl harm.  “What do you know about Kagome?  You’d better not lay a hand on her!”

Inuyasha blinked and chuckled softly, a smirk twisting the corner of his mouth.  “You’re one to talk.  I’m not the one standing
here in nothing more than what could be considered a loincloth.”

Hojo looked down at himself, his cheeks heating at the realization that he was wearing nothing more than the boxers he had gone
to bed in.  He crossed his arms over himself, feeling so very embarrassed by the situation.  How . . . why was he out here?

Inuyasha chuckled again, his hand flashing forward and past Hojo’s attempt at modesty.  “Look at you . . . you’re reeking of
arousal.”  He hissed, his hand cupping Hojo’s more sensitive organs in oh-so-pleasing a manner.  “You’re practically dripping.”

Hojo shuddered, his body betraying his common senses.  Despite his attempts not to, his hands reached up to grasp at Inuyasha’
s arms, a moan leaving his lips as he pressed more firmly against that delightful hand.  That felt so good.

He was losing himself.  But Hojo couldn’t find the will to care at the moment.  Warmth spread around him, tingles running
across his skin.  His eyes fluttered shut, his body trembling as he leaned closer to Inuyasha’s form.  He arched his back and
moaned, digging blunt nails into Inuyasha’s arms, rocking his body against that hand.

Hojo wanted more.  He was totally oblivious to what he was doing, lost in the pleasure of it.  He couldn’t think.  Was it so
wrong to crave this?


Inuyasha gasped as Hojo pressed against him, his hips rocking back and forth against Inuyasha’s palm, seeking more contact.  
This was not the reaction he had expected.  Inuyasha had thought the boy would be embarrassed . . . horrified by Inuyasha’s
words and his own physical state, not that he would lean into the contact for more pleasure.

Wetness seeped through the flimsy cloth that barred Inuyasha’s hand from the hot flesh.  The heady aromas of Hojo’s arousal
filled his nostrils, taking over his senses.  Reality faded from his consciousness and Inuyasha quickly found himself lost in the

He wrapped an arm around Hojo’s body, pulling him closer.  Lightly, he drew his claws across the boy’s back, delighting in the
tremble that swept across the slender body he held so possessively.  He leaned forward, latching lips and teeth onto the skin of
Hojo’s throat, grazing fangs across the tender flesh there.

Hojo titled his head to the side, arching his body against Inuyasha.  A growl sprang forth from Inuyasha’s throat as he took his
hand from the boy’s boxers.  He wanted to dominate this boy in every imaginable way.

Hojo whimpered at the loss of contact, pulling insistently on Inuyasha’s shoulders to try and gain the friction again.  Inuyasha
smirked, abruptly shoving his hand beneath the waistband of the cloth and tearing it away.  Hojo shivered as he was left bare,
his breath coming out in shuddered pants.

“Please . . .”  Hojo gasped, his hard length rubbing up against Inuyasha’s clothed body.

Inuyasha lightly bit down on Hojo’s throat, not penetrating the skin, yet delivering a message.  Hojo stilled himself, though his
body continued to tremble.  He whined deep in his throat, his hands still clutching at Inuyasha’s sleeves.

Loosening his bite, Inuyasha felt his lips twitch in a smile at the show of submission.  Wasting no further time, he reached down
and grasped Hojo’s manhood, drawing his claws along the length of it.  Hojo’s legs buckled beneath him, but Inuyasha held him
steady, his arm firmly keeping him standing.

Pressing his thumb against the tip of Hojo’s length, Inuyasha spread the clear droplets across the head, using the liquid to
lubricate his hand as he began to steadily stroke along the throbbing shaft.  With deliberate movements meant to bring the boy to
climax, Inuyasha pleasured him.  He pumped the column of flesh . . . reached below it to knead the seed-laden testicles, rolling
them around the palm of his hand, then drawing his hand up along the silken steel once more.

Hojo’s hips began to move again, rolling against Inuyasha’s hand.  Inuyasha allowed it . . . wanting only to see the boy writhing
in pleasure.  His own cock throbbed in its confines, so badly did he want to claim this boy’s body, to bury himself to the hilt.  
Inuyasha wanted to ravish him . . . to claim him as his own.

Images of Hojo’s body pinned beneath him assailed his mind.  He growled again, throwing himself into his work, his fist
tightening around Hojo’s thick arousal.  Hojo practically screamed, throwing his head back as his seed abruptly spilled, dripping
over and between Inuyasha’s supple fingers.

Realization struck Inuyasha like a lightning bolt.  He released his grasp on Hojo’s softening member, stumbling back away from
the boy.  Without Inuyasha’s arm to hold him up, Hojo crumbled to the ground and lay there panting, his bare body glistening
with sweat as shivers coursed their way through his prone form.

Inuyasha fell to his knees, shocked and appalled by his own behavior.  He couldn’t believe that he had violated the youth in such
a way.  True, he had only touched Hojo, but still . . . he had not courted the youth, had not asked for permission to caress him
in such a familiar and intimate manner.  No, he had just done it, had forced himself upon Hojo.

But . . . Hojo had enjoyed it . . . hadn’t he?

Good lord . . . what had he done?

To Be Continued . . .