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Notes: Ru takes his Songbird for apparel.

Warnings:  LEMON AHEAD.  Smut, Anal ... yep, sex.

A Song for a Dragon's Heart

The Songbird smiled as Master Ru swept him up off of his feet.  He felt embarrassed by the way his master treated him.  
Embarrassed, but also excited.  No one had ever treated him like this before.  No one had ever held him or kissed him.  And
certainly no one had ever done what Ru had done to him on that pile of blankets and pillows mere minutes ago.

He felt his cheeks warming with a blush and turned toward Ru's chest, hiding his features against that chiseled body.  The
Songbird didn't understand completely what it was they had done.  But he did know that it had felt amazingly good.  Well, at
first it had hurt quite a bit, but that had faded away.  Ru had not lied.  He had liked it, very much so.

He'd never met anyone even remotely similar to Ru before.  Ru was strong, though not just in a physical sense.  He exuded an
undeniable presence that made the Songbird's stomach feel all fluttery.

The Songbird looked up as Master Ru stopped walking and set him down on his feet.  Was there something wrong?  Maybe
Ru was getting tired of carrying him around.  He blinked in confusion as Master Ru's warm coat was removed and something
far softer was wrapped around his slender shoulders.  "Master Ru?" he asked softly as he briefly looked down at the silvery
fur.  He pulled it closed around himself and looked up at Ru to see him donning his own coat once again.

His Master smiled at him in a way that was unfamiliar yet pleasant.  "As beautiful as I find your form, I don't want it on display
for the world to see.  You are a treasure I want to keep all to myself."  He bent to gently kiss the Songbird's temple.  "I'll have
no one stealing you from me ... and I'll not have you uncomfortable.  Now..."

The Songbird watched as Master Ru gathered a few things and shoved them into a large chest.  He looked around the store
with curiosity.  Never had he been allowed up front before.  There wasn't much of interest here, just a cluttered mess.  His
attention caught on a nearby counter.  Jewelry, that's what he saw on top of the surface.  He remembered many of his masters
wearing such things to decorate themselves.  The glittery surfaces had never interested him before, but they drew his attention
now and he walked over and ran the pads of his fingers across a few trinkets.  There wasn't much, but everything was quite
pretty.  He let his fingers trail over a small length of silver chain, from which dangled a single teardrop-shaped green gem.  The
way it sparkled in the light caught his eye and he smiled faintly.

He jumped a bit when Master Ru placed a hand on his shoulder.  He looked back at the taller male, worried that perhaps he had
done something wrong.

"Take it if you like it," Master Ru smiled.  "I wish for nothing more than your happiness."

The Songbird flushed.  "You have made me happy enough already, Master Ru.  It is my duty to please you, is it not?  You are
my master."

Ru sifted his hand through the Songbird's hair, then cupped his cheek.  "To see you smile, pleases me."  He picked up the silver
chain that the Songbird had been admiring and dropped to one knee.

Songbird flinched and giggled as Ru's fingers brushed against his ankle.  He smiled down as his master looked up at him with a

"Ah, my little one is ticklish," he spoke smoothly.  "A fact I will enjoy another time."  He clasped the chain around the
Songbird's ankle and fingered the dangling green gem briefly.  "For now though, we need to find you some garments."

Songbird nodded.  "Yes, Master Ru."

While his master rose and went back over to the chest of items, Songbird began to wander again.  He looked around and
blinked when he found a pair of feet sticking out from behind a bin filled with rolls of random types of fabric.  He walked over,
hugging the soft fur closed around his body.  It was the owner of the shop, lying on the floor with a pool of crimson blood
surrounding him, a dark stain of blood covering his abdomen.  Songbird had never seen a dead body before, and he was

"This is what a dead person looks like?" he asked, sticking his foot out and poking the corpse with his toes.

Master Ru made a small sound before he rushed over and gripped his slave's shoulders.  "You shouldn't have to see such an
ugly sight.  Come along."  He escorted Songbird back to the chest and picked it up.

