Part 6

This part contains a scene that might not be suitable for individuals under the age of 17. If you read this, then you acknowledge
that I hold no responsibility should you be under age.

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

"It's too quiet!"

Heero had to agree with the pilot of Deathscythe Hell. "They're either setting up their base or it's a trap."

"Uhhhh ... a trap that DOESN'T include mobile suits?" Duo sounded more than a bit nervous. "Guys ... am I the only one who
thinks us being here is a rotten idea? Who's for turning around and heading back to the estate?"

Wufei frowned as he surveyed the area. "Why would the scientists tell us to come here if there's nothing here?"

A voice crackled on the radio. "Ahhh ... but there IS something here, pilot number 05!" There was a pause. "Have you changed
your mind about my offer, my beauty?"

Duo's voice was angry and uneasy at the same time. "I am not YOUR beauty, scumwad! I told you before and I'll tell you again
... NEVER!"

"That's really too bad. You see ... I can have the suits 01 and 05 go into self-detonation mode from where I am. So I am now
telling you to come with me or lose your two precious ones. And don't think you can escape." The voice laughed. "There's a
signal preventing the suits from moving."

Duo turned pale and bit her lip. "You bastard! Very well ... let them go and I'll stay behind." She winced at the chorus of denials.
"Guys ... it's the only way! I'll be fine." When the systems came back up, she activated the hatch and climbed down. "Take care
of my buddy, okay?"

Heero's voice came from Wing's speakers. "We'll get you back, Duo."

Duo flashed one of her cheeky grins. "You'd better! I don't relish the idea of entertaining this guy."

"Oh sap and fluff! Just GO already!"

Duo watched as the suits took off, one by one. Once all five suits were gone, she turned to the door that opened to reveal a man
who bore a striking resemblance to a weasel.

"Well, my dear ... you going to cooperate?" He reached her and started fondling her.

Duo spat in his face. "Never in a million years. I said I'd come out and stay behind! I never said I'd do what you want me to."

The weasel grabbed her braid and yanked it so her head was pulled back. "Then you don't eat, dear! I will have you ... and I will
have you begging me to take you!"

Duo growled and kicked his knee. "Never said I wasn't gonna fight back, either! I am NOT some little bimbo who will cower in
fear and beg you to stop while you have your way with me!" She delivered a quick blow to the side of his neck ... rendering him
unconscious. "I am a Gundam Pilot! Be glad I'm not Heero. He would have killed you." She tossed her braid over her shoulder
and started the walk home.


A half-hour away from the lab, a car skidded to a stop beside her. The window rolled down to reveal a relieved-looking Heero.
"Need a ride?"

Duo laughed as she bounded up to the door and jumped in. "Hell yeah! The sun would have been murder on me when it rose!"

"You okay?" Heero looked her over once, checking for injuries.

"Yeah I'm okay. I had to kick his ass for laying his hands on my braid, though." She quirked a grin at him.

Heero threw back his head and let out a laugh. Then he shook his head and made the U-turn. "Well ... Wufei and I are going to
have a LONG talk with you when we get back to the estate."

"I eep in fear!" Duo gentled her smile. "Hee-chan ... he WOULD have done it. He would have caused both you and Wufei to
self-detonate. The backlash would have blown up Quatre, Trowa and myself. I can fight him off. It's what caused him to poison
me in the first place."

Heero nodded. "I know that. That's not why we have to talk to you." He took his eyes off the road briefly and met her eyes. "We
thought we lost you once already, Duo. This ..." He turned his eyes back to the road. "This slammed the fact home that there
won't be another chance after this. Releena asked me earlier if I loved you. I do ... but I couldn't honestly tell her that I was IN
love with you. This ... whole scenario ... it scared me, Duo. I had no idea what his plans were for you."

Duo blinked and remained silent a moment. Her heart thudded in her chest. "Heero?"

Heero didn't say anything, but he turned his attention away from the road to plant a quick, hard kiss on her lips.

