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Notes:  I wanted to try something a little different.  Pairings:  Inu/Hojo

More Notes:  Kagome returns to the Feudal Era and talks with Sango.  Inuyasha observes Hojo.

Inner Demons

Part Four

Kagome hopped into the well and sighed as she climbed out on the other side.  She fully expected to see Inuyasha standing there
demanding to go hunting for shards.  Instead, Sango was there with an uncertain, yet grave expression on her face.  Kagome
couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt oddly disappointed that Inuyasha wasn’t there.  And she felt somewhat worried about
him, especially after seeing the expression on her friend’s face.

She smiled though, and accepted the hand that Sango offered in assistance.  “Sango, how’s it going?  Where’s Inuyasha?”

Sango scowled before obviously steeling herself.  “He’ll be furious with me when he finds out I’ve told you, but considering the
circumstances, you have a right to know about this.”

Kagome felt a burst of fear well up inside of her.  “What happened?  Is he hurt?  Is that why he isn’t here?”

Sango looked confused for a moment before shaking her head.  “No!  No, Inuyasha is fine.  Listen . . .”  She took a deep breath
and let it out.  “Inuyasha followed you to your world, but returned a short while ago.”

This made Kagome frown.  “What’s so shocking about that?”  It wasn’t all that surprising to hear.  After all, it wasn’t the first
time that Inuyasha had followed her.

Sango shook her head.  “He had someone with him when he came back . . . someone from your world.  I think you know him.  
Inuyasha said his name is Hojo.”

Kagome frowned at that.  “Hojo!  But . . . why would Inuyasha bring Hojo here?”

There was a pause before Sango answered.  “Because, according to Miroku and Inuyasha, Hojo has demon blood in him and he
is currently in heat.  Inuyasha took him someplace to protect him.”

Kagome was stunned into silence for a moment.  Hojo, sweet, thoughtful Hojo had demon blood within him?  Well, that was
possible.  After all, she had seen some demon-blooded individuals who were rather sweet.  They were few and far between, but
Kagome had to admit that they did exist.  She simply hadn’t ever thought they were in her own era.  So far, she hadn’t ever
noticed any demons in her time.  Of course, she hadn’t been looking either.  Hojo had always seemed like a normal human boy
though.  Maybe demons in her era were more humanlike.  She shrugged internally.  Now was not really the time to consider this.

“Okay, so Hojo is in heat.  But I’ve never heard of anything like this before.  I don’t think Inuyasha has ever been in heat.”  
Kagome brought her thumb to her mouth and began chewing on the nail.  Inuyasha was looking after Hojo.  He was brash and
spoke before he thought of how his words and actions would make others feel, but underneath that tough exterior was a really
sweet guy.  It was just difficult getting through that hard shell he kept around himself.

Sango cleared her throat.  “Demons don’t generally announce such things.  It is generally a private matter, not brought up in the
company of humans.”

Kagome blushed a little at the thought of Inuyasha in heat.  When would he ever have a chance for relieving it?  After all, he was
almost never apart from the group, and it wasn’t like there was an overabundance of individuals who would let him . . . and he
certainly didn’t seem the type to force anyone to do something like THAT.  Her face turned a bright shade of red in
embarrassment as she briefly considered offering him her company.

Sango chuckled softly, as if reading her mind.  “Stop thinking like that, Kagome.  Demons don’t need to have a partner, but it
does make things go a lot quicker and smoother if they do because of how long it takes to get the proper stimulation on their
own.  Since your friend is your age, I’d say this was his first heat, so he probably has no idea how to alleviate the feelings
within him.  Especially if he didn’t know he had demon blood running through his veins.”

Kagome couldn’t believe she was having this conversation.  “But surely Hojo, as a healthy teenage boy, would have . . .”

Sango laughed at Kagome’s obvious embarrassment.  “What’s typical of humans and what’s typical of demons are two entirely
different things.  A demon cannot simply use his hands to . . . well, they CAN, but it takes longer and it’s more involved.  My
father told me a story once of how he caught a young half-breed who was unclothed and rubbing up against a tree while . . .”

Kagome coughed and waved her hands to stop Sango.  “I do NOT need that mental image of Inuyasha, thank you very much.  I
didn’t even want that mental image of Hojo.”

Sango smiled.  “What I was trying to say, is that the poor thing didn’t know what he was doing.  He was completely absorbed
in his own pleasure and left vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.  If not for my father . . . the half-breed could have been harmed by
any number of demon roaming the countryside.  You have no idea how quickly it is for a demon to be overcome by the scent of
another demon in heat.”

Kagome blinked.  “Then is Inuyasha really doing the right thing by staying close to Hojo?  What if he’s . . . overcome?”

“There is nothing we can do about it,” Sango replied.  “If it is to be, it is to be.  Better for Hojo to get past his first heat with
Inuyasha than with some demon who will kill him afterward to prevent the danger of offspring.”

Kagome spluttered.  “But . . . but Hojo is a boy!”

