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Notes:  My very first Naga story.   In my little universe, Nagas are warm-blooded, and they don’t necessarily HAVE to eat
meat, though it is their preferred meal.  Male Pregnancy is also a possibility in this universe.  Any mistakes made, just account
to the strange little world I’ve created.  I hope you enjoy my story.

More Notes:  Naga Sex!  There are sexual situations involved in this fic between two male characters.  Along with mentions of
abuse, slavery and past events that I haven’t written stories for yet.  This is just a little piece of what I hope will be a long
series of stories.

Even More Notes:  We start with Azure and Kova fleeing after Kova has snatched Azure away from his human captors.  Azure
has been a slave for as long as he can remember.  He was raised by humans and has no idea how to live as a Naga.  Kova was
the first Naga Azure met.  He found Kova near death and nursed him back to health, while hiding him from his masters.  Kova
repaid that by saving him in return.  On with the story …

A Taste of Freedom

Azure coughed, choking on a cloud of dust as he collapsed to the unforgiving ground.  He was a Naga, young and unfamiliar
with the world even though he had reached the age of eighteen if one counted by human years.

His body was slight and his complexion pale.  His trailing tail contained scales of the deepest blue, sometimes appearing as
black as night and other times sparkling like a sapphire if the light hit him just right.  A mix of silver and gold danced across his
underbelly, shining in the light like the coins his master had coveted.  His black hair hung long behind him, cinched together in a
high ponytail and then split into many trailing braids that would glide just above the ground as he moved.  His bangs were loose,
framing his face, sometimes hiding it when he wanted them to.  His horns had been silver, a spiral of gold coiling around from
where they met his head to their tips.  But only one horn remained, curving like that of a ram back around his pointed ear, just
as its twin had before it had broken.

Beside him, Kova stood upright, his serpentine tail coiling around Azure's weary body in a comforting gesture.  His scales were
the shade of rust and the ones on his underbelly glittered in the hot afternoon sun like pieces of copper.  His hair was a vibrant
red, hanging loose and reaching to just around his shoulders.  He was older than Azure, his body more muscular and strong.  
Azure was by no means weak, but standing beside Kova, he couldn't help but feel inferior to the elder Naga.

The larger Naga reached down and grasped Azure's arm, easily hauling the slim youth into an upright position.  Compared to
Azure's breathless panting, Kova breathed easily, though a bit more rapidly than normal.  The only other sign that he had
exerted himself at all was the fine sheen of sweat coating his sun-kissed skin.

The exhilaration of their escape was leaving him.  Now the fear was starting to creep over him.  They were away from his
garden.  He'd never been outside the walls before, and every sensation caused him to jump a little.  He coiled himself, easing his
arm from Kova's grip when he knew he wouldn't fall over.  Kova's tail circled him, closing in around him, a silent assurance of
safety.  Azure darted his eyes around his surroundings, sliding himself closer to Kova's body.  He didn't like it out here.  He
was grateful for Kova rescuing him from the humans who had kept him as a slave.  But this was so very different from his
home.  It was too wide and open.

Kova glanced around, his hand firm on Azure's shoulder.  "We have to keep moving.  It's not a good idea to stay out in the
desert unprotected for too long."  He turned to face Azure and his jade eyes softened a little.  "Don't be frightened."  He pointed
toward some rocks in the distance.  "That rock formation will protect us from the sun.  Do you need me to carry you there?"

Azure shook his head, although his limbs and tail felt like the water he craved at the moment.  "I'll be fine once I catch my
breath."  A bird flew overhead and let out a shrill cry.  Azure followed it with his eyes, frowning as he watched it slowly
disappear in the distance.  "There are so many things ... but the world is so ... dead, compared to the garden."

Kova let out a soft chuckle.  "This is a desert.  Very little grows here.  There are many other types of terrain, some far more
bountiful than that walled enclosure of yours."