Duo kept staring at Heero for the remainder of the trip back to the estate.


Duo was surprised when she was met, not be Quatre, but by Wufei when she entered her estate. She didn't have time to ask
what was going on before she was pulled into a desperate embrace. Shock flooded her for a moment before she hugged Wufei
back. "Hey there, Feifei!" She jumped a little when Heero joined Wufei by embracing her from behind. "Uhhhh ... not that I'm
complaining, but where did this come from?"

"From the fact that we thought we had lost you for a second time." Wufei tightened his arms. "You HAVE to stop pulling these
stunts, Duo. You nearly gave Heero a heart attack and me a nervous breakdown."

Duo sighed as she relaxed and rested her head against Wufei's shoulder. "Sorry about that, Fei ... Hee-chan. That guy was a

Heero nodded. "Yes. That's what scared us. There was no predicting what he would have done. Dammit, Duo! I just accepted
that you're you and you open yourself up to someone who nearly killed you once."

Duo turned in their arms so she could face Heero. "He wouldn't have killed me, Hee-chan. Not so soon, at any rate." She wrapped
her arms around Heero and held him close. "I wouldn'ta let him!"

Wufei stroked Duo's braid. "At any rate. Yuy and I had a moment to talk on the trip back here. We agreed that if we were blessed
with a third chance, we weren't going to waste it."

That was the final warning before both boys started kissing any area they could reach. Duo tilted her head sideways with an
elated smile so both boys had access to her neck. "Uhhhh ... guys ... not here, okay? Let's take this to a bedroom?" She was
shocked by Heero's stare. He was expressing hunger and asking if she was sure all in the same expression. She smiled cheekily to
remind him that she never lied. It was true she felt a small amount of trepidation, but she wasn't about to throw the mood out the
window. Her smile turned loving when Heero nodded. They held no illusions. They were fighting a war, and might not get
another chance. Taking Heero and Wufei by the hand, she led them to her room.


Duo giggled as she locked the door while gazing at the two boys she loved. "Now ... you two just sit back and enjoy the show."
She walked over to the stereo and turned it on.

[Hi Barbie
Hi Ken!
You wanna go for a ride?
Sure Ken!
Jump in!]

As the music started, Duo started swaying.

[I'm a Barbie girl
in a Barbie world
life in plastic
it's fantastic]

The first thing to go was the tie that held her braid in check. Months without the length had their effect on the girl who clung to a
very few feminine things. One hand unwove the braid while the other moved to unzip the black jacket. She had gone back to the
priest outfit to show the guys that she was still the same old Duo Maxwell ... even is she was a girl.

[You can brush my hair
undress me everywhere]

She slipped her arms out of the sleeves and grinned as she let the jacket fall to the floor. She winked as she started unbuttoning
her shirt.

life is your creation]

She walked over to where Heero sat and straddled him. She ground her pelvis against him while licking his neck. Even through
layers of clothing, she could feel him rising to the occasion. "Someone's happy down there."

[Come on Barbie
let's go party]

She glanced over to Wufei and almost whimpered at the look of strict control on his face. Control that wasn't quite happening.

[I'm a Barbie girl
in a Barbie world
life in plastic
it's fantastic]

"Feifei ... don't think I'm neglecting you." She stood up and let Heero pull her white shirt off. "I have plenty to share." She giggled
as Heero clasped some of her hair. "See?"

[You can brush my hair
undress me everywhere
life is your creation]

Wufei gazed at the girl and threaded his fingers through her long hair. Seeing her earlier that day had been a shock to them all. He
groaned and snagged the button on her slacks.

[I'm a blonde bimbo girl
in a fantasy world
Dress me up, make it tight
I'm your dolly]

Duo stood up from her position on Wufei's lap and let him hold on to the zipper. She let the long black pants fall as she walked.
She kicked them to land on top of the jacket. She quirked a grin when she noticed that Heero's tank top had joined the pile. One
layer down, two to go. She gasped as the two boys surged on her to join her dance.

