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Notes:  James is taken away for "treatment" and Jessie is left to wonder about her.  Her life turns into a shambles and months
later she's reunited with Ash and the others and they come across quite a surprising scene.


Part Four

Giovanni arrived quickly.  Jessie was sitting in the waiting room when he walked up to her.  She stood up quickly, knowing that
even though James was hurt, she couldn't show the Boss disrespect.

A crowd of men in expensive looking suits stood behind Giovanni.  They were lawyers, most likely.  Another group of men
was beside them, these men were wearing what looked like lab coats.  They must be doctors.

Jessie wanted to ask who they were, but she knew that she wasn't permitted to speak unless spoken to.  So she waited, hoping
that Giovanni would say something.

"Which room is he in?"  He finally asked, after a long uncomfortable silence, his face showing no concern.

"Room 358, Sir."  Jessie replied.

"Doctors."  Giovanni said, gesturing down the hall.  The men in lab coats broke off from the rest of the group.  They walked
down the hallway.

Jessie looked up at Giovanni.  Her mind was screaming at her to say something, to find out what those doctors were going to
do with James.  Finally, she spoke, not caring if Giovanni yelled at her for talking without his permission.  "Will they help
James?"  She asked.

He looked at her for a moment, his eyes showing how angry he was with her.  But he didn't yell, he kept his temper in check.  
"They'll take very good care of James.  Now, if you'll just wait here, my lawyers and I have to have a chat with the hospital
administrator about James being released into my care."  He turned and left, not waiting for a reply.

Only minutes later, Jessie saw Giovanni's doctors wheeling James out of his room on a gurney.  Giovanni and his lawyers were
close behind.  Jessie stood as they approached.

Giovanni clamped his hand on her shoulder, stopping her from getting any closer to James than she already was.  "You did the
right thing calling me.  You'll go far in Team Rocket."  He said, his voice low, so that no one but Jessie could hear him.

"What about James?"  Jessie asked, as she watched the gurney and all the doctors and lawyers leave the hospital.

"He is of no concern of yours anymore.  I'll personally make sure that he gets all of the medical attention he deserves."  
Giovanni replied.  Then he turned and left.

She wanted to believe him, but the look she had seen in his cold eyes, made her shudder inwardly.  There was something about
this that didn't seem right.  If she had done the right thing, calling Giovanni and asking for his help, then why did she feel so
awful?  She had only called him because his doctors were so much better than anyone they'd find in this small town.  But did
they really want to help James?


Jessie was a pale shadow of what she had been.  Months ago, James had been taken from her by Giovanni.  She hadn't heard
anything since then.  She didn't even know if James was still alive or not.

She had tried to continue as usual.  But she just couldn't keep her mind off of James.  She hadn't been able to steal anything, not
pokemon or cars, nothing.

Her life had ended the moment that James was taken from her.  He was everything to her, and he had loved her.  She just
wished that she had told him about her feelings sooner.  Maybe then, they would have had some time together before he had
gotten sick.

Meowth was the only thing keeping her from ending her miserable existence.  He kept her hopes up, telling her that she would
see James again.  Without Meowth's presence, she didn't know how she would have gotten along.  His constant companionship
was all that she had left now that James was gone.

"Come on, Jess.  You gotta try and steal something."  Meowth said.

Jessie stood in the middle of the road, waiting for the next trainer to come along.  In the distance she saw Ash and the others
approaching her.  She hadn't seen any of them since that day in the hospital.  She had left quickly, after James had been taken
away, without one word to them.

These were the last people she wanted to see, especially in her present condition.  Her skin was pale, she had circles under her
eyes from lack of sleep.  Her clothes were smudged with dirt.  She just didn't take care of herself like she used to.

When Ash and the others got close enough, Jessie started a pokemon battle.  She didn't pay attention to them when they talked
to her, not listening to a word any of them said.  During the battle she felt nothing, as if she were dead inside.

"Hey Jess, ya gotta come see this!"  Meowth shouted, bringing Jessie out of her daze.

She ran over to where Meowth was and crouched down behind the bushes where he had been hiding.  She heard Ash and the
others approaching from behind, but didn't really care if they were there or not.  Jessie just looked out over the field beyond the
hill they were situated on.  No one would be able to see them, because of the bushes that hid their presence.

Jessie saw Giovanni, standing in front of someone, giving him orders.  When Giovanni moved away, Jessie saw that it was
James.  She wanted to run out and see him, to just throw her arms around James and never let him go, but Misty held her
back.  "Wait.  There's something different about him."  Misty said.

Jessie looked at him again and noticed what the girl was talking about.  James was dressed in completely black clothing.  
Around his neck was a metal band with small flashing lights on it, and his wrists were bound by solid metal restraints.

She and the others watched as the restraints and the bands were removed from James.  Giovanni and all the other people
around him, stepped back, away from James.  "Do it!"  Giovanni ordered.

A herd of Rhyhorns came charging out at James from the other end of the field.  But James didn't move out of the way.  In
fact, he didn't look the slightest bit scared or even nervous.

Jessie was frozen in place, watching the Rhyhorns getting closer and closer to him.  When they were only a few feet from him,
James reached his hand out, his palm facing the charging Rhyhorns.  The Rhyhorns stopped suddenly, as if they had just hit

"What just happened?"  Ash asked.

Jessie was too shocked to reply.  She watched as Giovanni walked up to James and said, "Good work."

Just then, James looked up at the bushes, where Jessie and the others were hiding.

"What is it?  Spies?"  Giovanni asked.

James nodded.

"Then go get them."  The Boss ordered.

"Yes, Sir."  James replied.  James closed his eyes and vanished into thin air.

"Where'd he go?"  Misty asked.

"Right behind you."  James replied.

They all spun around and saw James standing there.  "James?"  Jessie said, so happy to see him alive.  She and the others stood.

But James just stared at her coldly.  "Leave before you get hurt."  He said, walking past them, back to the field and Giovanni.

"Wait, James."  Jessie called out.  She couldn't let him leave her, not now.

James stopped and turned.  He looked confused.  "Who is this James you keep referring to?"

"You.  Your name is James."  Jessie stated, not believing that he didn't know who he was.

James looked at her with an icy stare.  A chill ran up her spine at his gaze.  "That is quite impossible.  You are mistaken.  I have
no name."  He turned and walked away again.

Once he had left, Misty turned to Jessie.  "That was James, wasn't it?"

"Yes.  Yes it was."  She replied.

"But then, what happened to him?  Why doesn't he remember his own name?"  Ash asked.

"There's only one way to find out."  Jessie stood and walked in the opposite direction of the field, of James.  She had to get
some answers and she only knew of one way to get them.  Behind her, she heard Misty and the others following her.

To Be Continued . . .