Songbird obediently followed as Master Ru led him to the door.  He tilted his head in curiosity as Master Ru motioned to
someone outside.  A man taller than Ru approached and dropped to one knee before the black-haired man.  He was handsome,
even the Songbird could see that.  Pale, honey-shaded hair framed an angular face.  He was a chiseled beauty, but Songbird
had no interest in him, not like he had for Ru.  He was merely curious about this newcomer, wondering just what it was he
was, or wanted with Ru.  From the way he bowed, Songbird could tell that he was a servant of Master Ru's.  Though the fact
that he wore a sword at his hip denoted a rank in the military.  Songbird shivered as eyes as red as blood turned to regard him.

"Isas, take this to the carriage.  I'll be back shortly."  He handed the chest to the other man, then frowned.  "Do you have a

The other man blinked, tearing his focus away from the Songbird.  "N-No, sire."  He bowed his head as he rose to his feet.  
"My apologies, but I have never seen a Songbird so close before.  And I have never seen one out of its cage."

Master Ru nodded.  "Get used to it.  I'll not have such beauty caged again.  He is to be my consort."

"Is that wise?" Isas questioned.  "No mere bird has ever been given such an honorable position."

Master Ru narrowed his eyes.  "You may be my friend, Isas, but in this matter I will accept no arguments.  I have made my

Isas shook his head, smiling faintly.  "You don't have to be such an ass about it.  I was only offering a warning."

Ru smiled, but said nothing to Isas.  He turned and placed an arm around the Songbird's shoulders.  "Come, let me get
something better suited for your beauty than a fur."  He smiled a little brighter.  "You should be dressed in silks."

The Songbird went along, noticing that Master Ru flipped the sign on the door.  He tilted his head and looked back.  Well,
perhaps it made sense to close the shop since the shop keeper was dead.  He looked up to Master Ru and smiled, forgetting all
about the dead shopkeeper.  He also put his hunger and thirst out of his mind.  He would allow himself to waste away if only to
see Master Ru smile at him again.


Ru smiled as he gazed down at the beautiful Songbird.  The delicate creature looked around with such innocence that it
warmed Ru in ways that he had long since forgotten.  He had meant what he said.  He wanted to dress the Songbird in the
finest clothing of every color.  Perhaps a blue edged in ivory to match his colors or a green to match his beautiful eyes.  Ru
also wanted to find a suitable name for the lovely bird.

"Excellent, there's a clothier right there," he stated, pointing across the street to an unassuming little building.  This town wasn't
very large, nor was it populated with the kindest of men.  It was a town on the outskirts of the Border Lands, and well known
for the fact that anything could be bought for a price.  It was a dirty hovel, where men, women and children were bartered for
measly coins alongside illegal substances, clothing and anything else a mind could think of.  Ru wanted to leave here as soon as

"Stay within earshot," Ru said to Isas, watching as the taller male put the chest into the carriage.

Isas was his most loyal servant and Captain of his personal guard.  There was no one that Ru trusted more than Isas outside of
his own family.  They had been raised together.  Isas had been given to him as a playmate when he had been a mere child still
tugging at his bearer's skirts.  The blonde male had been given his freedom ages ago, yet stayed with Ru all the same, going so
far as to enter the military so that he could always remain close by.

He was known as the Golden One by the other soldiers.  He had excelled in his training, far surpassing everyone he went to the
academy with.  He had graduated top of his class and had been successful on many missions for the Kings before being given
the honored task of guarding one of the Sixth Dragon King's sons.  Even though Ru was the eighth in line for his father's
throne, the position held no less honor.

"Ohh, how pretty!  What is it?"

Ru looked to where the Songbird was pointing and frowned.  "What do you mean?"

"The blue ceiling!  I've never seen a ceiling so high!"  Songbird turned to Ru with a look of awed innocence on his face.  "Was
my cage in the shop inside a bigger building?"  He bounced a little and turned his attention back to the sky.  "And so bright!  
Why would such light be kept from the shop?"

Ru looked up again and felt sadness for the pretty creature.  "That is the sky, my beauty.  Have you never seen it before?"

The petite bird shook his head as Isas stepped up behind him.  "Even if my cage hadn't been covered, I was always made to
sleep during transport."  He made a face of displeasure.  "I never liked it.  It made me feel sick and weak for days after.  And
my inability to sing caused my masters displeasure."

Ru stroked the Songbird's head to comfort him.  "There, there ... you'll never have to go through that again if I have any say in
it."  He walked into the shop with Isas and the Songbird following close behind.