[You're my doll, "rock and roll"
feel the glamour in pink
Kiss me here, touch me there
hanky panky]

Heero reached under her top to unsnap her bra while Wufei was divesting her of her shorts. Duo whimpered as both boys got a
little playing in as well. "No ... no fair! Uhhhhh ..." She squirmed at the delicious sensations she was experiencing.

[You can touch
you can play
if you say
I'm always yours]

Heero pushed Duo's top over her head and latched onto on of her nipples like a starving infant while Wufei pulled her boots off.
Now all that remained was a few articles of clothing.

[I'm a Barbie girl
in a Barbie world
life in plastic
it's fantastic]

Heero paused his attention to place a kiss on Duo's mouth. Wufei was already out of his pants and underwear ... and was
working to get the slender girl in a similar undressed state.

[You can brush my hair
undress me everywhere
life is your creation]

"You're wearing far too much, Hee-chan." Duo purred as she kissed Heero back. "Now ... which do you each want? Only one
can have my virginity and only one can have my first orgasm unless we put this threesome in full swing right now. So ... which
is it 'cause I'm tired of waiting for you two."

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

Wufei bent his head to suck on Duo's back where her shoulder blade stuck out. "I'm fine where I am." Part of him was amazed
at how wanton the girl was being. Still ... if she had wanted them for as long as she claimed, he was not about to argue. Besides
... he had already deflowered a virgin when he had taken Meiran to the marriage bed as was customary. He doubted Heero had
had a similar honor.

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

Heero caressed Duo's face and gazed into her eyes. Eyes that were full of loving and wanting. He gathered that he'd wonder with
anyone else ... how one girl could love two boys. With Duo, he understood. She had such a large heart that loving one person
would never fulfill her needs. And she had received so little love in return in her life. He nodded and glanced at Wufei. "Slowly."
He watched Wufei nod in understanding. They both wanted Duo's first time to last.

[Make me walk
make me talk
do whatever you please]

Duo allowed herself to be led towards the bed. She sighed as Wufei began a massage that was enticing and relaxing at the same
time. Heero was content with a hairbrush and several elastic bands. While Wufei rubbed the knots out of her muscles, Heero
braided her hair into several thin braids rather than the one thick braid.

[I can act like a star
I can beg on my knees]

Wufei nodded to Heero once they were both done and gently coaxed Duo onto her knees so Heero could lie down. He soothed
her trembling as he watched her straddle Heero.

[Come jump in
Bimbo friend
let us do it again]

Heero groaned as he felt himself sink into Duo's warmth. He gave her teasing caresses when she paused and forced himself to
not move. When she slid up a little, he knew what she was about to do. He watched Duo bite her lip as she brought herself down,
hard. He pulled her to his chest and held her as Wufei prepared her.

[Hit the town
fool around
let's go party]

Wufei stroked Duo's back as he fingered her anus. He licked his lips at the little mewling sounds she made. He kept his hand on
her back as he finished stretching her. "This is going to hurt a little." When she nodded in understanding, he edged in.

[You can touch
you can play
If you say
I'm always yours]

"Ohhhh God." Duo drew in several shuddering breaths as Wufei inched into her. She kissed Heero's chest and suckled. When she
got fed up with Wufei's pace, she lifted her hips to bury him ... causing Heero to practically slide out. She cried out as she let
herself fall back onto Heero. She sobbed with helpless need as she rocked between the two of them regardless of the burning.

[You can touch
You can play
If you say
I'm always yours]

Heero stilled her movements. "Duo ... shhh! Easy! We want this to last." He kissed the tears away from her cheeks. "We don't
want to hurt you, koibito." He pulled her close and held her steady until her trembling eased. It took all of his self control to stay
still. He closed his eyes as she whimpered while Wufei buried himself. He let himself smile when Wufei's arms hugged her from

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

Wufei shuddered as well when Duo's muscles flexed around him as she got accustomed to being filled. He could feel her slight
trembling and nibbled on her ear. "Relax. Breathe. Focus."