"Oh," was all that Azure could think to say.  He felt for certain that Kova considered him to be a fool.  At the moment, Azure
felt the same of himself.  He knew nothing of the world.  The majority of his life had been spent in captivity, living the life of a
pampered pet.  Until a scarce few hours ago, his entire universe had extended no further than the high stone walls encasing his
garden, and the interior of the castle that his master had called home and kept Azure enslaved within.

He hadn't been hatched in that castle, he knew that.  He had lived in the outside world for a time.  However, those few years
before King Ubel had acquired him were faded memories at best.  He had been very young, that much he knew for sure.  But
he couldn't recall one memory clearly.  Perhaps it was better that he didn't remember.  Memories of freedom would only have
been a burden.  When one was a slave, it was better not to hope, or to be able to dream of something better.  It was safer to
remain content with one's role in life and not imagine impossible daydreams.

Azure jerked out of his inner musings as he caught sight of movement close to his head.  Kova had reached out to him.  The
larger Naga brushed the pads of his fingers across the jagged edge of Azure's broken horn.  He had angered his master one too
many times and in a rage King Ubel had broken it during one of the beatings the vile king had deemed Azure deserved.

"Does it hurt?" Kova asked, tenderly rubbing his fingers across the break.

Azure let out a soft breath, closing his eyes briefly.  "No.  It did, when it first broke, but no longer."  It had hurt quite a deal
back then.  He could have sworn the man had ripped the entire horn from his head, but it was merely broken halfway along,
where one of two rings had pierced it, attached to which had been the chains used to keep him restrained.

Kova sighed, letting his hand drop away.  "It could have been much worse."  He tilted his head in contemplation.  "Perhaps
when we reach one of the villages we could see about breaking the other one.  Your rings make you easy to spot and catch."

Azure reached up and toyed with one of the heavy rings on his horn for a moment.  "I could ... I could break it myself now."

Kova's bright eyes filled with alarm.  "No.  There's no need to cause yourself any further pain.  Better we find one of our
healers to numb the horn before breaking it off.  It might not need breaking at all.  Perhaps there is an easier way to remove
those rings."  He looked around at the rocks for a moment.  "Come, you're not used to the direct sunlight and I don't want you
to become ill from too much exposure."

Azure lowered his head and followed Kova's steady pace.  They still moved swiftly, but it was a bit slower than they had been
going and easier for Azure to keep up with.

As they were getting close to the rocky formation, Kova pulled a water skin from where it hung over his shoulder.  He held it
out to Azure without looking at him.  "Here, drink your fill.  It's the only water I have, but I don't want you to get dehydrated."

Azure smiled as he accepted the skin.  He took great care not to spill any as he swallowed two large gulps before handing it
back.  His smile slipped away when the elder Naga simply replaced the seal and slung it over his shoulder again.  "What about

A grin spread across Kova's handsome face.  "The water is for your comfort, not mine.  I have been trained to either go
without or to seek out other sources."  He paused, turning to look at Azure.  "I doubt water taken from the roots or even from
a cactus would be to your liking."

Pouting, Azure crossed his arms.  "I am not a weakling."

Kova chuckled good-naturedly.  "I didn't say you were.  I simply meant that you haven't received the survival training that I
have.  If we come across any cacti, I'll let you sample the water it produces.  I warn you though; some consider it an acquired

Azure sighed and nodded dejectedly.  He knew that Kova was right.  Having never been beyond the walls in all the time he
could remember, he didn't have the knowledge that Kova did.  It was a fact that Azure knew he'd constantly be berating
himself for.  He knew nothing of how to survive, of how to even live as a Naga.  He had been raised by humans, taught human
things.  Kova was the first of his own kind that he'd ever seen.

Kova put a hand on Azure's shoulder.  "Let's get going.  The sooner we get out of this sun, the better.  We can rest for a short
while before we continue."

Azure sighed and followed after Kova.  He didn't know if the other Naga would leave him behind if he proved to be too much
of a bother.  He vowed to himself not to ask for help, even if the situation looked really horrible.  He'd stay quiet about his own
discomfort.  It was no different from how he had lived up until now.  His master had never wanted to be bothered with
Azure's feelings.