"Good day!" The clothier then took one look at Ru's companion and scowled.

Ru gave the Songbird a gentle push in the direction of some garment racks.  "Go look at those outfits there.  See if you can
find something you like."  He smiled encouragingly and waited until the Songbird was out of earshot.  Then he leaned closer to
the merchant.  "Do you have a problem?"

The clothier spat, his beady eyes narrowing as he looked past Ru to the bird.  "Why don't you bring that thing elsewhere?" The
stout human seethed.  "We don't serve its kind here."

Ru growled lowly and in a flash had wrapped his hand around the man's neck.  He made sure his claws pricked the vile
human's skin, wanting him to know just how close he was to losing his life.  "Why don't I just dress him with your innards?"

The little man sputtered a moment, his shivering hand gripping Ru's arm.  "Uh, sir ... I simply meant ... we have nothing here.  
Nothing that would be worthy of such a magnificent creature.  Nothing ... nothing good enough for someone so beautiful."

Ru grimaced with distaste as he dropped the merchant.  "I know dung when I smell it."  He glanced over to where the
Songbird was innocently rubbing his face against some fabric.  "He is to be treated with the utmost respect.  Do you

The merchant nodded, looking ill and pale.  He clapped his hands sharply and looked to a doorway that was covered by a
curtain.  "Ashu!  Assist this good man and his companion!"

Ashu turned out to be a young silver Fox.  He came out of the back room.  His ears perked and he looked around before
nodding sheepishly.  "Yes, Father."

Ru watched the youth with a frown.  There was something wrong there.  The Fox wasn't moving with the easy agility that
was known for his race.  And the way that he had said the word, 'father' had sounded more like a curse than anything else.  Ru
also wondered just why the Fox was calling this human, 'father' in the first place.  It was clear they weren't related by blood.

Silver Foxes were a rarity in this area.  They had been hunted to near extinction by humans almost two decades ago.  There
was a greater population of them in Ru's homeland across the sea.  To find one in a dingy town such as this was quite
surprising.  He decided against asking the merchant about the lad.  He'd already had all that he could stomach of the vile
human.  He would ask the Fox himself when out of earshot of the clothier.


Ashu smiled kindly.  He'd caught a glimpse of the Songbird once before when his stepfather had done business with the rare
goods merchant across the road, and he'd heard the melancholy melodies of the creature a couple of times.  He didn't know
much about the customer that had come in, but he already liked the large individual if only because he made the Songbird smile.

"Hello, I'm sorry about my father." He forced himself not to grimace at the word.  That man was not his father in any sense of
the word, except for the fact that he'd taken Ashu's mother and wed her by force.

The beautiful creature smiled and tilted his head as he regarded Ashu.  "What are you sorry for?  Did you do something

Ashu winced, his ears flicking.  Although the Songbird's voice was lovely, there were signs that the poor creature had not had
anything to drink.  "He's ..." He glanced around and lowered his voice.  "He's a closed-minded idiot and a bigot at that."  He
walked over and retrieved a water flask he sometimes used when he was thirsty.  "Would you like something to drink?"

The fur-clad creature shook his head.  "No, but I thank you.  I am unsure as to whether Master Ru would allow me to-" His
eyes lit up as he looked past Ashu.  "Master Ru!"

Ashu spun and blinked up at the tall man that the bird had called 'Master Ru' and held up the flask to him.  He flicked his eyes
to the golden-haired man behind him and worried at the stern look he found in the crimson eyes that followed his motion.  
Trying not to let his fear show, he looked to the first man again.

"Is he allowed, sire?"

The lord blinked and then gazed at the Songbird in concern.  "When was the last time you had something to drink?"  When the
Songbird shrugged, the lord frowned.  "I suppose that would answer the question as to when you last ate as well?"  He shook
his head and stroked the Songbird's head.  "Forgive me, my beautiful one.  I should have thought that someone who would
leave you in darkness would care nothing for your comfort."  He turned his attention back to Ashu.  "Please, if you can think
of anything to make him more comfortable ..."

Ashu bowed lowly, his tail falling between his legs.  He feared these men.  They exuded a sense of power, a strength and an
aura of danger that Ashu knew better than to stand up to.  It would be better to do their bidding, than to gain their ire.

