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Notes:  I wanted to try something a little different.  Pairings:  Inu/Hojo.

More Notes:  Hojo figures out what it is he wants.

Inner Demons

Part Six

Miroku nodded politely to various women in the village as he hurried along.  He held too much respect for Kaede to try
romancing any of them.  That, and the fact that he knew the priestess would come after him with a broomstick if he tried

He walked toward the outskirts of the village and up into the forest, where he knew Hojo was hiding.  A rustling sound
confirmed that the young man was still there.  He smiled and looked around at the trees, not sure which one he was hiding
behind.  "Hojo?  Come out.  I brought some stew for you."  He raised the wooden bowl that he carried.  When the shivering
youth came out from behind one tree, Miroku allowed his smile to spread.  "Now, sit down so you can eat something."

Hojo shakily took a few steps closer.  Sweat was beading on every visible inch of skin - and there was quite a lot of skin visible
considering he was only wearing Inuyasha's fire-rat garment wrapped around his pale thighs and keeping his modesty intact.  A
sleek black tail was dangling at the back of his legs, twitching back and forth.  His demon nature was beginning to show itself.  
His ears, too, had taken a point to them.  His Heat was progressing quickly.

His hands were trembling as he took the bowl Miroku offered, sharp claws clicking against the surface.  He ate slowly, his eyes
darting around warily.

"I can't believe Inuyasha isn't taking care of you.  Kagome's going to be really angry with him."

Hojo sniffed.  "It wasn't his fault.  I-I ran.  I panicked and I pushed him,"  He ate a little more.  "I didn't mean to.  I didn't
know."  He sniffed again, then stopped eating to lift his head a little and sniff at the air.  "What ... what is that smell?"  He placed
the bowl down, turning his head back and forth and inhaling every now and again.  Then his eyes alighted on Miroku and he
leaned closer.  "It's y-you."

Miroku backed away a step.  He didn't like the look in those feverish eyes.  "Are you alright?  What are you doing?"

Hojo's nose twitched a little and, before Miroku knew what was happening, the youth had pounced on him.  Miroku was
surprised to find himself suddenly lying flat on his back, his staff yards away from his hand.  A body covered his, warm legs
straddling him.

"Wait!  Hojo, stop!  I don't think this is a good idea."  Miroku gently tried to push Hojo away, but the boy was having none of

He pressed Miroku into the ground, his hands gripping the monk's wrists and holding them with immense strength.  As much as
he struggled, Miroku wasn't getting loose.  He didn't want to hurt the inexperienced demon either.  For one, Kagome would kill
him.  And secondly, he doubted the youth meant any true harm.

A nose pushed against his throat, nuzzling just under his ear.  "You smell so good," a breathy voice whispered, shortly before a
tongue delicately brushed Miroku's skin.

"I REALLY don't think this is a good idea."  He gave one more futile struggle, then sank back into the forest floor as Hojo
shifted his position and slid a knee between Miroku's thighs.  The monk groaned then, with the firm press against his quickly
awakening arousal.  This was bad, insurmountably bad.  As much as he was enjoying the boy's attention to him, he knew this
couldn't continue.  Not only would Kagome kill him, but he was sure that Sango and Inuyasha would assist her.

He clenched his hands and turned his head away.  That knee between his legs kept moving, brushing back and forth, pressing
firmly against him.  It wasn't long before he was biting his lip to keep from moaning.  A hand gripped his chin and turned his
face toward Hojo's.  Lips fell on his and he succumbed to the desire to respond, accepting the demon's tongue into his mouth.  
He didn't care that with Hojo's hand stroking his cheek it meant one of his own arms was free.  He could probably get away
now if he really tried.  But he didn't want to try anymore.  Hojo's mouth was hot, hotter than anything else he'd ever experienced.

