Author's notes:  This is my first Digimon fanfic.  I haven't watched it for awhile, so I'm not up to date on the story lines.  But I
like Matt, so I wrote a fanfic that is basically all about Matt.  If you don't like Matt, stop reading now.  And Matt doesn't get
Mimi or Sora.  I really don't think that either of them are right for him, so I created a girl.

In my story, Matt is at least twelve (I'm not exactly sure how old he is.) and T.K. is eight or younger.

I tried to give at least one chapter to each of the Digidestined.  The chapters aren't very long though.


"I don't want to remember.  I don't want to remember."  Matt mumbled over and over again in his sleep.

Sora just watched him from her place near the fire.  This happened almost every night.  The group would stop for the night and
go to sleep.  Then a few hours later, Sora would wake up hearing Matt calling out in his sleep.

She was worried about him.  He had been acting strange the past few days.  He seemed more protective of T.K. than usual.  His
eyes were surrounded by dark circles, probably because of his sleeping troubles.  But he also seemed distant, as if he was
pushing himself even further away from the rest of the group.  And he hadn't been all that close to anyone to begin with.

She wondered what he dreamed about.  What made him so afraid?  What didn't he want to remember?

Then suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he sat straight up.  He was completely covered in sweat, but Sora could see him
shivering.  She ducked her head down, not wanting him to know that she had been watching him.  But she still kept an eye on

She watched as he wiped his hand over his face.  He looked over at T.K., who slept beside him.  Matt just stared at his little
brother for several minutes.  Sora could have sworn that she had seen a tear fall from his eye.  But she shook it off, not believing
that it had happened.  Matt never cried.


Matt just sat there, starring out at the lake before him.  The water was calm, the light of the sun shimmering off the surface.  He
closed his eyes and put his harmonica to his lips.  But the only sound that came out was a depressing melody.  But of course, he
was playing the way he felt.

"That sounded so sad."  Sora said, as she sat beside him.

"I guess."  Matt replied as he placed the harmonica back in his pocket.

"Something on your mind?"  She asked.

Matt looked at her for a moment.  She really did seem to care, but he couldn't tell her.  Just like he couldn't tell any of the others.  
None of them would understand, and he couldn't let T.K. find out.  He didn't know, and if Matt had anything to say about it, he
would never know.  He could at least spare his little brother the pain he felt every day.

"No.  I guess I'm just in a blues kind of mood."  Matt looked back out at the water.  It looked peaceful, but underneath the
surface there were currents, pulling this way and that.  It sort of reminded Matt of himself.  On the outside he looked fine, but
underneath was something that none of the other Digidestined could ever imagine.

"Well, if you ever want to talk . . ."  Sora began, but Matt didn't need to hear the rest.

"Yeah, you'll be there for me, right?"

"Come on guys!"  Shouted Tai.  "We should get moving again!"

Matt silently stood and walked away, not really caring if Sora was following him or not.  Gabumon came up beside him, staying
quiet, but Matt could tell that the digimon was worried about him.

Hours later, the group once again stopped.  Matt leaned back against a nearby tree as the others got ready for bed.  Sora
volunteered to take the first watch.  Joe and Mimi were arguing about something, as their digimon tried to stop their fighting.  Tai
and Agumon were talking while Izzy was once again on his computer, with Tentomon looking over his shoulder.  T.K. walked
over to Matt.

"You should get some rest."  Matt said to his younger brother.

"But I'm not tired."  He said as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.  Patamon, who sat atop his head, yawned.

"Sure you aren't."  He replied sarcastically.

T.K. curled up next to him, with Patamon lying in his arms.  Quickly, the little boy was asleep.  Matt smiled as he watched his
little brother sleep.  Soon, he too had drifted off to sleep.

But unlike his brother, his sleep was disturbed by nightmares.  It was the same as always.  It began as a happy family outing in a
park.  Everyone was happy and laughing.  Then, it all went bad.  There was screaming and blood, so much blood.

Matt awoke with a start.  He sat up and wiped the sweat from his face.  Why couldn't he just forget?  Why did he have to
remember that terrible day?

"Do you want to forget?" Whispered a mysterious voice.

Matt looked around, wondering who had spoken to him.  But everyone was asleep, except for Sora.  But she was all the way on
the other side of the fire, and the voice had sounded a lot closer.

"Do you want to forget?"  The voice whispered again.

"Who are you?  Where are you?  What do you want with me?"  Matt said, trying not to talk too loud.  He didn't want to disturb
anyone else.        He glanced down at T.K.  The little boy still slept beside him.

"I can help you forget.  If that's what you really want."

"Leave me alone.  Go away."  Matt said quietly as he closed his eyes.

"As you wish."  The strange voice whispered.  Then everything was silent again.

Thoughts ran through Matt's mind.  Who was this mysterious voice?  What did it want with him?  Was it a threat to him or the

He thought about it and thought about it.  But he couldn't come up with any answers.  He leaned back against the tree once again,
his arm wrapped around T.K. protectivel