Disclaimers:  I do not own Saiyuki or any of its characters

Notes:  My first Saiyuki fic.  Most definitely an AU, since I don’t know how the series ends and this takes place sometime after
they stop Gyokumen Koushou and Kougaiji and his group are still alive and will appear later on.  In this fic, Sanzo and the
others are out to investigate a series of murders and disappearances of demons in a village, at the request of the Merciful
Goddess.  They kinda work for her . . . but she won’t be in this fic.

Warnings:  This is a Yaoi fic, with abuse, torture, and Male Pregnancy.  Pairings are Sanzo/Goku, Gojyo/Hakkai,
Kougaiji/Yaone.  And forgive me if the characters are a little OOC, this is my first Saiyuki fic after all.


Part One

Yaone smiled tenderly as she brushed the hair away from her lord's serene face.  She knew of a misconception among some
humans that said demons were unfeeling creatures incapable of love.  She felt that those humans should envy the depth of
feeling a demon could have.  With a smile on her face, she lay in bed, studying the way the light played against Kougaiji's
caramel skin.

With Gyumaoh now truly and finally dead and his mother released from her seal, Lord Kougaiji was free of the burdens that had
weighed him down so heavily.  He had proposed to - and married - Yaone, a fact that still left her blushing deeply in
remembrance.  They were happy, truly happy.

The sound of wings beating against the window brought her out of her reverie.  She regretfully slipped from the warm niche
that her bed had become, but she knew that to ignore the sound would cause it to become loud enough to wake Kougaiji.  It had
happened before, and it had always thrown his day off.

She walked with silent grace to the window and opened it.  Just outside, sitting on the ledge, was a raven.  Its black feathers
glinted blue in the light of the moon looming overhead.  With a simple croak, the dark bird dropped an object on the ledge before
flying off in a flurry of ebony wings.  Yaone frowned as she turned her attention to the item and held her hand to her mouth to
keep back the alarmed cry aching to be released.  She would recognize that monocle anywhere.  It belonged to Cho Hakkai.  

Now she knew the messenger for what it was.  And the message it had delivered was a dire one.  An old acquaintance had
returned and she was reluctant to face him.  This was his raven, his invitation for her to join him.

Yaone found herself faced with a choice, one that she found remarkably easy to make.


Gojyo was torn between pacing the width of the cave and just sitting there and tending to Hakkai's needs as best as he could.  
He decided on the latter.  Sanzo was already in a foul mood.  Heaven knew that the blonde priest hated it when things went
awry.  Any delay in their job, or the way home, would just serve to piss him off.  Actually, a pebble in the road could piss him

When Hakkai winced with a low groan, Gojyo was quick to do what he could to make his friend as comfortable as he could
given the circumstances.  He mopped the man's sweaty brow with a slightly dampened cloth.  Hakkai jerked his head to the
side, his lips parting with an unintelligible whisper.  Even without touching his skin directly, Gojyo could feel the heat pouring
off of him.

"His fever's still going up.  If it doesn't break soon ..."  He clenched his fists in anger.  He hated this feeling.  It was the
helplessness of not being able to do anything.  He hadn't felt that way since he was a child and was being beaten to death by his
mother.  The only blessing was that Goku seemed to pick up on the mood around him and kept his mouth shut.

With a snort, Sanzo brushed his robe off.  "As valuable as he is, I might have to put Hakkai down if he doesn't start to recover.  
We can't afford to dally too long, and it'll be kinder than making him suffer."

Before Gojyo could comment, a familiar soft voice spoke, "How humanitarian of you, Priest Sanzo."

Gojyo spun, moving into a swift stand between the entryway of the cave and Hakkai's prone body.  Even though he was ready
for a fight, he stood casually, and flipped his hair back over his shoulder.  "What brings you here, babe?"

Yaone stepped into the flickering light of the campfire and bowed politely.  "It seems I was summoned here by a messenger,"
she said softly.  "An old acquaintance thought I would be interested in his latest ... work of art."  She swept her hand out in
gesture toward Hakkai.

Gojyo narrowed his eyes.  "You've been keeping some pretty crummy company lately."

"Who was it?" Sanzo demanded.  His gun was in his hand, though he wasn't aiming it at her at this exact moment.