It was as if his hands were moving of their own free will, reaching up to grip at the body above him.  His tongue moved against
Hojo's.  The demon broke away, a growl emanating from him as he slid his cheek against Miroku's chest, following through by
rubbing his stomach and chest across the same area as well.  A thought flickered through the monk's mind that he was being
marked with a demon's scent.  But it was easily cast aside with the sudden touch of a hand against his bare thigh.

He jerked up and looked down to find Hojo smirking back up at him.  Hojo was kneeling between Miroku's legs and one of his
arms was pushed up underneath the monk's robes.  The hand trailed higher and Miroku let his head fall back, his hands fisting in
the earth.

No sooner had those fingers wrapped around Miroku's stiff manhood, when a furious and blood-chillingly familiar voice broke
through the haze of lust clouding Miroku's mind.  "What the hell are you doing?"  Inuyasha yelled, stomping toward them.

Miroku scrambled back, hissing in pain when Hojo's sharp talons grazed across his thigh and broke the skin.  The young demon
ignored the interruption, growling lowly as he gripped Miroku's leg to keep him from moving further away.  He didn't seem to
notice that Inuyasha was even there.

"Inuyasha, it's not ... I mean, I-" he broke off, knowing that nothing he said would help him here.  Inuyasha would likely
disembowel him over this.

Instead of the pain that Miroku feared, Inuyasha grabbed Hojo around the waist and hauled him away from the stunned monk.  
"I'm sorry, Miroku.  I didn't know he'd get away from me," the half-demon grumpily said, his ears drooping slightly.

Hojo flailed, screaming and fighting to get out of Inuyasha's grip.  It wasn't working though.  He fell into shivering again and
started sobbing, practically collapsing before Miroku's eyes, his hands reaching out for Miroku like a child wanting a treat.  
Miroku was more overwhelmed by the fact that Inuyasha was apologizing to him than he was by Hojo's reactions though.

His sat up, pulling his robes out away from his body to hide his still demanding erection.  "How did he get away from you?"

Inuyasha held the weeping youth against himself.  "I don't know.  He pushed me down and by the time I blinked, he was just
gone."  He hefted the youth's body up over his shoulder.  Hojo didn't fight back.  "I'll take him back to the cave."  He sniffed.  
"You better get yourself to a lake and wash up.  No telling what a demon will do if they get a whiff of you.  You reek of-" His
cheeks turned red and he turned away.  "Just wash up."

Before Miroku could reply, the half-demon was gone.  Miroku groaned and fell back against the forest floor.  This was a
complete mess.  It was a nightmare.  Here he was, laying in the forest with a stiffer cock than he'd ever had before and nothing
but his own hand to satisfy himself.  He didn't think there was anything that could make it worse.

He also didn't know how wrong he was.

A sudden wind sprang up.  Miroku raised an arm to shield his face from the dirt and leaves that flew around.  When the dust
cleared, he was horrified to see Koga's face leaning over him.

"Hey, human, where's Kagome?" the wolf inquired, his hands firmly on his hips.  "She's in the village?"  He straightened up and
looked toward the huts in the distance.

Miroku felt his cheeks practically catch on fire as he sat up and scrambled to cover his erection again.  He bit his lip to muffle a
whimper as he pressed too hard against his member, causing it to twitch in response.  He wished it would just go away already.  
It was taking its time to fade away and every second was causing the monk to feel further mortified that he was being seen in
this state.  Bad enough that Inuyasha had seen, but Koga too?  It was almost too much to bear.  What next?  Would Sesshomaru
happen to wander through the forest?  Or perhaps Kagome or Sango?

"Y-Yeah," he muttered, knowing that he had to answer.  Koga wasn't exactly the most patient person in the world.  "She's in the
village."  He expected the wolf demon to go running off in a torrent of wind again, but slowly became aware that Koga was just
standing there staring at him.  Feeling self conscious, he glanced up and looked away again.  "Is something wrong?"  His arousal
was abating, albeit slowly.  But he was still embarrassed to have been caught in this state.

"Hey, what's that smell?"  The demon licked his lips, eyes focused intently on Miroku.  "It's ... nice."

To Be Continued ...