Disclaimers:  I do not own Teen Titans or any of its characters.

Notes:  Slade torments Robin.

The Masks We Wear


Lips grazed his feverish skin, pressing delicately against his throat, a tongue darting out to taste the sweat beading on his form.  
Hands swept and caressed his body, stroking tenderly across his quivering flesh.  He turned his head away as the lips brushed
across his own, denying the other man's wish to kiss him.  He was already giving his body and soul away . . . what more could
the man want?

A harsh hand gripped his chin, forcing him to turn back.  Those lips returned, a cold growl emanating from somewhere above
the submissive youth as he was kissed roughly, a tongue pushing past his slack lips without invitation.

It was always the same . . . always.  The boy lay there, not fighting . . . not assenting.  He simply lay there, his body given up
as an offering to this cruel man . . . to the one who controlled every facet of his life . . . the one who held the lives of those
dear to the boy in the palm of his hand.  He had no choice but to submit, and so here he was . . . his arms stretched out above
his head, his eyes blinded by the silk scarf covering them.  It would be easy to remove the blindfold, yet he wouldn't.  He
wasn't allowed to . . . besides, he did not want to look upon the face of the man that caressed him in such sickening ways.

The man chuckled above him, shifting his weight and pulling away slightly.  "Now, now . . . behave yourself and this could be
pleasant for you."  The man said, pushing his knee between the boy's thighs, his hand slipping down to further push his legs

Again the boy turned away, biting into his lip to keep a whimper at bay.  His defiant action was allowed this once, perhaps
because the man above him had other matters on his mind.  He screwed his eyes shut, feeling as a blunt hardness was pressed
against his stomach, feeling as he trailed the thick intruder down along his shivering body until he nestled himself against the
only available opening.

As he began to push inward, the boy gritted his teeth.  Then the man sharply entered him, prying a harsh scream from the boy's

It was at that moment that Robin jerked awake, falling from his bed to land in a crumpled heap of blankets and his cape.  He
gasped and panted, his eyes darting around himself . . . seeking out the face of his tormentor . . . the man who had ripped his
soul to shreds.

When he found himself alone, he rolled onto his stomach, bracing his arms against the floor as he raised himself to his knees.  
Letting out a shuddered breath, he pressed his forehead to the ground, closing his eyes as he willed the memories away . . . as
he pushed aside the fear and pain.

He had done it to save his friends.  They were still alive because he had consented.  That was what he kept telling himself.  And
in truth, it was the only reason he was able to keep going.  He had given himself completely to Slade's desires.  He had been his
apprentice in every way the man had wanted . . . every way.

Robin shuddered.  He didn't know how much longer he could keep these secrets . . . but then again, he had always been good
at keeping things secret.  His entire life was a secret.  All he had to do to get through this was to remember one thing . . . the
one and only thing that mattered.

He had done this to save his friends.

To Be Continued . . .