"Yeah!  And where is he?  I wanna ram a fist in his face!"  Goku was all exuberance, his staff already in hand.

Yaone smiled serenely.  "I'm afraid I haven't seen him in quite some time.  The last time I was in his company, I believe he was
calling himself Dae-Jung.  But he has gone by many names, or so I've heard."

"Your information sucks, lady." Sanzo turned away from her.  She was no longer worth his time, Gojyo supposed.  The blonde
leaned against the wall again and lit up another cigarette.  If it weren't for the gun in his hand and the careful watch he kept on
the demon woman, Gojyo would assume he was ignoring her altogether.  "Why don't you run back to your little demon prince
and kiss his ass like you and your coworkers usually do?"

Her smile never faltered.  "Sir, I am a married woman.  You could show a bit more respect.  But then, no, I suppose you
can't."  She tilted her head slightly to one side.  "I came here to offer my help, but if you don't want it, I'll be happy to get out of
your way."

Damn, a fine ass like that married off, it was a shame.  Gojyo sighed and shook his head.  He couldn't have her running off
without getting her help first.  She was the closest they would get to any kind of medical knowledge out here.  They were in the
middle of fucking nowhere, with no village anywhere near close enough to be any help at all.

"I'd be all too happy to accept your help, even if Mr. Grumpy isn't.  Please?"  He flashed his best smile and hoped it looked
sincere enough.

"Yah, you gotta make Hakkai better!" Goku shouted.  He ran out of the cave, straight up to Yaone and took hold of her hand.  
Without any sort of propriety, he dragged her back in and straight over to the fallen demon.

She didn't say a word as she knelt at Hakkai's side.  Softly, she set her hands on either side of his face, prying open one eyelid
and looking at his eye.  She lifted his hand and stared at his fingers, parted his lips and had a look inside of his mouth.  
Throughout it all, she remained silent.  When she seemed to be done, she began rummaging around in a pouch at her side.  "As I
thought.  He's so predictable."  She pulled the cap off one vial and tipped three drops of a thick yellow syrup into Hakkai's
mouth.  "Such a trivial test of my skills."  She slid the refastened vial back into her pouch and looked over her shoulder at the
group gathered around.  "He should be fine by morning, but I will have to remain to administer further doses."

While Gojyo and Goku were the happiest two people in the world at this moment at the knowledge that their friend would
recover, Sanzo was glaring coldly at Yaone.  Gojyo knew his problem, and understood well.  He had his own doubts and
worries about this entire situation.

"I want answers," Sanzo growled, grabbing her shoulder.

Yaone nodded.  "I will be all too happy to answer them.  But perhaps, you should gather some more firewood first.  The night
will be getting colder and Hakkai should be careful of chills for some time."

Sanzo didn't take his eyes from her.  "Go," he said to Gojyo, "and take the monkey with you."

Gojyo groaned and grabbed Goku by the back of his shirt.  "C'mon, let's go."  It would be no use to argue with the irate priest.  
Better off just going into the woods and doing as told.  Besides, he didn't feel like getting shot at right now.

"Aw, but I wanna watch Hakkai get better," Goku whined, looking back over his shoulder constantly as he was practically
dragged away.  “When he is, you think he'll cook breakfast?”

When they returned no more than fifteen minutes later, Gojyo was reconsidering how wise an idea it was to listen to Sanzo.  
Goku was yelling and running around searching for answers that simply weren't there.  And Gojyo was beating himself up for
how stupid he was.

How could he have thought they could trust her?  She had been their enemy to begin with.  And to have her so suddenly pop up
with a miracle cure, it was suspicious to say the least.  But he hadn't been expecting this.  They'd saved her life a few times.  
Hell, they'd worked together a bit too, especially in that last fight.  How could she have betrayed them like this?  

Getting the firewood had been her idea.  She'd wanted them to be separated.  This had to have been her plan.  To have them
leave so they could come back and find this.

There was nothing.  No Hakkai.  No Sanzo.  No Yaone.  Even Hakuryuu was gone.  The cave was empty.  The fire was still
there, as well as their supplies and the pallet they'd laid out for Hakkai to sleep on.  The campfire flickering over Sanzo's
banishing gun left a pit of dread fall into Gojyo's stomach.

What the fuck else could go wrong?

To Be Continued ...