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Notes:  I wanted to try something a little different.  Pairings:  Inu/Hojo

More Notes:  Miroku and Sango meet Hojo.  Inuyasha takes Hojo somewhere he hopes will be safe.

Inner Demons

Part Three

Inuyasha stared at Hojo, trying to comprehend what had overtaken his mind.  Why had he done that to Hojo?  Why had he
touched him?  He frowned, unable to think of an answer.  And then, as he took in a deep breath, he found his answer.  Finally,
he knew what that strange tang was, why he thought he should know it.  But, the scent had no place on a human body.

It was the distinct scent of a demon entering its first heat.

‘Aw, HELL!’  Inuyasha frowned, reaching out for Hojo again so that he could get a good look at the boy.  Hojo merely lay
there, his eyes unfocused and glazed over.  For the most part, Hojo looked and smelled like an ordinary human, but upon closer
inspection, Inuyasha could see the signs of the demon blood that he now knew pulsed through Hojo’s veins.  But from the
confusion still evident on Hojo’s flushed face, it was obvious that the youth didn’t realize his own true nature.

If there were any other demons in this era, they wouldn’t stop at a simple hand job as Inuyasha had.  Hojo was dazed and
obviously confused and . . . almost delicious in his nakedness, his pure vulnerability.

Inuyasha shook his head.  “No way.  I’m not gonna leave you here to be snatched up by the first demon who thinks you'd be a
good fuck.  At least I’ll be able to restrain myself . . . mostly.”  With that, he picked up the still-trembling youth and bounded
for the well.

‘Well, Kagome . . . you’re going to get your wish.’  Inuyasha thought to himself, sighing.  ‘I’m gonna be far away from you
keeping an eye on this guy.  A demon in heat will go after almost anyone.’  He sighed again.

Entering the well house he jumped into the well, welcomed by the familiar light that surrounded and swept him back to his own


Miroku sat in the clearing by the Bone Eaters Well, sipping at the green tea he had prepared.  Sango was sitting beside him,
looking up at the night sky.  The rest of their troupe was resting in Kaede’s village.

“Inuyasha will probably be annoyed that we waited,” Sango said as she brushed a strand of her raven hair away from her face.

Miroku shrugged.  “Perhaps.  If you think it would make him feel better, we can go someplace else.”  Not that he thought, for
even a second, that Sango would go anywhere.  At least not with him.

Sure enough, the demon hunter snorted.  “I’m not going anywhere secluded with you.”  Then she stood as the well began to
emit a bright light.

Knowing that a traveler was coming through, Miroku rose to his feet.  He blinked when he saw that it was Inuyasha.  And that
Inuyasha was not alone.  The other person was most definitely not Kagome, but a young man who was naked except for
Inuyasha’s Fire-Rat garment.

Sango was the first to speak.  “Inuyasha, this is a new low for you.  You actually kidnaped someone from Kagome’s time?”

Inuyasha growled as the shaking youth stumbled away from him.  “That’s NOT it at all!”  Inuyasha yelled, his ears twitching.

Miroku stepped toward the apparently shaken young man and set his hand on the boy’s shoulder.  “Now, now, Sango.  
Inuyasha probably had a good reason to . . .”  He jumped back with a yelp when the boy slipped his hand into Miroku’s robes
and groped the monk in a very intimate fashion.

Sango was confused, watching Miroku with a frown.  “What happened, Miroku?”

Miroku flushed and cleared his throat, feeling like a fool.  “Let’s just say he’s a little . . . friendly.”

Sango blinked and then began to snicker, eventually erupting into laughs.  “So, you can’t take in what you dish out, hmm?  Now
you know what it feels like to have some strange man caressing you in an unwanted way.”  She shook her head, looking on the
trembling stranger with a curious expression.

Miroku felt his cheeks get warm.  “Well, yes.  But if he’s doing this in Kagome’s time, it’s no wonder Inuyasha brought him
here.”  He made a mental note to speak with Kaede the next day.  Sango did have a point.  It was not at all pleasant when
someone groped you when you did not want them to.  He needed advice on how to properly approach a woman.  There had
been times in the past when he had felt that he was getting things right.  But then he and his wayward hands had messed
everything up.

He sighed sadly.  It wasn’t as if he knew any other way to approach a woman.  He merely did as his father had.  He shook his
head and regarded the youth who was now huddled on the ground and whimpering, his arms wrapped around his own body as
he shook.  “What do you plan to do with him?”

