Disclaimers:  None of the characters are mine, except for Della Greene.  I don’t own anything else.  (Don’t you get tired of
hearing this over and over again?)

Notes:  These situations and the outcome of the story are completely a part of my imagination.  If you want to borrow anyone
or anything, I hope you’ll ask first.  



Inside a cluttered laboratory, a scientist worked on her latest experiment.  Her name was Della Greene, and she had a purpose
in life, to destroy Team Rocket and its leader Giovanni.  It was all she cared about, all that kept her going in life.  

Finally, she was finished her new serum.  She held it up to the light, watching as the light of her lamp made it seem as if the
bluish liquid inside the vial was glowing.  She glanced over at the cages, lining one wall.  They were all empty.

“Damn.”  She cursed under her breath.  “I need a subject to test this on.”

Della rushed to the door, throwing her lab coat to the floor as she left.  A Machoke stood outside the door to her lab.  He was
her one and only friend, also her bodyguard.  He followed her as she rushed out of her home.

She didn’t even notice what a lovely night it was.  A cool breeze brushed her cheek, blowing several strands of her long red
hair into her face.  She just waved them away, not even thinking to look at the starry night sky.  Della was too involved with
her work to notice anything.  She had a job to finish, a debt to repay.

Della and her Machoke climbed into a speedboat.  Then they sped away from her private island, heading toward the mainland.  
That would be the only place where she would find a test subject.  Della and her Machoke were the only inhabitants of her
island.  There weren’t even a few stray pokemon to catch.

On the mainland, she and her Machoke wandered around, searching for a new test subject.  She was about to give up hope of
finding one, when she saw two people and a pokemon standing in a clearing.  She saw by their uniforms, that they were
members of Team Rocket.  

There was a pretty young woman with long red hair, and a young man with purple hair.  A Meowth stood between them.  
Della was amazed to hear that the Meowth could speak.  Della caught pieces of the conversation, and the names of the two
people.  The girl was named Jessie, and the boy was named James.

The three of them were arguing about a failed mission.  Both the Meowth and the girl named Jessie, seemed convinced that it
had all been the fault of James, the purple-haired guy.  However, he didn’t agree.

Della watched from behind several large bushes, as Jessie and Meowth walked to the one side of the clearing to sleep, while
James went to the opposite end of the clearing.

“Really, they’re making this too easy for me.”  Della said to herself.  This truly was a perfect opportunity.  Besides, that James
guy is cute, she noted to herself.  

Della stayed hidden in the bushes with her Machoke, until she was absolutely sure that they were all asleep.  Then, she and her
Machoke stepped out of the shadows.

Della reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out a syringe.  As she walked, she took off the plastic cap, dropping it to the
ground.  She knelt down next to James and lifted the syringe into her line of sight.  She flicked the needle with her finger and
pushed the plunger into the syringe, making sure there were no air bubbles inside of it.  A small spray of liquid shot out the tip.

She looked up at her Machoke and nodded, silently telling him to grab the boy.  The Machoke grabbed him by the arms,
pinning them to the ground.  James’s eyes snapped open as he woke up.  Before he could call out to his friends, Della clamped
her hand over his mouth.

“Sshh.”  She hushed him as he fought against her hand and the Machoke that held him tight.  She lifted the syringe into his line
of sight.  Immediately, he stopped struggling.

Della lowered the syringe.  His eyes locked on her.  She could see the fear in them, and she felt exhilarated, knowing that she
had the control.  She leaned closer, and whispered to him.  “This will go so much easier if you don’t struggle.  And if you
scream or try to alert your friends in any way, their blood will be on your hands.  Do you understand?”  

He nodded.

“Good.”  She smiled and removed her hand from his face, slowly.  ‘Wow, is he gorgeous’, she thought to herself.  

“What do you want?”  He whispered, in a voice so quiet that she almost didn’t hear him.

“You are going to be the subject of my latest experiment.  You should really feel honored.”

Without another word, she grabbed his sleeve and tore it.  Then she jabbed the syringe into his arm and injected the sedative
into him.  “You might even survive.”  

She smiled, removing the needle from his arm and dropping it to the ground.  She really didn’t care if it was found.  It wasn’t
as if she was easy to find, and her fingerprints weren’t on record anywhere that she knew of.  Besides, these people were
members of Team Rocket, they wouldn’t be going to the police for help.  And Giovanni would never miss one employee.

The sedative worked quickly.  The Machoke lifted the limp form of James over his shoulder and followed Della back to the
boat.  All the while, Della was thinking about how much fun she’d have with James.  He was a member of Team Rocket, an
organization she had hated for a long time.  Maybe she could get in a little revenge while she was testing her new serum.

To Be Continued . . .