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Notes:  Jessie stops and cleans James up.  After a while it's obvious that he needs more help than she can provide and she goes
for help.


Part Two

Jessie didn't stop driving until morning, and only after she nearly ran off the road for the third time.  She parked the car behind
some trees, where no one would be able to see them, unless they were looking carefully.

She and Meowth set up camp.  Meowth was being unusually helpful, and Jessie appreciated it greatly.  While he took care of
getting water and starting a fire, Jessie got into the back of the van with James.

She took off her gloves and set them aside.  Meowth brought her a bowl of water and some pieces of cloth.  He sat beside
Jessie.  Carefully, he reached out one of his sharp claws and tore the front of James's shirt in two.

Jessie gently removed the shirt.  In some places, it clung to him because of all the blood.  She took in a sharp breath when she
saw what was under his shirt.  Even through all the blood she could see them.  Scars and healing wounds, and there were so
many of them.

"Maybe we should take him to a doctor, Jess."  Meowth stated.

"No."  Jessie said firmly.  "Doctors will ask too many questions."

Then they started the long task of cleaning James's wounds.


Jessie looked down at James once again.  She had been sitting beside him for over two days, only leaving his side when she
absolutely had to.  But still, he hadn't awakened.

She put her hand to his forehead and felt how feverish he was.  Maybe they should've taken him to a doctor like Meowth had
suggested.  But she pushed those thoughts away immediately.  Doctors would ask questions, questions that she didn't have the
answers to.  She had no idea what that scientist had done to him.  Sure, she could see all the scars, wounds, and stitches.  But
she couldn't be sure of what had been done.

James groaned in his sleep, and Jessie took her hand away.  He was in so much pain, the slightest touch of her hand seemed to
only hurt him more.  She wished she could do something for him, to relieve his pain in some way.

She got out of the van, waking Meowth who had been sleeping beside her.  "Where ya going, Jess?"  He asked.

"I can't just sit around here while he suffers.  I've watched for too long."  She replied as she picked up her tranquilizer gun.  It
looked like a real gun, so it would come in handy with what she was about to do.  She turned back to Meowth, "Wait here.  Try
and keep him as comfortable as possible."

Jessie ran into the darkness.  She had seen a small town not too far away.  She knew that she would find what she wanted there.

Quietly, she sneaked into the little town.  It was the middle of the night, so everyone was probably asleep.  She scanned the signs
of the stores along the main road.  Then she saw what she had been looking for.  The name on the sign said, "Doctor Brady."

This is exactly what she had wanted.  It was a small town, and didn't even have a hospital.  A local doctor was just what she
wanted, what she needed.  Jessie ran to the door and forced it open.

She ran in, going up the staircase in the back, to get to the Doctor's residence, which was above his office.  She found him in
bed, sleeping peacefully.  Good, he's alone, she noted.

Jessie shoved him violently, waking him from his peaceful slumber.  "What do you want?"  He asked with a hint of anger in his
voice.  "What are you doing here?"

She raised the tranquilizer gun and pointed it in his face.  "I have a patient for you.  Get dressed and bring your equipment."

Doctor Brady did exactly as he was told.  Obviously, he hadn't been able to tell that it was only a tranquilizer gun.  "What is
wrong with this patient of mine?"  He asked as he packed some equipment into his little black bag.

"He's been experimented on by some weird scientist.  I'm not exactly sure what she's done to him.  I rescued him two days ago,
and he's hurt badly.  He's in a lot of pain."  Jessie replied.

"Why didn't you just take him to a hospital?"

"We're not exactly on the right side of the law.  And I'm sure that the doctors at a hospital will ask too many questions that I
can't answer."  She shoved him toward the door as he closed his black bag.

Jessie brought him back to the van as quickly as she could.  When the doctor slowed, she shoved him from behind, forcing him
to hasten his pace.  By the time they reached the van, however, the sun had risen.

She opened the door of the van, letting the doctor go first.  Meowth didn't say a word as the doctor climbed in and sat beside
James.  She and Meowth just watched as he examined their friend.

He filled a syringe with a clear liquid from a small bottle.  Then, after making sure that there were no air bubbles in the syringe,
he injected the liquid into James's arm.  "There, this should make him a little more comfortable.  But I really think he should be in
a hospital."

"That's one thing we can't do.  We're criminals.  We'd be arrested."  Jessie replied.

The doctor glanced at Jessie, looking her over.  He sighed, "Then, I guess I have no choice but to invite you into my home."

Jessie was shocked, and felt a little nervous.  Maybe this guy was trying to trick her.  "But I just kidnapped you and forced you
out of your home in the middle of the night.  Why would you do a thing like that?"

"For one thing, the gun you're holding is only a tranquilizer gun.  And you seem genuinely concerned for your friend's welfare."  
He pulled a blanket up over James.

Jessie dropped the gun.  "I don't know how to thank you for this."  She replied, tears threatening to come forward.

"No need.  I became a doctor to help people, not to judge them."  He said, as Jessie got into the driver's seat.  "There's an alley
behind my office.  You can park your van there and no one will be able to see it."

"Thank you, although it's not really my van."  Jessie said as she started the van.


James dreamed tangled visions that drifted from the nightmarish to the merely confusing.  He drifted with the dreams, helpless
and, to a certain extent, indifferent.  It was as if the things he saw were of no concern to him personally, even though many of
them happened to him.  He felt curiously detached, so that kissing Jessie, which he had longed to do for so long, meant as little to
him as ramming a knife into her chest and watching her die.  He just watched, floating aimlessly.

