Disclaimers:  This story and its characters are all mine.  Please, don't take or borrow them without permission.

Notes: I was looking at the submissions of a talented artist on y! Gallery and I was inspired to write a story.  This story has
nothing to do with her beautiful characters though.  I was just jolted into work due to the wonderfully crafted imagery.

More Notes:  Ru, a dragon prince, comes to the shop of a slimy merchant and acquires something.  This is nothing but smut,
no real plot to this either.


He sat inside his cage, swinging lazily on the perch.  He could see nothing outside of the gilded bars.  The cloth draped over the
cage left him with nothing to see but the shadows of people moving beyond his little home, so long as they were in the same
room at least.  There was no one in the room now though.  His master was attending to customers in the front of the shop,
while he was left in the stockroom, hidden beneath a crimson cloth.                

This was his world, the only life he had ever known.  He was a Songbird, a creature born to live for the entertainment of his
owners.  He kept them happy with the sound of his voice, made them feel sadness when he lapsed into somber tones.  His
emotions were carried by his voice.
He preferred to keep his masters happy.  When they were happy, they were nice to him.  When they were mad, he was
nothing but an inconvenience, something to be sneered at or shoved aside and forgotten about.  There had been a times in the
past, when he'd not sung so well.  Because of that, he had not been fed for a week, nor had water been given to him.  In the
end, he had been returned to this place and called a worthless purchase.  It had happened several times in the past and always it
was the same.  He didn't understand.  He thought he had done his best to make them happy.  Perhaps he could have sung
happier tunes.  Maybe that was why they didn't want him any longer.

He curled his fingers around the chains that held his perch aloft.  His wings fluttered, before he settled them against his back
again, caressing the creamy expanse of two-toned flesh with the feathers.

From inside his enclosed space, he clearly heard the sounds of a commotion coming from the front room.  But he thought
nothing of it.  It wasn't his place to care what his masters did.  His only worry was to see to their happiness.

He would rather that his masters stay happy.  When they were happy, they were kind to him.


Ru, the youngest son of the sixth Dragon King, pulled his blade out of the slimy merchant with a sickening squelching sound.  
He smirked, watching as the man slid to the floor, his blood rapidly spreading in a pool around his meaty body.  He spat on the
man's cooling corpse, wiping the blood off of his blade with the man's clothing and looked about the shop as if he had not just
murdered a man seconds earlier.

The dead merchant had been nothing less than scum.  To steal the eggs of Ru's clan, the man had deserved this death.  No, he
had deserved something far more painful, but Ru was satisfied with the end.  At least now Ru wouldn't have to sit through
some boring trial held in the courts, to listen to one more moment of that man's whimpering and pleading.  He was tired of the
sight of him and wanted nothing further to do with him.  And he would do anything to stay away from the tedium of his
father's court.  If anything, the elder dragon would only try and force another pretty young maiden on him, hoping to bring
more heirs to the family line.  Wasn't the man happy with the ten grandchildren he already had?

He looked around at the dusty old shop.  There were cobwebs in the corners, an inch of dust and grime covering every
surface.  He didn’t want to stay here, but this shop could contain countless treasures, riches that Ru was more than happy to
claim as his own.  He had a harem to support after all, though none of the denizens of it were anything Ru was even remotely
interested in.  Father had supplied them all, every one of them a gift for each of his birthdays since he had come of age.  He
had never touched any of them.  He should be rid of them, sell them off to the market, but he would not insult his father in
such a fashion.

He stepped over the body, looking around the shop.  Nothing but cheap baubles stared back at him.  He didn't see anything
worth claiming.  But still, he looked.  He rummaged through the crates and boxes along the sides of the stores, searched in the
chests littered about the floor.  He looked around under the counter and found a chest full of coins, which was immediately
placed on the counter among the very few other things he had thought worth his effort.  There was a ledger, containing the
names of the men who had bought the eggs this despicable man had stolen; a cloak of soft fur that he fancied for no particular
reason; and other small baubles.

Even with these few trinkets, he was about to count this as a waste of his time when he pushed aside a curtain that separated
the store from the backroom.  He blinked when he his eyes immediately set on a blanket covering a rather large object.  
Curious to know what it hid, he took swift steps across the cluttered storage room.  He gripped the heavy cloth, his claws
ripping through the soft texture slightly.  But he didn't care, he merely yanked it from the object and threw it aside without care.


The Songbird looked up with a start as the cloth was torn away from his cage.  He blinked at the sudden change in lighting and
raised a slender hand to shield his eyes.  As his vision cleared, he found himself staring at a stranger.