Inuyasha shrugged.  “I’ll probably find an unoccupied cave to keep him in while he’s in heat.”  He absently scratched at one of
his ears.  “Or I could bring him to the village so Kaede can put wards around him to keep demons from approaching him.”  He
shook his head at that idea with a scowl, as if finding that thought distasteful.  “Whatever we do with him here, he’s better off
than he was in Kagome’s time.  At least there are people competent in wards in this time.  Kagome’s grandfather, for all his
boasting, couldn’t put up a decent ward if his life depended on it.”

Miroku nodded, though he didn’t know the man Inuyasha spoke of.  “Kaede might be better if he’s in heat as you say.  A cave
is all very well and good, but will you really be able to hold off the many demons that will come after him?”  He smiled a little
when Inuyasha grimaced.  “I know you don’t like asking Kaede for help.”

Inuyasha shook his head.  “It’s not that.  Much as I hate to admit it, Monk, you have a point.  The thing is, I’d rather not have
him anywhere near a human village.  There’s no telling what some demons would do to get him.  Dragging him through the
village would only leave behind his scent.  A scent which demons would follow all the way back to the source, going through
whoever is in the way.  I’d rather not have to deal with saving human necks and keeping an eye on him as well.”  Inuyasha
shrugged.  “Cave is the best plan.  As for wards . . . you’re a monk, even if you are a lech.  Any wards I need you could
provide for me.”

“I see your opinion of me is as high as ever,” Miroku chuckled.  His laughs faded away as he looked to the young man again.  “I
think you had best get him to that cave.  The sooner he’s out of the open, the better.”

“Right.”  Inuyasha nodded.  He grabbed the boy’s shoulder, pulling him to his feet.

Sango held up her hand.  “Wait.  The least you could do is tell us his name.  If Kagome returns, we shall have to tell her the
name of the man you stole from her time.”

“No, you are not telling Kagome anything about this,”  Inuyasha stated, shaking his head.  “She can’t know.”

“Don’t you think she’ll figure it out when she sees him?”  Sango inquired, crossing her arms over her chest.

Inuyasha shrugged.  “I didn’t plan on letting her see him.  Once his heat is over, he can go back home or run off into the
mountains for all I care.”

“That’s a bit callous of you,” Sango said, her tone telling Miroku that she was bordering on angry.  “I will tell Kagome of this.  
It is not right to keep such secrets from her.”

“Fine.  Tell her what you want.”  Inuyasha glared, grabbing the boy’s arm and hauling him away.  As they left, Inuyasha
paused, not glancing back as he said, “If you must know, his name is Hojo.  He’s a classmate of Kagome.”

Miroku watched, not sure what to think as Inuyasha took away the boy.  Hojo was his name.  It sounded familiar, but Miroku
couldn’t place it at first.  Then he realized.  This was the name of the boy he had overheard Kagome speaking about with Sango,
the one who harbored affection Kagome.  He had no doubts that Inuyasha would protect him.  The half-demon was not quite so
petty as to harm an innocent in need.  But, he feared the reaction Kagome would have to hearing of this news.


Inuyasha sniffed around in a forest not too close to the village.  He wasn’t picking up on the scent of any demons, at least not
any that he considered threatening in the least.  Not that he could concentrate very well on the surrounding forest when the
scent of Hojo surrounded him.  It was heady and enticing and every time Inuyasha would inhale, he’d want to stop where he
was and throw the boy down to ravish him.  It was getting more and more difficult to ignore those urges.  Especially with the
way Hojo was clinging to his arm.  The youth was a distraction, a distraction that could end up getting them both killed, perhaps
worse in Hojo’s case.  Demons wouldn’t settle for just killing him, not when he was exuding such an enticing aroma.

Inuyasha shook his head, focusing his attention on the situation.  Finally, after some searching, they came across an uninhabited
cave.  Inuyasha shoved Hojo inside, trying to keep himself a far enough distance away from the youth to keep his sanity intact.

Hojo stumbled in, nearly falling to the ground before he regained his balance.  He staggered to the farthest wall, where he slid
down to the ground.  He wrapped his arms around himself, huddling there in a small ball, his body shaking severely.  Sweat
drenched him, glistening in the sparse light.

Inuyasha went about making a fire, then sat with his back to it, looking out the cave entrance.  He would not look at Hojo if he
could avoid it.  It was better for the both of them if Inuyasha just pretended he didn’t exist.  

But damn did that boy’s body have to smell so good?

To Be Continued . . .