"Of course, my lord."  He bit his lip.  Despite his fear, he liked this customer far more than he feared his mother's husband and
he didn't want to see the man cheated.  "There are better wares in the back room, if you would like to see.  My father ... he
keeps the best stuff for his favored clients.  He overcharges for these other items to make up the price." He waved his arm
around at the selection of clothing.

The dark-haired man nodded.  "Excellent.  I wanted a word with you anyway."

Ashu felt brave enough to smile guardedly.  "There is also a selection of food available and drinks for your companion to

"Lead the way, boy."

Ashu nodded eagerly.  He hurried away, hearing the heavy footsteps that followed him.  He wondered what the man wanted to
talk to him for.  He wasn't anything interesting at all.


Ru wrapped his arm tenderly about his Songbird's shoulders as he followed the Fox from the front of the store. The vile
merchant made a move to step forward, but one harsh look from Ru was enough to stop him in his tracks. He would not be
disturbed by this man or have him near his beautiful treasure again.

When he looked forward again, he found his eyes trailing along the back of the Fox. He was wearing a simple tunic made of an
ugly brown fabric. His breeches were similar, though the color was lighter. Holes and patches marked the garments here and
there. Looking lower, Ru was hardly surprised to find the boy had no shoes on his feet. He did not look to be treated well, his
furred ears and tail were matted with dirt, making the color appear a dingy grey shade instead of the shimmering silver it should

Ashu led them into the back room. Ru paused by the curtain and turned to Isas. "Keep the merchant from entering. I want a
word with this youth."

"Yes, sir." Isas replied. "Do hurry, I'd like to get home before the Wine Festival."

Ru chuckled, shaking his head. "Why, feeling lonely? Or just horny?" Everyone knew those festivals rapidly escalated into
debauchery as the night went on and the wine continued to flow.

A faint tinge of pink touched Isas' cheeks, but he easily countered. "Well, all I've had to look at these past few days has been
your ass, and I'd much rather find someone who won't bite my dick off rather than suck it."

"Oh, I don't bite that hard," Ru laughed.

Their playful banter was nothing more than what it was.  Neither had desires for the other.  Ru had his own tastes and Isas
wasn't it. Isas similarly had no interest in Ru's body, though they had experimented with each other in the past.  They were just
too similar in their wants.  Isas, for all his beauty, was just too big a mate for Ru. Ru would rather not take someone to bed
who would tower over him. And Isas was far too aggressive and dominant.  Ru wasn't about to let anyone dominate him.

He looked down at his precious pet, and smiled softly. There would be no one for him other than this beautiful creature.
Lightly, he stroked his fingers along one pale cheek, watching as those glimmering green eyes looked up to him.

"Come on, let us find some food for you." Ru said, giving the youth a light push.

The Songbird moved without argument.  Ru followed Ashu to the back room and looked around as the lad motioned to a rack
of clothing. The quality was exquisite ... just what Ru had wanted to put his songbird in to start with. "These are beautiful."

Ashu looked genuinely pleased. "If you'll follow me, you may say those words to my mother. She doubts her own abilities, and
the fact that the men who usually come here scorn her work doesn't help." He motioned to a curtained partition. "Plus she'll
have something suitable for your companion to eat. If it's true that he hasn't eaten for a while, then something too rich might
make him ill."

Ru's initial ire at the word 'suitable' died at the explanation, and he smiled at Ashu's thoughtfulness. "Your mother? She's the

Ashu's expression darkened. "Tailor, cook, maid, whore ... it's all the same for Father." Again, the word was spat out like the
worst curse imaginable. Like the very word caused a bad taste to form in the youth's mouth. He pushed the curtain aside.
"Mother ...?"

Ru entered the enclave and frowned a little at the sight. Ashu's mother had none of the luster a fully grown vixen was supposed
to have. Still ... he shook his head and bowed a little. "I apologize if I am intruding. I came for something suitable to garb my
new companion in, and your son was kind enough to suggest that you might have something for him to eat."

The female blinked before she stood and curtsied low. "I am honored, great one." She turned her attention to the Songbird and
her eyes widened. "Oh, how beautiful!" A ghost of a smile flitted on her lips and she turned to a pile of cloth. "I have just the
thing.  It doesn't do him justice, but ..." She pulled out an article of clothing and shook it out. It was a tunic of a beautiful
emerald green. "Now ... with some leggings ..."