Eyes that seemed to glow with a radiant amber light stared back at him from under jagged ebony bangs.  That black hair hung
long and wild, erupting from the tie that held it free from his face to fan out behind him.  And what a beautiful face it was,
marred only by a single scar along the very edge of his face and curled beneath his chin.  The body was strong and yet
graceful, pure muscle barely hidden by the tightfitting pants and the simple leather coat that brushed the tops of his knee-high
boots.  He wore no shirt and the only accessory he carried was a sword belt hanging from his hips.

He had never seen anything like this man before.  The only men he had ever seen before had been the merchant who owned
him, who had sold him countless times to men just as old, to people who were not so trim or attractive.  He found himself
curious about this stranger, wondering if this man would buy him.  Would he be as kind as his last owner?  How long would it
be before he was returned to this place?  He was never gone for long.  No one wanted him once his began to sing the songs
contained within his soul.  How was he to hide his sorrow forever?  To sing songs of joy, only when one wanted to weep was
only a lie.  And he couldn't bring himself to lie.  No matter how much it pained him when he was beaten for the insolence they
claimed he had shown.

He didn’t want to be caged for the entirety of his life.  He wanted to fly free, to visit places he had never seen before.  He
wanted to meet people, talk to people and be talked to like an intelligent creature.  For once, he didn’t want to be seen as
nothing more than a slave, a toy one used for amusement.

He felt a thrill run through his being as he looked upon this stranger.  This wasn't a human.  He was certain of that.  He didn't
yet know what breed of creature he was looking at, but he knew that it was not another bird.  There were no free Songbirds in
the world, as far as he knew.  But then, he didn’t know much, only what his masters told him.

Looking upon this dark creature left the Songbird feeling something strange inside, something he had never known before.  He
wanted to be closer to him, to know those strong hands upon him.  He didn't know why, or even what he truly wanted really,
just that he craved the touch and compassion of this strange man.

He could only hope that this man would show him kindness, if only for a short time.


Ru blinked in surprise.  He hadn't expected this at all.  A Songbird?  In a grimy shit hole like this?  It had been ages since he'd
last set eyes on one of these.  They were rare, even in the royal courts.  And this one was no less beautiful than any of the
others he had been graced to witness.

The slim creature was young.  His body - covered modestly by a simple green wrap around his waist - was mostly ivory in
color.  Though along his sides and framing his face that innocent color faded into a royal blue.  The shading also ran in
between his fingers and toes, coloring the beds of his nails and decorating the lids of his wide, expansive green eyes.  A tail
stretched out behind him, long and slender and just as creamy white as the rest of his body with a tuft of blue fur fanning out
from the end.  Wings, mottled blue and white lay flat against his back.  And just like the rest of him, his hair was two-toned as
well, long ivory strands framing his beautiful face with streaks of vibrant blue here and there.

"What a surprise this is," Ru mused, a smirk curling his lips as he viewed this remarkable being.  He trailed his hand along the
metal bars, letting his claws clink against them.  "I was a child the last time I saw a Songbird."  He was entranced and a feeling
he hadn’t felt in quite a long time coalesced in his belly, spreading sparks of fire through his veins.  

"Are you here to buy me?" the Songbird asked, his eyes full of hope as he moved his hands to rest on the chains of his perch.  
"Will you be taking me home with you?"

"Buy you?" Ru scoffed, watching as the hope faded from those limitless green eyes.  "I've killed your master."

The Songbird gasped, sliding from the perch and moving to the far end of the cage.  He pressed his back to the bars, as far
away from Ru as he could get.  "You will kill me, too?"  His tail remained listless behind him, curling inward to wrap around his

Ru shook his head.  "I have no reason to kill a pretty little bird."  He easily flipped the latch of the cage, surprised to find that it
wasn't locked.  Then again, why would the Songbird flee its gilded cage?  Songbirds were known to be relatively gentle
creatures, always at ease with their lives, no matter where it led them.  They liked to please and to be pleased..  Ru was more
than happy to oblige those tendencies.                

He moved slowly as he opened the door, but he didn't venture inside.  He didn't much like cages himself and he would probably
only end up frightening the poor thing more.

"Come here, little birdie," he beckoned with a curl of his claws.  He wanted to play with this creature.  It was startlingly
attractive.  And that innocence was increasingly alluring.

The Songbird shook his head, tendrils of hair fanning out around him at the movement.  "N-No."  He turned slightly, gripping at
the bars with trembling hands.

Ru was flabbergasted.  He'd never heard of a Songbird defying anyone.  "You say 'no' to me?  I'm your master now.  Come.  

The Songbird was hesitant, but moved with shuffling feet across the cage.  He was trembling like the last autumn leaf in a
winter's breeze.  Ru found it amusing.