"Stop that."  Kova smiled a little as he glanced back.  "I can practically feel your worrying.  Don't dwell so much, or you'll
make yourself ill."  He continued on, obviously keeping to a pace that Azure could follow.

Though he knew he should just keep his mouth shut, Azure couldn't help but voice his concerns.  "Will you leave me when I
become a burden?"

"You're already a burden," Kova laughed.  Then he spoke seriously.  "If I hadn't wanted to return you to your own people, I
would never have rescued you in the first place.  You saved my life.  I owe you a debt and I will repay it by seeing you home
with your family.  No matter how long it takes to find them."

The younger Naga's face grew warm.  He couldn't remember the last time anyone had really cared about him before.  There
was a faint memory, a trace of a past he'd long forgotten about.  A warm and smiling face fading away in Azure's broken
memory, a caring loving man who had doted on him as a hatchling.  These were things Azure wished he had held on to,
memories he longed to recall.  No matter how much he wanted though, or how hard he tried, he just couldn't dredge them up

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise."  Kova's voice broke Azure from his inner musings.

The black-haired youth looked up sharply, a gasp passing through his barely parted lips.  The two of them had just passed the
edges of the rocky enclosure, entering the safety that the walls of stone provided.  Much to Azure's surprise and delight, the
area hidden by these high cliffs was a paradise.

Lush green grass spread out before him.  Flowers of various colors and varieties were scattered around wherever the sun was
able to touch them.  Beyond the flowers and closer to the walls, tall looming trees towered above them, thick with leaves that
cast a shadow over the grounds below.  And just behind those trees, Azure knew there was a river.  He could hear the water

"Beautiful!  How is this possible?"  He lowered himself on his coils, fingering a delicate blossom.

Kova smiled as he looked around.  "It's an oasis.  Fresh water encourages plant and animal life.  They're rare, so I'm not about
to pass up the opportunity.  Come on.  We'll find the water source and rest a while…”

Azure felt his spirits lift a little.  The plant life brought him comfort.  And the sound of the water soothed him as it became
louder.  It wasn't long before they came to the edge of the stream, passing through a number of trees before they reached it.  
Azure was astounded to see that there wasn't just a small river hidden in this oasis, but a waterfall as well, emerging from the
rock wall and cascading down along the stony face to a clear pool below.

Kova stopped by the spring and dropped the small pack be had been carrying.  "Stay here.  I'll see if I can find something to

Azure nodded, though didn't really pay attention.  He was too caught up in his surroundings to really notice what Kova was
doing.  He liked it here.  It was so like his garden.  It brought him peace to be here.  At least things here gave him some
familiarity, unlike the open desert region they had been passing through.  Outside here, the world was barren and strange, so
large and empty that it was frightening to Azure.  Maybe they could stay here a while.  Azure hoped so.

While waiting for Kova, Azure settled down on the thick grass and idly plucked a few flowers.  He let his mind wander as he
started to deftly move the stems of the blossoms in his slender fingers.  He wasn't really intending to do anything except pass
the time.  If he closed his eyes, he could almost pretend that he was safe in his garden.  The illusion was shattered when Kova

"Is this all you know how to do?  Weave flowers into crowns?"  He was holding two balls of fur in either of his hands.  

Azure watched with a confused frown as Kova unhinged his jaw to open his mouth wide enough to eat one ball of fur - it
looked like a rabbit.  Before Azure knew what it was for certain, Kova had swallowed it whole.  Azure looked away, a wince
on his face, the ring of flowers falling from his slack fingers to the grass below.

"What are you doing?"  The large swallow that he heard only made Azure wince again.

"Eating.  Here."