"ASHU! Get out here NOW!"

Ru snarled a little, but Ashu simply sighed and went.

Ashu's mother swallowed. "Great one ... please ... I beg sanctuary from you. I would have left long ago, but ... where would I
go in this land? My - whatever name he uses for himself, he is still my master - made it well known to all traders just who my
son and I belong to. Please, one of these days he will kill me with overwork and my son with abuse and no one will care."

Now Ru could do something. He nodded his assent. "Gather up all your belongings and we will go."

The vixen snorted. "The only thing that I want to take out of here is my son." She quickly brought out a pair of leggings and
some soft soled shoes. She smiled at the Songbird. "They match your eyes," she said, softly stroking her fingers through his
hair. "Why don't you try them on?"

Songbird tilted his head. "I do not know how to wear them." He looked to Ru, frowning sadly. "I'm sorry."

Ru gestured to the vixen. "Help him." He smiled reassuringly to the slight bird, only wanting to ease his mind. "Do not worry,
pet. I am not angry with you."

Smiling once again, the Songbird turned to face the Vixen. He spread his arms wide, allowing the fur to drop from around his
shoulders. Free of the loose garment, he stretched his wings out then settled them at his back again with a slight flutter. He
was obviously unashamed of his nude state.

With a chuckle, the vixen aided the songbird in donning the fine garments. "Oh they fit you beautifully.  I can just imagine how
well they will fit you when you get to a proper weight."

With a pleased smile, Ru had to agree.  He opened his mouth to say something when he heard a loud crash from the front.  He
turned to the worried vixen and placed a hand on her shoulder.  "Stay here.  I shall return shortly and then the five of us will
leave and be far away from this little man's reach."  He caressed the Songbird's face before returning to the front of the shop.

Isas was there where he had left him, though his crimson eyes were narrowed and his hand was settled on the hilt of his
sword.  "I smell blood," he informed the dragon prince with a growl.

Ru had to agree.  The coppery scent was in the air, though not a heavy aroma.  He clapped Isas on the shoulder and nodded in
the direction of the disturbing sounds.  "Let's take a look."

They moved past the racks that blocked their view, to where the front counter was, to come across the sight of Ashu on the
floor.  A fresh bruise was starting to blossom on his face and blood seeped from the corner of his mouth where his lip had
split.  There were several other bruises on his face and visible on his skinny arms.  There might have been more injuries that
Ru couldn't see beneath the ragged old tunic that he wore.  The very sight of the youth being so badly injured in so short a time
made Ru's blood boil.  The owner of the shop was still standing over him, oblivious to his audience as he pulled his leg back to
deliver a harsh kick to the fox's quivering body.

"I would not do that if I were you," Ru warned with a fierce growl.  He strode forward and grabbed the man's shoulder as Isas
placed himself between the human and his victim, his hand still on his sheathed blade.  "This lad and his mother are now under
my protection and, as such, are citizens of my land.  Stand down now, and I might choose to overlook the past injustices you
have committed against them and allow you to live."

Ashu had a dumbstruck expression on his injured face and was about to get up, albeit with a great deal of difficulty.

"Stay where you are, mutt!"  The store owner turned to Ru.  "Listen, I don't know who you think you are, but you can't just
come in here with your little freak and overrule my authority!  These two animals belong to me!"

"Odd ..."  Ru examined his nails, almost casually to hide his growing fury.  He did allow the nails to grow from their beds,
easily turning into a set of razor-sharp talons which would easily disembowel this fat pig of a human with a careless swipe of
his hand.  "Your neighbor felt the same way.  I convinced him otherwise.  Now he's quite ... silent, on the matter."  He allowed
the implication of what he had done drip from his tongue heavily, so even the dense shopkeeper would understand.

The man was smart enough to back away.  An instant later, he had fled the shop entirely.  Ru didn't care where he had gone.  
As long as he was gone, Ru was pleased.

"You may rise, Ashu.  Assist your mother with anything else she needs helping with and then the two of you shall join my
companions and I as we leave this land."  He looked at the lad and frowned in concern.  "Are you able to rise, Ashu?"