"Y-Yes, Master," the Songbird whispered.  He cast his eyes to the floor as he stopped in front of Ru, his slender body
continuing to tremble.  "D-Do you want m-me to sing for you, sir?"

"Perhaps later."  Ru grinned.  He liked this little bird, his new pet.  He smiled, quelling the desire that only wanted to run
rampage through his veins.  It would not do to frighten his timid little bird away.  "Look up at me and tell me your name."

The bird blinked up at him.  "Name?  I have no name, master.  You can call me whatever you like."

Ru thought for a moment, but didn't have the patience to worry about this now.  He had other things on his mind, much more
pressing matters to attend to.  "I'll think of a name later.  What say we get to know each other a little better, my precious pet?"  
He trailed his fingers down to rest at the Songbird's waist, toying with the strip of cloth that kept the remainder of his slim
body from view.

"Know each other?" he echoed, looking down with pure innocence at the fingers that dipped beneath his scant garment.

Ru threw his arm around the bird's waist, pulling his small body close.  He quivered in delight at the trim creature's warmth.  
His skin was so smooth, his feathers so soft to the touch.  "Give your consent, and I will show you a world of pleasure you
have never known."

"Why do you ask for my permission?" The Songbird questioned.  "You are my master.  You can take what you wish."

Ru growled lightly, though not in anger.  "I would rather you be willing as I take you to my bed."

The Songbird smiled, his eyes lighting up with the expression.  "If you ask it, I grant it.  I know not what it is you want of me,
but you have my consent, Master."

"Call me 'Ru.'"

"Yes, Master," the bird replied, then quickly corrected himself.  "Yes, Ru."

Ru nodded, pleased.  He liked his partners willing, even if they didn't know what it was they were in for.  "Take off your
clothes," he ordered as he turned away.  There wasn't much for the bird to remove, but it would keep him busy as Ru looked
for something.

When Ru returned with a simple, innocent-looking jar in his hand, the Songbird was just where he'd left him.  The youthful
creature stood there without shame, his single garment pooled on the floor by his feet.  He blinked adorably at Ru, a timid smile
curling the corners of his pretty mouth.

Ru smiled back, then grabbed the cloth that had been covering his bird's cage.  He calmly folded it and settled it on the floor,
doing the same with a few other blankets he found scattered around the room.  He hoped the makeshift bed would be
comfortable enough for his pet.  As a second thought, he grabbed a number of pillows and tossed them on the bedding as well
and set the jar he still held on the floor beside it.

"Lie down," Ru said with a gesture to the bed, watching every move that his precious bird made.

Ru cast off his coat and shed his boots, pulling at the ties of his breeches enough to loosen them and ease the building pressure
straining the cloth.  "You're so beautiful," he murmured, trailing his claws delicately along one tender, creamy cheek.  He
blinked at his own nails, frowning at them.  He didn't want to hurt the little thing.  He concentrated, focusing his energy to
draw the razor-sharp talons back into his flesh.  When they were merely as dangerous as a human's would be, he nodded in
satisfaction and resumed his attentions on his songbird.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" he asked, feeling playful.  He ran his thumb over the youth's full bottom lip, then
dipped inside that hot mouth as those lips parted.  A timid tongue tentatively touched his skin and his cock practically jumped at
the feeling.  All of his blood flowed southward, filling a rapidly growing appendage.  He pulled his thumb away and smiled,
brushing across the skin and then raking the backs of his knuckles down along the delicate throat.

The Songbird swallowed, a blush beginning to color his cheeks.  "No.  No, I don't, Ru."

Ru chuckled.  "I promise you.  You will enjoy this."  He pressed a chaste kiss to the youth's temple, then trailed similar ones
down along his features until he finally met that pouty mouth in anything but a chaste way.  He ravaged the hot depths, taking
what he wanted with sheer delight.  Below him, the Songbird moaned feebly, his trembling fingers coming to rest on Ru's
arms.  But he made no move to push the dragon away, or to pull him closer.  Ru didn't care either way.  He'd get what he
wanted from his little pet.

He moved quickly, but gently, taking in every little noise that his Songbird made.  Each panting gasp was music to Ru's ears.  
Every arch of his body pulled Ru closer, making him ache to bury himself deep within this virgin youth.  Below him, the
Songbird writhed at his touch, whimpering and pleading, begging for more and Ru was doing little more than touching and
kissing him.

"I'm going to stretch your body, my lovely," Ru purred, picking up the jar he'd set aside earlier.  He cast off the lid and threw it
aside, then moved to kneel between his pet's parted legs.

