Disclaimers:  I do not own Saiyuki or any of its characters

Notes:  My first Saiyuki fic.  Most definitely an AU, since I don’t know how the series ends and this takes place sometime after
they stop Gyukumen Koushu and Kougaiji and his group are still alive and will appear later on.  In this fic, Sanzo and the
others are out to investigate a series of murders and disappearances of demons in a village, at the request of the Merciful
Goddess.  They kinda work for her . . . but she won’t be in this fic.

Warnings:  This is a Yaoi fic, with abuse, torture, and Male Pregnancy.  Pairings are Sanzo/Goku, Gojyo/Hakkai,
Kougaiji/Yaone.  And forgive me if the characters are a little OOC, this is my first Saiyuki fic after all.



The sun had long since made its journey across the sky to set in the cradle of the mountains that lay in the horizon to the west.  
The sight of the sunset was brilliant, the sky having turned such glorious shades as if to tempt the hearts of poets to write about
it.  Yet, Gojyo found no beauty in this instance.  No . . . the world had suddenly become a cold and cruel place, and his heart
ached to take vengeance for the single act that had torn his heart in two.

They had been traveling . . . as they had been doing every day for a while now.  A group of lowlife demons had attacked them.  
Everything had seemed no different than usual . . . just the same thing over and over again.  The demons had appeared to be
weak . . . they had all thought they would win the battle . . . Gojyo couldn’t believe how wrong they had been.  Though all but
one of the demons that had attacked them were dead, Gojyo and the others had most definitely lost . . . for one of their own
was gravely ill.

Gojyo blamed himself.  If he had seen the attack sooner, perhaps he could have warned his friend . . . or perhaps he could have
blocked it, taken the strike himself.  But it hadn’t happened that way.  And now, Hakkai’s life was in the balance.

Sweat covered his brow, dripping along the sides of his face, his hair soaked from the perspiration.  He breathed in raspy pants,
moaning and writhing as pain consumed his body.  He was unconscious . . . that was the only thing that Gojyo was thankful for
. . . he didn’t know if he could take seeing that look of pain in his friend’s eyes again.

One dart . . . to think that only one small dart had been enough to take down Hakkai.  It had been laced with poison, one that
none of the group had ever seen before.  It had consumed Hakkai quickly . . . in mere seconds he had fallen, screaming as he
dug his nails into his flesh and clawed at the skin around the pinprick that had caused his agony.  Sanzo had been the one to
knock him unconscious . . . had been the one that had tied him up to restrain him from causing further harm to himself.

Goku was looking on with worry . . . in fact, he hadn’t complained about his stomach since they had brought Hakkai to this
cave.  That alone was something Gojyo would have found amusing, if not for the circumstances.  Hakuryuu, Hakkai’s ever
faithful friend was curled up beside the stricken young man . . . never had the little dragon left his side.  And resting against one
wall of this dark cavern, Sanzo looked as calm and cool as ever.  Gojyo wondered if he was even concerned about Hakkai.

Gojyo shook his head.  What did it matter if any of them were worried or not?  It didn’t . . . so why bother to dwell on it?  He
sighed, running a damp cloth across Hakkai’s feverish skin.  He didn’t know what else to do for him . . . none of them knew.  
This illness . . . none of them had ever seen anything like it before.

All they could do was wait it out, to see if Hakkai could pull through on his own.  As much as Gojyo wanted to go out and bash
in the face of the demon that had done this, he couldn’t risk it.  Doing something so rash would only end up with him getting
killed as well . . . no . . . Hakkai wasn’t dead yet and he wasn’t going to die if Gojyo had anything to say about it.

But all they could do was wait . . . and Gojyo hated waiting.

To Be Continued . . .