"If you give me a moment, my lord."  The boy's voice was soft

Ru's patience had already worn thin.  He was eager to return to his homeland and any delay was only making him irritated.  
Only the sight of his Songbird relaxed him.  With a flippant wave, he gestured Isas into action.  His guard understood perfectly
and bent to one knee beside the boy.  "This will hurt," Isas warned, though he did not wait for the consent of the Fox before
lifting him into his arms.

Ashu wailed loudly, his hands clutching at the guard's tunic.  Sweat beaded on his skin.  "Sorry," he whispered, his ears
dropped low as he released his shaking fingers, folding them quietly on his lap.

"You may hold onto me."

Ashu shook his head.  "I'll get your clothes dirty."

"I'm used to it.  Taking care of his Majesty is not the cleanest job.  I've been far filthier with the tasks he's set me to than you
could ever make me."

Ru rolled his eyes.  "I am standing right here."

Isas grinned.  "Yes, I see you quite clearly.  And you know I'm right.  If I remember correctly, there was a time you had me
wade chest deep into a mud pit and search around to retrieve a lost trinket."

"It was a gift from my Father.  A fine ruby pendant."

"Which you then turned around and gave to the first pretty face that would suck your cock."

Ru smiled salaciously.  "Well worth it.  The way he moved his tongue was simply ... artistic."

By this point, Ashu had relaxed considerably in Isas' hold.  He had raised his hands and settled them at the guard's broad
shoulders, holding lightly to him.  His head was inclined toward the blonde's chest, his weary eyes beginning to close.

"Let's go," Ru stated, turning on his heel.  "I want to be gone before that bag of refuse returns with friends.  Take him to the
carriage and wait there."

Isas said nothing in reply.  He turned in the other direction as Ru went back through the store.  As he stepped into the back
room again, he was met with the pleasurable sight of his Songbird.  The slim youth was fully dressed in sheer veils and a pair
of thigh-high leggings of a lovely shade of green that almost perfectly matched his beauty's wondrous eyes.  His ivory thighs
were bare, but that was quite alright with Ru, as he enjoyed seeing his pet's flawless skin.  Yet, the parts that he wanted
concealed from all eyes but his own were skillfully hidden by an ankle-length loincloth that only seemed opaque in that one
most important area.  The rest of it hung as a sheer veil, as did the almost too short tunic and the piece that had been draped
from the back of a silver circlet around his head.

"Lovely," Ru murmured, his eyes trailing up and down.

Songbird's face lit up at the sight of Ru's return.  He was nibbling adorably on a piece of some sort of bread and a steaming
bowl was set on a surface near to him.  Ru was grateful that he had been given something to eat, and felt almost bad that he
would have to cut the meal short.

"I'm afraid we must leave now."  Ru ran his hand along Songbird's cheek, smiling in delight at the way the youth leaned up into
the gentle contact.

"Does the garment suit your desires, sir?" the Vixen spoke, though her eyes darted toward the door again and again.  "I did not
know if you would want a veil to cover his face."

"His face is too beautiful to hide from the world."  He bent and wrapped an arm around the Songbird's waist, easily hefting his
slight form.  In response, the delightful creature wrapped his slim legs around Ru's waist, a happy giggle leaving his lips as he
clung himself to his master's form.  No doubt he felt the stiffness that was making Ru's pants uncomfortable.

"Do you want to put yourself inside me again?" Songbird asked innocently, no hint of shame to his voice despite the fact that
another was present in the room.  To Ru's relief, the Vixen ignored the statement and went about stuffing a few things into a
leather satchel, no hint of a smile to her lips though her cheeks were tinged with pink.

"There's nothing I would like better.  But right now we have to be on our way."

Songbird's face brightened.  "We go to your home?  Do I get to see more of the blue ceiling?"

Ru smiled.  It was easy to do that in the company of this refreshingly innocent beauty.  "It is called the sky, my lovely.  And
you can see all of it that you desire."  He glanced to the Vixen.  "Are you ready?"

She nodded, shouldering the bag.  Carefully, she bent and gathered up the fur that Songbird had been wearing when they had
entered.  "My son?"

"Injured.  But he is in the care of my guard.  You can tend to him in the carriage."

"Yes ... yes, master."  A slight smile was on her face as she spoke and she gave a curtsy.  She waited for Ru to leave before
following him, keeping a polite distance between them.  She had served a royal before, Ru realized.  He'd have to ask about that
another time.  For now, he would rather delight in the feel of his Songbird wrapped around his body.