"What for?" the Songbird asked, his chest rising and falling rapidly.  He did not sound afraid though, merely curious.

Ru dipped his fingers into the oil, smiling as he brought them to the Songbird's cavity, running the pads of his fingers across
the quivering muscle.  "So that I may bury myself completely within you without worrying over harming your petite body."  
With that, he pressed a single finger inward.

The Songbird's thighs quivered.  A gasp fell from his kiss-bruised lips and his eyes widened as he wriggled away from the
unfamiliar sensation.

"Don't worry, pet.  It will feel better soon."  He kissed one trembling thigh, licking a trail up the ivory skin until his nose
brushed the downy hair surrounding the youth's hard organ.  He gave the head of his shaft a single lick as he pressed a second
finger into him, gently working the muscles looser.  "Just relax."

His pet nodded, biting his lip.  He took careful breaths, his little fingers gripping the blankets beneath him.  "Yes, Ru.  I will
believe your words."

Ru smirked.  He pushed a third finger past the resistant muscle.  Perhaps it was too soon, but Ru was growing impatient.  He
had a need that demanded relief, a deep pulsing that made his entire being ache.  It had been a long time since he'd satisfied his
needs, far too long since he'd taken a pretty young thing to his bed.  He hadn't felt any of them worthy before today.  But this
young creature was a shining spot, a glimmering purity that enraptured him.

Feeling that the boy was ready enough, Ru drew his fingers away and hastily shoved his breeches down around his sweaty
thighs.  His cock sprang up, slapping against his own stomach.  The small amount of relief from the confines of his pants left
Ru groaning, his entire body quivering in want.

With a deep growl he shoved the Songbird's thighs wide and crawled closer to the welcome embrace of his pet's body.  He
grasped the base of his shaft and aligned himself, a ripple of pleasure shooting up his spine as the head met the slippery ring of
muscle.  He couldn't wait to bury himself within this youth's body, but he knew better than to rush things.  He didn't want to
hurt him.  If this Songbird proved to be a good fuck, he might want to keep him around longer.  And as he said before, he
didn't take unwilling partners to bed with him.

Holding back his desires to ram himself inside, he bit his lip and pressed himself slowly past that first resisting barrier.  "Relax,"
he growled lowly, as the boy beneath him clenched around him.  "I'll hurt you if you don't relax."

"You are too big to fit," the Songbird whimpered, tears filling his beautiful eyes.  "It hurts!"

Ru stilled himself, fighting back his primal urges.  It was too soon.  He didn't want to hurt the youth.  He supposed his own
hand would be good enough for the time being.

He moved to pull out, only to blink as a pair of timid hands grappled to hold his shoulders.  "No!" The Songbird cried, his entire
body shaking as he wrapped his legs around Ru's trim waist to keep him from extracting himself.  "Don't leave me!  Please,
please don't leave me!"

Ru felt something in his chest twinge.  "I don't want to hurt you."

"Y-You said it would feel better," the Songbird stated.  "I want to get to that part.  Please, keep going?  Please, Ru?"

The sound of that timid little voice calling his name melted what little resolve Ru had left.  He nodded, moving his hands to rest
on the Songbird's hips.  "Just breathe and relax."  He rolled his hips in a gentle motion, pushing himself in a little at a time.

The Songbird gasped again.  He bit his lip, though his breathing remained at a steady rate.

"Should I stop?" he asked, even as he pulled back, only to rock back inward a little more.  He paused there, waiting for his
pet's answer.

The songbird shook his head, sweat dotting his forehead.  "N-no.  Keep going.  I want to get to the feeling good part."

Ru chuckled, rolling his hips again.  Using a gentle, yet steady rocking motion, he slowly incased himself in the fiery heat of
this unforgettable virgin.  When he was finally seated fully, he paused, savoring the feel of those silken walls caressing every
inch of his impaled shaft.  He’d never felt anything so hot, so tight before.  None of his past partners could compare with this
one innocent beauty.  Perhaps it was because he was so lithe and small.  All of Ru's previous partners had been closer to his
own height and body mass, the females tall with wider hips and the males slender but well built.  This petite youth was
different from all of them in far too many ways to name.

The Songbird wriggled, impatiently trying to get Ru to move.  "Ru," the boy whined, shifting his hips again.

Once again, Ru found himself chuckling in amusement.  What a precious youth.  "Ready so soon, my little one?"

Ru didn't wait for an answer.  He wasn't even sure the Songbird would be able to give one.  Instead, he gave his pet just what
he wanted, withdrawing until only the tip of his member remained inside and then thrusting in with one slow and steady

The Songbird arched beneath him, raking his nails across his lover's arms until he could wrap his slender fingers around his
wrists.  He pushed his hips up to meet Ru's plunge, his mouth opening in a soundless cry as his body was breached over and
over again.