He walked through the ruined mansion that had once been his home, with Jessie at his side.  Statues filled the halls and she
identified each of them as members of his family.  They crumbled at her touch, and he wearily tried to support them as they
became handfuls of gritty dust that trickled through his fingers.  It was always too much and he gave up.

Jessie stood atop a pyre of burning twigs, while Della tore pages from a book and tossed them into the fire.  The flames licked at
Jessie's legs and she screamed out in pain as James tried in vain to get to her.

He climbed a long rope, just below Giovanni, the other man's boots continually grinding on his head.  And when the rope fell, he
was swept out over an ocean, flying with frightening speed in long, arcing loops.  His legs were on fire, burning while he patted
at them in amazement.

There were more peaceful dreams, long interludes of sunshine and warmth, and occasionally Meowth and Growlie sat by his
side.  It was during one of these interludes that he kissed Jessie, ten or a dozen energetic, passionate kisses.

After that there was Della again, crouching on a coffin with her Machoke by her side, talking and talking in a vicious little
whisper.  James could not hear her, but he did not want to go closer, though the woman continually curled her long fingers in a
come-here gesture.

And then there was Jessie, bending over him, her hand cool and firm against his cheek, better than a pillow.  He leaned into it,
closing his eyes, and slept.

Then there were no more dreams for a while.

When James was awake and knew it, he lay still, unwilling to open his eyes.  He was in a strange bed, softer than the ground he
was used to sleeping on.  It was comfortable, and he could feel sunshine on his hands where they rested on the blankets.  His
body ached terribly, but if he stayed still, the pain wasn't so bad.

He lay there for a long time, the bed too perfect a nest to leave.  Even the sound of footsteps from somewhere out in the room
didn't make him open his eyes.  But when he felt a weight suddenly land on the bed, stretching the blankets tighter over his
stomach, he grunted and forced his eyelids up.

Meowth was sitting on the bed beside him, staring at him.  "You're awake."  He commented.

"Not for long."  James mumbled, and raised a weak hand to pat clumsily at the pokemon's head.  Meowth curled up beside him,
an unusual act for the catlike pokemon, and began purring.

It wasn't a room he knew.  There was a window, but all he could see was a blue sky.  He felt a little nervous not knowing where
he was.  For a moment he thought that Della would enter the room with one of her painful experiments.  But that moment passed
and he closed his eyes, letting his hand lie on the soft fur of Meowth's back.  The steady rhythm of his breathing lulled James
back to sleep.

When James awoke the second time, his head was much clearer.  A great flood of moonlight lay across the foot of his bed.  He
stirred, trying to raise himself, but twinges of pain all over his body warned him not to and he fell back.

His movement woke Meowth, though.  The pokemon raised his head.  "You're awake."  He declared.

"Again."  James whispered.  "Where are we?"

"A doctor's house."

"How long have I been here?"

"Almost two weeks."  Meowth answered.  "You were very sick.  Doctor Brady wasn't sure if you'd make it."

James blew out a long breath and asked,  "Where's Jessie?"

"She's in another room, sleeping.  Jessie's been by your side since we rescued ya.  She refused to leave your side and really
hasn't slept since we brought ya here.  Finally, the Doctor had her sedated so that she would get some rest."

James was touched.  He had no idea that Jessie cared so much about him.  Then he thought of something else to ask.  "Why was
I out so long?"

"Doctor Brady was worried that ya might hurt yourself if ya moved around too much.  So, he kept ya sedated."

James smiled to himself, thinking of the fact that Jessie cared about him, and closed his weary eyes.  After awhile, he felt as
Meowth lowered his head.  They slept again.

James was awake the next morning when the doctor came in.  Meowth was gone.  "I'm glad to see you're among the living
again."  Doctor Brady said.

"Yes,"  James said, smiling.  He had managed to pull himself up to a sitting position with only a little pain from most of his body.  
"And glad to be so."

Doctor Brady walked over to James and sat on the bed beside him.  He checked James over quickly.  "Well, I see you are doing
much better.  But I don't want you getting out of this bed for at least another week.  You're lucky to be alive in this condition.  
What exactly was this scientist trying to do to you?"

James looked away.  His memories of Della's experiments were all a blur.  All he could really remember was the pain.  There was
so much pain.  He would have given anything for her to stop the pain.

"I don't really know."  He finally answered.  "Della never explained anything to me.  I was just a guinea pig to her."

Jessie's voice pulled James out of his terrible memories.  "James!"  She called out, as she ran to his side.

"Hi, Jessie."  James stated, simply.  He was ecstatic to see her, but his body hurt too much to show how he really felt.  "I can't
believe you came for me."

A curious expression passed over Jessie's face.  It had seemed like compassion, but since it passed so quickly, James just
shrugged it off as being a part of his imagination.  "Of course I came for you.  I couldn't let some scientist get away with stealing
something from me."  She replied, smirking.

James felt a little bad.  Maybe Jessie didn't care for him.  She had only rescued him because she didn't appreciate someone
stealing from her.

She turned to the doctor, "How long until we can get out of here."

"He shouldn't get out of bed for at least another week."  Doctor Brady replied.

"I guess we can stick around that long.  But once he's ready to travel I want to leave.  We've stayed around here too long as it is."

To Be Continued . . .