The carriage was waiting in front of the shop when they exited.  Isas held the reigns and looked at Ru impatiently.  Ru made no
comment.  Instead, he climbed inside and took a seat with his Songbird nestled on his lap.  The Vixen quickly followed and
hurried to her son's side, attending to the boy who lay on the floor of the carriage.  As soon as the door was closed, the
carriage was moving.

"Your name?" Ru asked, though his focus was only on the young bird straddling his lap.  He stroked his ivory and blue
streaked hair, then allowed his hand to wander lower.  Along his neck, to his shoulder and trailing down an arm.  He swept
inward and stroked the youth's side, then moved in a silky caress along a thigh to fondle his perfect ass.  He moved up slightly
then, taking the bird's tail in hand.  He found it interesting that there were no feathers on the tail at all, merely the same warm
ivory skin that covered the rest of his body.  It actually seemed more like a lion's tail than anything, especially with the tuft of
ivory and blue fur bursting from the tip.  But that was a common quality among Songbirds.  They all had such tails, though Ru
knew some masters were unkind enough to chop the appendage off, or pierce it cruelly.

He almost missed the Vixen's answer.  "Iqua.  My name is Iqua, master.  I wish to thank you for saving my son and I."

"You will be my pet's personal tailor and dresser," Ru said, not acknowledging her thanks.  "Your son will take care of the rest
of his needs as his attendant.  As soon as he is well, of course.  No one will cook for my lovely but you."

"Yes, master.  Thank you, sire."

Suddenly, Ru didn't care that anyone else occupied this small space with him and his pet.  He had to have that inviting body
again.  His cock was already eager for the attention.  He bent slightly and licked at the Songbird's lips, his one hand massaging
that delightfully firm backside while his other hand ran up and down along the beauty's tail.  It flicked back and forth, but Ru
held his fist around it tightly, enjoying the way the silken skin warmed at his touch.

"You will be inside me now?" the Songbird asked breathlessly, shifting his hips forward.

Ru felt an answering hardness press against his own and had to restrain himself from ripping the pale youth's new clothing
from his enticing body.  "Sing for me," Ru panted, pulling at the knot at the bird's hip.  It was undone quickly and his loincloth
was thrown to the floor.  To remove anything else would be unnecessary and a waste of time.  He had all he needed.

The Songbird opened his mouth and a flow of lyrical, yet wordless tones issued from his throat.  It was as beautiful as his
body and it filled Ru with a warmth he'd never known before.  Like an angel's song, it lifted his spirit, as if it were able to truly
reach into his soul and caress it.

Delicate fingers fumbled with Ru's breeches, the only show of forwardness the bird had yet revealed.  His stunning voice
faltered as his eyes drank in the sight of Ru's awakened member, but regained its strength as a pair of quivering hands wrapped
around the straining flesh.

Ru ran his fingers along the crease of his ass, prodding the youth's eager opening.  He delved a finger in, glad to find it still wet
with the fluids he had deposited earlier, as well as the oil he had used to lubricate the way before.  A second finger easily found
its way in, then a third.  The muscles were still stretched.

He couldn't wait any longer.  The sight of the creature writhing on his lap stole away all facets of his control.  He lacked the
patience to take his time.  He'd done that once already.

Grinning wickedly, he smacked one ivory cheek and delighted in the surprised yelp.  The youth obeyed the silent command
though and raised his ass from Ru's lap.  The Dragon Prince wasted no further time, aligning his aching shaft with the
Songbird's twitching hole.  He wrapped a hand around his pet's hip and urged him to drop his weight.

The song was thoroughly ruined.  Instead of vibrant cords, his voice became a panting rasp as he lowered himself onto his
master's hard flesh.  His hands fisted on Ru's shoulders and his tail took on a life of its own, thrashing behind his body.

Ru's meager restraint had fled.  No sooner had the Songbird fully engulfed his cock before he was grabbing those hips and
forcing him up again.  He jerked the pale form down, throwing his own body up in a frantic pace that matched the speeding of
his heart.  There was no one in the world but the two of them, nothing but the feel of this immeasurably tight body sucking the
life of him out through his dick.  His mouth found the wound he had inflicted on his Songbird's throat during their first
encounter and he latched onto it, sucking and licking against the delectable and still faintly leaking marks.