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

They stayed like that for a few minutes. Duo nodded. "All right ... I'm ready now." She started rocking again ... a little slower this
time. She kissed Heero then twisted to kiss Wufei. "Love you both."

[I'm a Barbie girl
in a Barbie world
life in plastic
it's fantastic]

Heero grabbed Duo's hips again and nodded to Wufei. As he thrust into her, Wufei withdrew. "You did so much already ... you
shouldn't have to do all the work here."

[You can brush my hair
undress me everywhere
life is your creation]

Duo tossed her head from side to side. She wasn't used to being the submissive one. Then ... considering that both Heero and
Wufei were dominant figures, she should have prepared for this. "Guys ... PLEASE! I'm ... not going to break! More ...

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

Wufei nodded to Heero and they switched from alternating thrusts to synchronized ones at a faster and harder pace. Both he and
Heero concentrated on giving Duo as much sensation as she could take and then some. He bit her shoulder while Heero pulled
Duo's lips to his.

[Come on Barbie
let's go party
Come on Barbie
let's go party]

Duo wondered how long her two lovers could go. She had expected them both, or at least one of them, to cum before she even
got a hint of an orgasm. She sobbed out as she felt the first tingles. "Holy shit, guys!" Her head snapped back as Heero rubbed
tiny circles against her clitoris. "CHRIST! Why didn't you do that sooner?"

Heero growled. It had taken all of his self control to keep from going over the edge. "We weren't as close to losing it before now,
Duo!" He groaned and pressed against the tiny nub harder.

Wufei reached around to tweak her nipples. "Tonight was for you, Duo! We wanted you to feel pleasure." He picked up his pace
so they had an erratic rhythm.

Duo sniffled as her senses slowly became overloaded. The pressure built within her to an unbearable level. She couldn't catch her
breath and it felt like her heart was about to explode from her chest. She moaned helplessly. "Heero ... Wufei ..."

"Let go, Duo ... let it go." Heero groaned and took a risk. He surged into her with one final powerful thrust. That set off a domino

The precipice was crossed and Duo howled like a banshee as her arms gave out. She let the other two move her however they
wanted to. She kept sobbing as she felt Heero flood her. She trembled helplessly as Heero hugged her. She whimpered as Wufei
froze and came as well.

[Oh I'm having so much fun!
Well Barbie we're just getting started!
Oh i love you Ken!]

Wufei used his weight to turn all three of them onto their sides. He pulled out of Duo and gently held her hips as he pulled her off
of Heero. Then he held the trembling girl close as Heero retrieved a blanket for them.

Duo turned to Wufei and sniffled as she snuggled against him. "I ... always ... ALWAYS ... wanted to be ... surrounded by ... and
filled with ... love. I knew ... saw that ... you both needed ..." She held Wufei tightly. "Love you ... BOTH! We're the same."

Wufei's eyes met Heero's and they suddenly understood. Trowa and Quatre had found one another early on. Heero and Duo got
along, Duo and Wufei got along. Rather than choose one, her lonely orphan heart had fallen for both pilots. He gathered her fear
had been whether Wufei and Heero would agree to the threesome. Hence all the flirting.

Heero slipped into the bed on the other side of Duo and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed one of the marks Wufei
had given her.

Duo sighed. "Funny. Now tha' I think o' it ... you both remind me o' Solo."

Wufei caressed her cheek. "Shhh! Sleep now, Duo. We'll be here when you awaken."


The girl's voice shot straight to Wufei's heart. She sounded so lost for a moment. He met Heero's eyes and nodded. "Promise."

Heero tightened his arms. "Promise."


"Barbie Girl" is by Aqua. A song that was fabulous and it got them sued.