Azure looked up in time to see Kova toss the remaining ball of fur his way.  He caught the wriggling creature easily, holding it
still in his claws.  It was a rabbit, only slightly smaller than the one Kova had consumed.  His heart ached with sympathy for
the frightened creature.  He could feel the way it shivered in his palms.  Azure had never eaten anything living before.  He didn't
think he would like it much.  His meals had always been brought to him by other slaves.  Freshly killed, stripped of fur or
feathers and cut into small bites or strips.  Never a living breathing creature.

"Eat," Kova said.  "You'll need to keep your strength up."

Azure couldn't take his eyes from the terrified rabbit in his hands. "I-I can't," he whispered, fearing what Kova's reaction would
be.  "I can't eat that.  It's ... it's still alive."  He adjusted his hold on the animal, holding it with care and idly petting the soft fur
with one hand.  He'd had pets like this in his former home.  His master had often given him gifts of animals, small little things
that he could dote affection on.  This rabbit reminded him of the animals he had left behind.  He wondered if they were all
right, hoped they had not been slaughtered upon his escape.

Kova eased closer.  His tone was one of confusion when he spoke.  "Why should that matter?  Alive or dead, it's still food."

Azure shook his head.  It was different, quite different.  "I've never eaten anything living before."  He leaned closer to the
ground, releasing the rabbit.  It fled from him as rapidly as it could, disappearing into some bushes.  "I don't want to."

Kova simply stared at him for a moment.  "You can't be serious."

Azure swallowed at the harsh tone of Kova's voice, but said nothing more.

Kova moved forward and grasped Azure's arm, hauling the smaller Naga up.  "We're going to be almost constantly on the
move once we leave this oasis, and you think I'm going to take valuable time to make your meals pretty for you?"

Azure flinched and suddenly wished that he had stayed in his garden.  "I just ... it looked so small and frightened."  He shook
his head, keeping his eyes lowered, his bangs falling to cover his face.  "I can't eat something that's alive.  I have never been
able to.  At least I do not remember being able to.  And I can only barely stomach something that's dead, but still looks like
whatever it was."

The larger Naga's eyes narrowed and his grip around Azure's upper arm tightened briefly, before roughly shoving him away.  
"Stay here," he ordered.  Then he was gone again.

Azure felt his empty stomach clench.  He was certain that Kova had simply left him and wouldn't be coming back for him.  He
had just been abandoned, left to rot out in this strange ruthless world that he knew nothing of.  How would he survive on his
own?  He didn't think he could.  He didn't know how to find food.  And what about shelter?  He whimpered, wrapping his
arms around himself as he futilely tried to stave off the shivers that grew more severe despite his attempts.

He lay down on the soft grass and coiled his tail around himself, concealing his human torso from view of predators.  He didn't
know what else to do, so he hid.  He burrowed into his own tail, tightly ensconcing himself in the protection of his scales.  His
long ignored instincts were sending him very mixed signals.  The only clear thing he could think was 'hide.'  Then maybe the
bad things wouldn't get him.

Of course, the thought of going back to his garden wasn't even considered for very long.  He knew that if he went back,
things would be worse.  Before he had found Kova, he'd never even thought about escape.  If he went back, things would be
far different than his carefree life had once been.  They'd seal the caves in his garden, perhaps even block the rivers.  They'd
also keep him chained again, as they had in the last days before Kova had saved him.

He stifled a whimper, biting his lip lightly.  He would not cry.  He didn't know what else to do, but he would not shed tears.  
That would be weak and he wasn't weak.

Something hard dropped on his head and Azure jumped up.  Startled, fearing that he was being attacked, he tried to escape
whatever dangers he had found himself in.  Unfortunately, he moved too hastily and couldn't shift his tail fast enough to
compensate with his rapid movement.  He fell backwards in a tangle of scales, flailing his arms ineffectually a moment before
his back collided soundly with the ground.  As the air left his body in a rush, Azure could swear that he heard a familiar deep
laugh echoing around him.

"You can't even hide properly.  You're supposed to find shelter before curling up."

Azure cried out in alarm as strong hands steadied him and helped him to untangle himself.  "Kova?"  Now the tears started to
well up. "I ... I thought you'd left me.  I th-thought ..."