He rocked up into his slave with a force unknown to him.  His sexual encounters had never been so wanton before, only quick
fucks to sate his appetite and nothing more.  He'd never taken the same person to bed more than once.  Though this was hardly
a bed.  It was a seat in a cramped carriage with the company of two other people and Isas within hearing distance.  He didn't
know what had caused this onset of passion, but he didn't care to dissect the feelings now anyway.  Now was for pleasure,
for the wantonly eager body that easily met each and every one of his near-violent thrusts.

"More, Ru .. please."  His pet's head was tipped back and to one side, allowing Ru the access he needed to that fair throat.

He thrust a hand between their bodies and grabbed the Songbird's weeping arousal.  Ivory thighs quivered around him, the
pulse between his lips thrumming loudly against his tongue.

With an exalting cry, the slender youth expelled his essence.  Ru removed his hand, reaching back to fist his hands in the boy's
buttocks, feeling the cock between them continue to spout thick fluids between their sweaty bodies.  His pace sped up, rocking
into the youth with abandon, his thrusts short and swift.  He was rough, perhaps too much so, but he couldn't stop himself.  
He was lost in the passion, his mind full of only the need to release his juices into the clenching body.

His cock was ruthlessly pounding into the Songbird, the pleasure building and building until with a mind-numbing ecstasy his
entire being shattered.  Instinctively his fangs tore into the tender flesh of the bird's throat and he suckled at the sweetly exotic
blood as it flowed past his lips.  Ambrosia was what it was, and he couldn't taste enough of it.

His hips jumped on their own, the spasms of release making his body jerk.  Again and again his seed poured forth, flooding the
abused passage, the encasing heat that lovingly embraced him.  With one last spurt, his blood was appeased and he rolled his
hips to steal away one final sensation of pure delight.  He lifted his mouth from the Songbird's throat and delicately licked the
broken skin until the wound closed.

"Did I harm you?" Ru asked, licking a sweaty chin, his eyes flittering over every inch of his pet that he could see.

Songbird drew back, a weary, yet still lively smile etched on his delicate features.  "It felt good much faster than last time."

Ru chuckled.  "That is because you were still stretched from our last time together."  He uneasily drew himself from his pet's
hot body, feeling as a flow of his own fluids followed his withdrawal.

The Songbird grinned and cuddled himself up against Ru's heaving chest.  "I like it when it feels good."  His wings settled and
folded against his back.

"I'm glad to hear it."  He patted the bird's back and settled himself in his seat.

"As entertaining and thoroughly stimulating as that performance was, are you two done now?"

Ru turned swiftly and found Isas staring at the two of them.  There was a look of amusement on his face, as well as a touch
of a blush dusting his fair cheeks.  At some point, the carriage had been brought to a halt and the two foxes had already
departed it.  He hadn't even noticed they'd arrived at the port.

Isas tossed a bit of dampened cloth at him.  "Get cleaned up.  You've already given the crew plenty to gossip about.  No need
for them to see the mess you've made of yourselves as well."

Ru growled at his friend and guard.  Isas merely laughed and closed the door to give them their privacy.

He felt foolish for not having noticed his own surroundings, or the passing of time.  But then, he had a positively wonderful
excuse.  He drew back, tucking his fingers underneath his treasure's chin and tipping his face up a bit.  To his surprise and
delight, he found the Songbird to be asleep.  Deciding to allow the youth his sleep, Ru moved cautiously and cleaned the traces
of their passion with the cloth Isas had supplied.  He kissed his beauty on the nose after redressing the bird and himself, then
hefted the slight weight into his arms.  The Songbird once again cuddled close.  With one arm under that pert ass and the other
around his back, as if handling a child, Ru carried his Songbird from the carriage and up a gangplank onto the waiting boat to
the whoops and hollers of the ship's crew.  They were having a raucous good time at his expense, but he would allow it this
once since they weren't disturbing his treasure's slumber.  

As he settled the beauty into the bed in his personal cabin, he smiled down at him.  He couldn't wait to get him home.  Maybe
once there he would be able to find a fitting name to bestow on this creature that had stolen his heart.

The End