Sango shook her head.  “Male or female, it doesn’t matter for some demon species.”  She smiled kindly, resting her hand on
Kagome’s shoulder.  “There is still so much you don’t know, Kagome.  Come on, let’s go and get some rest.”

Kagome sighed and looked around once more as if hoping to see Inuyasha and Hojo somewhere.  She hoped they would be all


Inuyasha sat cross-legged on the ground, holding the Tetsusaiga.  He stared out at the cave entrance, trying his hardest not to
turn and look at the boy behind him.  He could hear the moans and whimpers, the enticing sounds that the youth made.  He
could even imagine the way he was writhing.

No, it was better not to think of such things.  He cleared his throat and refocused his vision on the trees in front of him.  He had
to be ready in case anything came near the cave.  He had to protect the boy from those who would harm him.

A pained cry caused Inuyasha to snap away from his task.  He turned, eyes widening as he took in the sight of Hojo.  The boy
had shed Inuyasha’s garment from his shoulders and was now lying on it.  Sweat dripped from his body, leaving him glistening
in the flickering light of the fire that Inuyasha had started.

Yet, there was a suffering expression on the youth’s face.  He trembled severely, rolling onto his side and curling his arms
around his stomach, his knees drawing up to his chest.  Feeling concerned, among other things, Inuyasha crawled across the
cavern floor, moving to kneel at the boy’s side.

“H-Hojo?” he asked unsurely, hesitantly reaching out and grasping a sweat-slick shoulder.  He let his eyes rove over the prone
body, trying to quash the urges to press Hojo down and take his innocence.

Hojo opened his eyes and stared up at the half-demon.  Inuyasha had to suppress a gasp, seeing the mix of pain and lust that
glazed them.  “Help me . . . please help me?” he pleaded, reaching up to grasp Inuyasha, only to cry out in pain again and bring
his hands close to himself.  “Please, it hurts.  Please?”

Inuyasha frowned.  “What’s wrong?  What hurts?”

“My head . . . my hands . . . my back,” Hojo whimpered again, tightly clenching his eyes shut.  “It hurts all over.”

Inuyasha didn’t like the sound of things.  He shouldn’t be in pain.  Demons in heat didn’t generally feel pain of any kind.  On the
contrary, they generally only got a feeling of intense, long-lasting pleasure, further stimulated by the partner they chose to be
with, if they chose to be with one.

He took hold of Hojo’s hand, looking at it carefully, then examined his head.  He didn’t see anything wrong with either, so
couldn’t understand what was going on.  Then he gently rolled Hojo over onto his stomach so that he could look at the youth’s
back.  Once again feeling that undeniable urge to touch the boy, Inuyasha gave in.  He stroked his hand along the perfect, sweat-
slick skin, taking the time to caress his back in a gentle manner.  As his hand reached the small of his back though, Inuyasha
found himself frowning.  There was an out of place lump there, just above Hojo’s rear.  Curiously, he prodded the swelled area,
only to hear a sharp cry of pain from Hojo.

“Sorry,” he muttered, drawing his hand away.  He had an idea as to what was going on now, so his fears over the boy were
lessened.  If this was Hojo’s first heat, as he’d earlier expected, then he really should have anticipated this.  Although it was
rare, some demons did experience a physical change.  But he had never thought it to be so painful.

Hojo broke Inuyasha from his thoughts as he reached up to grasp his arms.  This time though, even as he whimpered from the
pain in his hands, he did not release his grip.  Instead, he crawled closer to the half-demon, raising himself to his knees.  “Help
me?” he pleaded again, his eyes full of such pain that Inuyasha almost felt an echo of it himself.

“I’m sorry.  There’s nothing I can do.  You have to experience this,” Inuyasha replied, feeling a deep longing to kiss those
tempting lips once more.  He forced his own urges aside, knowing he could not take advantage of Hojo, not now, not when he
was in such pain.

Tears welled in Hojo’s eyes, a shuddered cough leaving his body.  Inuyasha couldn’t stand to watch this.  With tenderness he
rarely showed, he wrapped his arms around the boy’s shaking body and pulled him to lie across his lap.  “Try to rest,” Inuyasha
urged, running a hand along the boy’s bare arm.  “You’ll need your strength.”

Hojo nodded only slightly.  His body never ceased to quiver as he curled closer to Inuyasha.  He laid his head against the half-
demon’s chest, curling his legs up and pressing as close to him as he possibly could.  Inuyasha simply held him, covering him
once more with the garment he had earlier shed.  He didn’t want Hojo to catch a chill.  The last thing the youth needed was to
get ill, especially at a time like this.

Inuyasha’s bone-deep need to bed this youth was not as strong, perhaps because Hojo’s body was suffering too much to put
forth the call.  Inuyasha found it somewhat easier to tolerate his delectable scent.  Still, he wanted to ravish Hojo, but he could
control his desires now.  It would only be temporary, he was certain of that, but for this brief moment Inuyasha could offer
something more than a mating rut.

To Be Continued . . .