Kova was silent for a moment before his hands began rubbing pale-skinned arms that had gone chill with fright.  "There, there
... I wouldn't go through all the trouble of freeing you only to abandon you.  No matter what the reason you think I have.  I
simply went to find something you could eat, unless you think this apple feels fear."

Azure blinked as Kova bent and picked an apple up from the ground.  That must have been what had hit him on the head.  He
felt foolish now, knowing that it had only been an apple.  Kova handed it out to him and Azure took it sheepishly.  It wasn't
completely ripe yet, but it wasn't as if Azure would taste the fruit.  He decided to swallow it whole, as Kova had done with the
rabbit.  He was definitely hungry enough.  So he opened his mouth wide, dropped the apple in and tried to swallow - only to
have it choke him.

It wasn't painful at first, but it did feel odd.  Then the tightness started.  He tried to work it out, raising his fingers to his neck
where the apple had caught, but it was stuck.  Kova grabbed him and spun him around, wrapping his strong arms around
Azure's body with his fists together just under Azure's ribcage.  The smaller Naga didn't have time to wonder what Kova was
doing before Kova gave Azure a quick, hard tug.  That caused the apple to dislodge and fly out of Azure's mouth.

Azure sucked in a breath and started coughing.  He didn't even feel as Kova patted his back.  He sniffled a little, tears of
frustration and embarrassment trailing down his cheeks.  "What kind of Naga am I?  I don't eat live prey.  I don't know how to
hide.  I can't even swallow an apple the size of my fist whole."

Kova chuckled warmly and rubbed his thumbs across Azure's cheeks, brushing away the hot tears.  "You know nothing, only
because you grew up away from your own kind.  Don't worry so.  There are many who would protect you as you learn,
including myself."

Azure sniffled again and looked up into Kova's eyes.  "You will?  I'm not too much of a bother?"

Kova shook his head.  "No more a bother than a hatchling would be.  So innocent.  A child in an adult’s body.” He caressed
Azure's arm and chuckled when Azure trembled a little.  "So responsive.  In human captivity you would never understand what
a Naga needs."  He leaned forward and nuzzled Azure's cheek, his forked tongue flickering out to taste the smaller one's earlobe
before speaking in a breathy voice.  "You are a male Naga ... and we have needs that no human could know to fulfill."

Azure blinked and shuddered as a strange warmth stirred within him.  He jerked away from Kova's gentle hold, only to have his
wrists caught in careful grasps before he could get too far away.  Fear fluttered in his chest along with some strange new
sensation.  He didn't know what it was, but it wasn't unpleasant and he found himself curious about it.  But he wondered if
Kova was deceiving him somehow, if perhaps he would hurt Azure.  "Wh-What are you doing?"

Kova smiled in a strange way, as if he knew some secret and wasn't about to tell it.  He eased closer to Azure, letting go of one
wrist so that he could reach up to caress Azure's cheek.  "So innocent," he cooed, stroking lightly with his thumb.  "You know
nothing."  He took a deep breath, his eyes flittering over Azure's features.  "I've wanted to do this for some time now, since I
first laid eyes on you.  But until now, it had never seemed likely."  He focused on Azure's bright blue eyes, drowning the
smaller Naga with those wondrous jade depths of his.  "I could teach you some things, if you would like.  Some things those
human handlers of yours obviously did not know."

Azure swallowed as Kova's eyes filled with a warmth that he'd not seen before and he nodded shyly, only to gasp as Kova
pulled him close.  Kova eased behind him, his hands easily running along Azure's sides, deftly removing the gauzy garment
Azure had been wearing around his waist and dropping it carelessly to the ground.  His hands were gentle as they smoothed
over the area where scales faded into flesh.  Their tails coiled together, twining around each other as they pressed as close
together as possible.

