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Notes:  Beast Boy tries to get his friend to talk.

The Masks We Wear

Part Two

Trying to keep a cheery air, Beast Boy knocked on Robin's door, hoping that the other teen would at least answer him.  He was
worried about his friend.  After what he'd seen in that cave, he thought he had damn good reason to worry too.  Okay, so he'd
decided then to keep his big mouth shut and give his friend time, but he wasn't really the patient type.  It had already been two
hours.  He couldn't be expected to wait around forever.

After a moment of silence, the door opened a little and Robin peeked out.  "What's up?"  Even with the mask on, he looked dead
tired.  Beast Boy didn't remember seeing him so bad since he'd gone wacky looking for Slade.

"Yo, Robin!  I was just wondering how you were today!  Man, you look tired!  Did you sleep okay last night?  Not that I can
see your face all that well with the mask on.  Are you okay?"  Then he cut to the heart of the matter.  "Is something bugging
you, man?"  Okay, so he'd said WAY too much all at once.  He couldn't help it.  He was worried about Robin.

The other Titan's eyes narrowed slightly.  "I'm fine.  I'll be out later."

Before Robin could shut the door, Beast Boy reached out and stopped it.  "Look, I know I joke around a lot, but you can tell me
if something is eating at you.  I won't tease.  And I won't tell the others.  I'm not a blabbermouth."  He really wanted Robin to
know that he could open up to him.

With a halfhearted smile, Robin shook his head.  "Thanks, but I'm fine.  I'll be out later."  With that, he pushed Beast Boy back
a bit and closed the door firmly.

Beast Boy frowned at the barrier and took a breath.  "Well, okay then.  See you later, bro!"  He turned away feeling greatly
disappointed.  He had hoped he could be of some help to his friend, and instead he turned out to be useless.  If anything, he had
just annoyed Robin.

He ran his hand through his hair, wondering what he could possibly do now.  How could he get Robin to open up to him?  He
felt like an idiot.  How did other people do this stuff?  He'd ask for advice, but then he'd feel like he was betraying some sort of
confidence.  No one else knew that Robin was feeling anything other than normal.  Beast Boy hadn't known himself until just a
few hours ago.  To ask anyone else would alert them to it as well.  He couldn't have that.  Robin would hate it if his emotions
were put out on display like that.  He'd likely kill Beast Boy as it was, for the snooping he had done.

Beast Boy groaned and began trudging down the hall to his own room.  This totally sucked.  How could he help someone who
didn't want to be helped?  It couldn't be done.  He picked up a random comic and flipped through the pages as he flopped onto
his bed.  He didn't even know what he was reading, he was so intensely focused on trying to help his friend.

He was getting a headache with all of this thinking.


An hour later, Beast Boy was jarred awake by a thunderous explosion.  He fell out of bed and scrambled to his feet.  "What was
that?" he yelled as he ran out of his room.  "Hey, Cyborg!  What was that explosion?  You let Starfire in the kitchen again?"

"I protest.  I have never caused an explosive reaction with my culinary creations."  The girl pouted a little.  "I don't care what
you say about it giving you gas."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes with a smile.  "Seriously ... what was that?  Where did it come from?"

"Well ... looks like the explosion originated in ... uh-oh."  The tall Titan shook his head in disbelief.  "The cave ... the one Terra

Cyborg didn't need to say anymore.  In less time than it takes one to blink an eye, the four of them in the room ran out the door
towards the cave.

Beast Boy skidded to a halt inside the cave and looked around.  "No way ... NO WAY!!!"

There ... where Terra had stood as still as the stone statue she had become ... was nothing but some rubble and a slab of rock
that showed that she had been taken.  Whether she was still whole or broken into little pieces was unknown to Beast Boy.  
Whatever the case, whoever or whatever had taken Terra had a great deal of firepower and a method of transporting a stone
statue quicker than it took to get from the Tower to the cave.

This did not bode well for the future.

To Be Continued ...