"I take it you're feeling better," Ru mused, repeating his motion and shifting his angle to find something in particular.

His partner nodded emphatically, clenching his fists around Ru's wrists.  He howled with abandon when Ru struck that
sensitive bundle of nerves, his body thrashing against the bedding, his tail lashing out to encircle Ru’s body and slap against his

"Again ... please ... again?" he pleaded breathlessly, shoving his hips up harder.

Ru felt it was time to increase the pace and did just that.  He shook his wrists free and wrapped his arms around the Songbird's
waist and back, easily hauling him up onto his knees.  Without pausing to let the trim youth adjust, Ru thrust upward, his hands
forcing the bird's hips to meet his harsh drive.

The Songbird grabbed his shoulders and leaned in close.  Every thrust that Ru made, left the delicate youth crying for more
with a voice as pure and true as an angel’s song.  He was a delight to be with.  So responsive, so entirely wonderful to pound
up into.  The way his tail tightened around Ru’s body, the way his wings fluttered against his slender back, everything he did
served to awake something in Ru that he had thought long dead.  Ru wanted to make this bird happy.  He wanted the Songbird
to be happy with him.  He wanted to keep him by his side always.

He pressed his mouth to the boy's throat, feeling the first hints of his impending climax coiling within his belly.  He wanted the
Songbird to join him and removed a hand from the youth's hip, reaching between them to grab the hard proof of his arousal.

Ru had barely touched him before the delicate Songbird was coming with a hitch-pitched wail of his name, his wings flying
straight out from his back and trembling with the intensity of his euphoria.  His sticky semen splashed out between them,
coating the both of them in the creamy mess.  His body clenched around Ru, dragging the dragon prince along with him into

Ru growled, harshly sinking his fangs into the tender flesh of his young lover, jerking his hips forward as the coppery tang of
blood filled his eager mouth.  He spilled himself inside that encasing heat, the songbird's lithe body milking him dry with every
twitch of quivering muscle.

It was several long moments before the sensations ebbed away.  Ru breathed deeply of his lover’s tantalizing scent, rolling his
hips shallowly to savor the last vestiges of his climax.  He lapped at the wound he had left in his pet's throat, a purr rumbling in
his chest as he enjoyed the aftermath of their lovemaking.

"Ru?" the Songbird asked, his trembling voice bringing worry to Ru's haze-laden mind.  He slowly loosened his tail from
around the dragon’s body and it lashed out behind him in a lazy swing as his wings settled at his back once again.

"Did I hurt you, pet?"  He leaned back, letting his eyes roam over the delicate beauty.  He brushed the strands of hair away
from that beautiful, sweat-glistening face.

The Songbird shook his head.  "No ... I-I enjoyed it v-very much," the youth voiced, a blush returning to his cheeks.  The
blush faded after a moment though and a vexed expression crossed his features.  "When will you sell me?"

"Sell you?" Ru blinked.  Was his pet unsatisfied in some way?

"Yes.  You will sell me, right?  Like all of my other masters have."  He frowned.  "Could you sell me to someone kind at least?  
I will do my best to sing well for them."

Ru understood now and shook his head in amusement.  "You will sing for no one but me," Ru stated, watching the shock enter
the Songbird’s vibrant eyes.  "I much love the sound of your sweet voice screaming my name as I pound into that beautiful ass
of yours.  I have never heard a sound so joyous before."

His cheeks turned a dark crimson, spreading to his ears and throat.  "You will keep me, then?"

Ru smiled, slipping free of his pet's body with a grunt.  "I will keep you forever and a day beyond that," Ru replied, even as he
brought his breeches back up and tied them closed.  He liked this little bird and had every intention of keeping him around.

The Songbird smiled.  "Good.  I am happy.  I will do my best to please you always, Master Ru."

"You do that already, my pet."  He pulled on his boots and rose to his feet as he picked up his coat.  He held out his hand.  
"Now come, I want to more fully explore your body and I'd rather do it in our home.  This dreadful place is not worthy of
your presence."

The Songbird smiled again, a faint giggle escaping him as he took Ru's hand and rose to stand before his master.

"Let's go home, precious."

He wrapped the little bird in his coat and swept him up off his feet.  When the youth giggled again, Ru smiled in reply.  He liked
this beautiful creature.  His innocence and gentle nature still enticed him and it was all he could do not to throw him down and
ravish him again.  He looked forward to their time together, knowing it would be a pleasure to learn everything there was to
know about him and to teach him all that he could.

All he had to do now, was to think of a fitting name for him.

The End