"First," Kova's voice ghosted against Azure's ears, making the younger one shiver.  "I think I should teach you some basic male
Naga anatomy.  This ..." Kova's fingers slid down along the skin of Azure's abdomen, then further down across the scales until
he came to a place where the scales were somewhat softer.  He ran the pads of his fingers around in gentle circles that left
Azure feeling like he would melt in Kova's embrace.  He didn't understand why, but it felt strange and very good to be touched
like that, and it was setting off unfamiliar tingles in his belly.

He looked down, only to gasp as Kova's fingers slipped past the surface and dipped into his body.  "What?" he asked in a
breathless whisper, squirming back as Kova stilled his fingers within him.

"This ... passage is where eggs pass from our bodies.  It is also quite useful during intercourse, a fine place for other males to
plunge their erections.  There is a spot inside that can cause extreme pleasure if stimulated properly."  He pressed his fingers
inside deeply, and Azure bucked as the tips of those fingers struck something that sent stars dancing across his vision.

He grasped at Kova's wrist, a current of fear echoing the fading pleasure he had felt.  "I don't understand," he whimpered,
biting his lip as Kova's fingers eased out of the once-concealed slit, the digits slick with wetness.  "I-I've seen human males
naked.  I've seen their bodies and learned what they do when they copulate.  I do not have ... I do not have what those males

A chuckle and a quick lick to his earlobe was the answer Azure received.  Kova followed the action with softly spoken words.  
"Actually, you do have the same.  Nagas are merely constructed differently."  He trailed his hand upward toward Azure's
human torso again, pressing his palm firmly against a small mound of scales near his waist.  He pressed his thumb to the
topmost edge, rubbing against it in a way that left Azure shuddering.  He leaned into Kova's hand, seeking out more, only to
bite his lip when Kova ceased his tortuous movements.

Azure blinked open eyes he hadn't known were closed and looked down.  His eyes widened, his lips parting in a soundless
surprise.  Sprouting from his body was something similar to what he had seen on those human males those few times he had
happened upon them mating within his garden.  It was merely peaking from within the mound of scales that had hidden it, but
it was undeniably there.  He turned his head, meaning to question Kova how it was possible, but was stopped by Kova's voice.

"This is what humans would call a penis," he said, his hand moving in a slow stroke along the slick length he had revealed,
urging more of it to come forth from its hiding place.  "Normally, it is hidden inside the sheath, protected.  It emerges only
during a Naga's arousal."

Azure whimpered and leaned back against Kova's strong form, feeling a strange throbbing pulse below his waist.  "Why ...
what ...?"

Kova chuckled and continued his careful caresses.  "The slit is so that two males may mate, in much the same manner as a
male mates with a female.  Human males do not have such a thing, but some do try and manage to get what they need from
their efforts."  He sighed and shifted his tail, raising himself to press more firmly against Azure's back.  Azure gasped, feeling
something foreign and hard pressed against the scales at the rear of his tail, somehow knowing that it was Kova's own erection
digging against him.

"I would mate with you, my savior in distress," Kova said, a groan escaping him.  "You are beautiful and there is something
almost irresistible in that innocent nature you possess.  But there are rules and traditions to follow, things you know nothing
of.  I must return you to your people so you may learn what is it you are.  You are too pure to corrupt for my own selfish

Azure could only whimper helplessly as the feelings within him continued to build.  Kova's hand had never ceased its tortuous
touching, sliding with ease along the aching hard shaft.  Fear of the unknown was warring with the pleasure Kova was
creating.  But the battle was a lost one, and Azure quickly succumbed to his body's cravings.  It felt far too good for him to
feel fear for very long.

He arched against the teasing grasp of Kova's delightful hand, and reached his arm up and back, his fingers sifting through
thick crimson tresses to cradle his companion's head.  His other hand moved in a similar fashion, only to grasp one broad
shoulder in a bruising grip, scraping his nails along the tanned skin as he dug his fingertips in.

"P-Please don't stop," he begged, whimpering in fear of this ending so suddenly with no relief.

