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Notes: James is the subject of Della Greene's harsh experiments.  Jessie and Meowth make attempt a daring rescue mission and
see the shocking results of the scientist's work.


Part One

James awakened slowly.  He found himself shivering on a cold, hard surface.  In an instant, he remembered everything.  The
argument with Jessie and Meowth, and then going to sleep only to be awakened when he felt hands grasp him tightly.  Then
there was that strange woman that had told him to keep quiet.  The woman that had injected him with what must have been a

He forced his eyes open, and pushed himself to his knees.  He was in a cage.  He looked down at himself and saw that all his
clothes were missing.  Quickly, he pulled his legs up to his chest, and wrapped his arms around them.  Partly, to keep him
warm, but also to cover himself somewhat.

"Oh, you're awake."  Said the woman that had injected that stuff into his arm.

"Where am I?  Where are my clothes?"  He inquired, trying to put up a brave front.

"Here."  She said, tossing a pile of clothes into the cage. "You can wear these."

They weren't his clothes, but they were better than nothing.  James quickly put on the sweat pants and the plain white T-shirt.  
"Where am I?"  He asked again.

"You are in my lab, on my private island.  So don't even try to escape, there's nowhere to go.  By the way, I'm Della."

The thought of never escaping, of being held captive by that woman for the rest of his life, filled him with a great sadness.  But
he pushed it away.  He wouldn't give up yet.  Jessie was still out there and she'd try to rescue him.  At least he hoped she
would.  But he wouldn't let Della see how worried he was.  "Where are my pokemon?"  He asked, hoping that his voice hadn't

"They're fine.  And they'll stay that way as long as you do as you're told."  She smiled.

James nodded, afraid for the safety of his pokemon.  Who knew what she'd do to them if she got angry.

James watched as she unlocked his cage.  Her Machoke, the big bully, grabbed onto his arm and pulled him out of the cage.  
The Machoke forced James to follow the Della further into what looked like a laboratory.

"Get up on the table."  She ordered

He would have gotten up on the table by himself, but that Machoke just lifted him up and placed him down on it.  It didn't look
as if that Machoke would ever leave his side as long as he was out of that cage.

James obeyed all of Della's requests.  He wasn't about to get her mad while that Machoke was holding his arm in a vicelike grip.  
That would have been a very stupid thing to do.

Della gave him a full physical exam.  She seemed thrilled when she found out that he was totally healthy and in great shape.  
James wasn't as thrilled to hear the news.

That very day, Della began her experiments.  It started out with just a few injections.  But every day after that, there were more
and more injections.  Then there were the operations, and the pain threshold tests.  She wanted to know how much pain and
injury she could inflict on him before he passed out.  Not once did she explain to James what she was doing to him.

After a month, he began to lose hope.  At least he thought it was a month.  The days just seemed to clump together.  Sometimes
he couldn't tell when one ended and the next began.  But no matter how much time had passed, James never heard Jessie's voice
saying that she had come to rescue him.

It didn't matter if they came now anyway.  There was so much pain that he could barely breathe.  James wanted to die, wanted
all the pain to end.  He didn't care if that meant that he'd never see Jessie again, never hear her lovely voice or see her beautiful
face.  He just wanted the pain to stop.


Jessie and Meowth pulled their little boat up onto the shore.  That morning over two months ago, she had awakened, intending to
apologize to James for her harsh words.  But he was gone.  For a moment she had thought that he'd left her, but then she had
found the syringe.  Someone had kidnapped him.  After that, she and Meowth had spent every waking moment searching for
James, but never found anymore clues as to where he could have been taken.

She had almost given up hope, when she overheard some people talking about some weird scientist that lived alone on her
island.  One of them was talking about how he knew a guy who knew a guy that had heard a man screaming from somewhere
on the island.

Jessie didn't care if it was a long shot.  It was the only clue she had gotten in so long.  If a guy said he knew a guy that knew a
guy that had heard screaming, it was good enough for Jessie.  And if that information led her to James, she would be ecstatic.

Jessie blamed herself for James being kidnapped.  If she hadn't yelled, he wouldn't have had to sleep so far away.  Then he
wouldn't be missing.  Now she was desperate to find him.  She couldn't lose him.  She loved him.

It was a relatively easy task, sneaking into the scientist's house.  It was the middle of the night and she had gone to sleep hours
ago.  Jessie had been watching the windows through her binoculars and had seen the woman in one of the second floor
windows right before the last light went off in the house.

After a little searching, she and Meowth found the door to the lab.  It was the only door being guarded, so Jessie assumed it was
the lab.  Jessie pulled out her tranquilizer gun, which she had bought recently.  She shot the Machoke with enough tranquilizers
to bring down a charging Kangaskhan.  It quickly fell to the floor, asleep.  Jessie and Meowth opened the door and stepped over
the Machoke, into the room.

This wasn't the lab, just an office of some sort.  Jessie saw another door at the other end of the room and walked over to it.  
Before she opened it, she looked down at the desk beside the door.  There was an open file sitting on top of a bunch of papers.  
It caught her attention.  She read a few lines out loud, so that Meowth could hear too.

"Test subject does not seem to be responding to treatments.  Pain threshold remains the same.  Assessment:  Experiment is a
complete failure.  Options:  Dispose of test subject and begin from scratch."  Jessie didn't like he sound of that.  The word,
dispose, sent a shiver down her spine.

They entered the other room.  The sight before her, shocked and appalled her.  James, her James, was lying in a cage.  His
clothes were stained in blood.  And his body was covered in bruises and wounds.  His once beautiful face was marred by a huge
purple bruise.  His one eye was swollen so much, that it didn't look like it could open.  His hair was shorter in some places, and
missing in others.  Jessie could see stitches in his head, some of them old, some newer.  Where he still had hair, it was matted
against his scalp with blood.

It looked as if the scientist had just left him there to die.  She hadn't even bothered locking the cage after she was done with
him.  Besides, why would she bother?  She was only going to dispose of him anyway.

Jessie rushed to his side.  "Meowth."  She said to the cat pokemon, although she was looking at James the entire time.  "Go find
his pokemon."

"Okay Jess."  He replied without arguing.

"James?"  She knelt down beside him, and lightly touched his shoulder, hoping she didn't cause him any more pain than he was
obviously already in.  "James, wake up.  Please wake up."  She pleaded.

He opened one eye slowly.  Just as she thought, the other eye was swollen shut.  He stared up at her with that one eye.  He
looked like he was in so much pain.  "Jessie?  Is it really you?"  He asked, his voice barely a whisper.

"Come on James, we're going to get you out of here.  Everything's going to be okay."  She replied as she tried to hold back her
tears.  This was no time to cry.  They had to get James out of here fast, before that scientist or the Machoke woke up.

Jessie helped James to sit up, then to stand, wrapping her arms around him to keep him steady.  He let out several groans as her
arms came in contact with his skin.  She saw as he bit his lip to keep from crying out.

She was basically dragging him along, as they walked back to the shore.  He was so weak, he could barely lift his feet off the
ground.  Jessie wanted to go find that scientist and do to her what she had done to James.  But James's safety was more
important.  She had to get him away from this place.

Meowth was waiting in the boat when Jessie got there.  "I got his pokemon and his old clothes."  He whispered.

Jessie carefully helped James into the boat.  She started the engine, not caring if the scientist heard now.  All she cared about
was James.  She steered the boat back to the mainland.

Once there, she got him out of the boat and into the back of the van that she had stolen that night.  She made him as comfortable
as she possibly could.  Then she hopped into the driver's seat, with Meowth in the back with James, and took off.

To Be Continued . . .