Kova playfully nipped Azure's ear.  "I promise not to stop until you've finished.  You'll know what I mean when it happens."  
He then chuckled, flicking his thumb across the tip of the younger Naga's erection.  "Make as much noise as you like.  No one
will hear or punish you for it."

Azure decided to trust Kova's words.  The other Naga had not lied to him yet, so he gave himself over to the feelings building
within him.  The feeling soon started to overwhelm him and he began crying out with it.  Kova's grip tightened, his once
languid strokes moving faster.  If not for Kova's firm hold on his hip, he would have been thrashing wildly.  As it was, it was
all he could do not to throw his tail around in a wordless exclamation of the intense pleasure he was feeling.  Instead, he coiled
his tail tightly around Kova's, knowing he wasn't hurting the other Naga no matter how much he squeezed.  Kova was far
stronger than him, and he was sure to put a stop to their activities if Azure got too carried away in the moment.

Azure scraped his nails across Kova's scalp, his other hand fisting against the skin of a strong shoulder.  The feeling within him
was so great; it was actually starting to frighten Azure again.  It coalesced in his belly, spreading out like tendrils if fire and
tickling every nerve ending in his young body.  He'd never felt anything like it before.  Surely, one could die from such
sensations.  And then suddenly, it was as if lightning had struck him and set him ablaze, igniting every inch of him from the
very end of his tail to the tip of his one remaining horn.  It electrified and purified him in a way that he never thought he ever
could be.  He felt, in that moment, that he could become one with the very sun above them.

As Kova's hand milked the last vestiges of this unfamiliar pleasure from his body, Azure found his strength waning.  He
practically collapsed in his companion's arms, his body feeling heavy and sated.  Distantly, he felt as his body returned to
normal, his flaccid length retreating back into the sheath that would protect it.  He moaned pitifully, confused and frightened
again as Kova helped ease him to lie in the soft grass beneath the shade of a strong tree.

"W-What was that?" Azure asked, shivering in the wake of this new experience.  He lay on his side, looking up at the elder
Naga with worry.  Had he been supposed to feel such things?  Was that what Kova had intended?

Kova lowered himself, laying along Azure's side, his tail idly coiling with Azure's in a comforting and almost playful way.  
"That, my precious jewel, was an orgasm.  I'm glad to see you enjoyed my caresses."

Azure bowed his head shyly, and then blinked as his gaze landed on Kova's midsection.  The elder was obviously still aroused,
his heavy erection standing proudly.  Azure reached out, delicately touching the very tip with one finger.  He jerked his hand
back as Kova let out a low groan, fearing that he had hurt his friend.

"Kova?  You ... you didn't ..."  He honestly didn't know what to say.

Kova didn't need to hear his words though.  He shook his head, raising a hand to sift his fingers through Azure's ebony hair.  
"It may be uncomfortable, but it will pass."

"I-I could ..." Azure tried to offer, only to have his words silenced by a gentle finger to his lips.

"I want nothing from you.  It would be a dishonor to shame your body with mine.  You are too pure for the likes of me."  He
stroked a thumb across Azure's cheek in that familiar way that left the younger one feeling reassured and safe.  "You should
seek pleasure with someone you truly want, not with the first ... beast ... that happens your way."

Azure wanted to protest that, and he opened his mouth to do so.  But again, Kova didn't allow it.

"Hush now.  Rest.  We still have a long journey ahead of us."  He smiled gently, in a way Azure had never seen before.  
"Consider your first experience here a gift from me ... a taste of the freedom you now possess.  No one will ever bind you as a
slave again."

Azure felt a blush blossom on his cheeks, but he obeyed nonetheless.  He lay his head down, pillowing it on his companion's
bicep.  Kova didn't seem to mind,  In fact, he settled down as well, their tails entwining together as they curled up for a short
rest, a brief respite from their long journey.  The feeling of his friend's scales against his back eased his mind and Azure drifted
into slumber easily, trusting that Kova would protect him, not only here in this oasis but in their future travels as well.

The End