[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Heero was working on Wing when Duo approached him.  He had heard the braided baka as said baka entered the hangar, and
promptly moved to one side to avoid getting glomped. He didn't have the time, energy or patience to deal with his exhuberant
pseudo-partner at the moment. "State your purpose and then let me work."

Duo made a face and bounced up. "What if I said I just wanted to screw you senseless right here on the hangar floor?" He
draped his arms over Heero's shoulders.

"I'd say not a chance.  If you touch me, I'll rip your nuts off and shove them up your ass so deep that you'll cough them out."

Duo gulped.  "O~KAY!"  He backed off with his hands raised in surrender.  "But I honestly don't know why you won't give it a

Heero snorted and resumed his work.  "Yes you do.  You know very well that I'm straight." Heero watched as Duo withdrew.
For the past month the Deathscythe pilot had been shamelessly flirting with all of the pilots. Despite the innuendo, the pilot never
went beyond a hug, a quick grope or a kiss before backing off. To tell the truth, they all loved Duo too ... in their own way.

Duo shrugged as he headed off. "How about a threesome?"

Heero blushed as he sputtered for an answer.  "Duo!"  He took a breath and decided to be bluntly honest as always.  "Not unless
you lost your dick and grew some breasts naturally."

Duo laughed and wiggled his behind.  "A person can dream!"  He yelped as a rag was thrown at him. "Okay! Okay ... I get the


Wufei took a deep breath as he prepared to enter Shenlong for a possible battle to come.  He was just entering a state of calm
and serenity when a hand groped his butt.  Without thinking, he spun around to punch the suicidal moron who would dare to
touch him in such a familiar manner only to punch through air.

Duo Maxwell, the insufferable flirt, was grinning unashamedly.  "Hey ... time to switch to decaf, Feifei!"

Wufei growled and lowered his hand.  "Maxwell ... how many times MUST I tell you that my name is Wufei?"

Duo chuckled softly.  "At least one more time.  So ... wanna quickie, Woofers?"

"Do you WANT me to make you a eunich?"  He pulled out a small knife that had, ironically, been a gift from Duo and held it
out.  "I can do it right now."

Duo snorted and waved a hand around as if to try and calm Wufei down.  "Woah!  Chill!  Man ... what do I gotta do to get a
little nookie around here?"

Wufei returned his knife to its hiding place in one fluid motion.  "You could become a woman."  The he sighed and placed a
hand on Duo's shoulders.  "Why do you torture yourself like this, my friend?  Why don't you find yourself someone who can
love you the way you deserve to be?"

Duo smiled one of his genuine smiles ... it was softer and gentler than his usual manic grins.  "Not during the war.  It's too risky
and we both know it."

Wufei tilted his head.  "Perhaps, but I care about you and I don't like to see you in pain."  He smiled when Duo gave him a
chaste kiss on the cheek then ran over to speak with the blonde pilot of Sandrock and shook his head.  He wouldn't lie and say
that he hadn't often wished Duo had been born female, but facts were facts and even if Maxwell were to change genders ...
Wufei doubted he'd be able to look at Duo and not see a boy.


Quatre lounged casually against Sandrock reading a book.  He yelped and dropped the book when someone caressed his crotch.  
He was about to protest when he was pulled into a deep kiss while the person who had groped him ground against him.  When
they broke apart, Quatre gathered his wits about him enough to smack playfully at his 'attacker' with a chuckle.  "Duo!"

Duo smiled brightly as he released Quatre.  "You really need to ease up.  Reading too many books is bad for your eyes.  Wanna
do the bump and grind in Deathscythe?"

Quatre rolled his eyes.  "Duo ... you know why I don't want to.  Why do you keep trying?"

Duo chuckled as he spun around.  "With the others, it's because I have needs just as much as anyone.  With you ... because it's
fun to see you turn that color red."  He started walking away.  "By the way ... I'd put the mouse back in his house if I were

Quatre looked down and blinked when he saw that Duo had somehow managed to unzip his fly and expose more than Quatre
was normally comfortable with.  Quatre could feel himself blushing even more as he fixed his clothing.  "DAMMIT, DUO!  
STOP DOING THAT!!!"  At the sound of Duo's fading laughter, Quatre shook his head.  "How does Duo always manage to do
that anyway?"


Trowa sighed as he stepped out of the shower.  He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist.  Not two seconds later,
Duo burst in and was brought up short.

"DAMN!  Too late again!"

Trowa smirked at Duo.  "If you want another look at the equipment, I'd gladly oblige you."

Duo closed the door and sauntered closer.  "Hmmmm ... maybe I should get a feel for the equipment before the grand unveiling."

Trowa groaned as Duo ran a delicate finger along his quickly hardening member.  They knew that nothing would come of their
times together besides sex, but the sex they had was incredible.  "You wanna go for a test drive?"

Duo smiled.  "Let's get to the showroom before I take this baby for a ride!"

Trowa allowed himself to be led out of the bathroom and down the hallway.  Once they were in the room, he let his towel drop
and spun Duo around.  "Let's get you out of these clothes so I can slip into something more comfortable."  He deftly unbuttoned
Duo's shirt and slipped the black one-piece oversuit off of Duo's body.  There would be little if any foreplay.  It was just sex for
release and nothing more.  "Why do you wear so much?"

Duo growled and gave Trowa a gentle shove.  "Just get ready for me.  I'll be naked and taking my drive soon enough."

Trowa stumbled over to the bed and almost tore the drawer out in order to get to the contents.  He grabbed a bottle of personal
lubricant and quickly slicked himself up.  True to his word, Duo was already naked and approaching the bed.  "Time for you to
saddle up."

Duo grinned and sat astride Trowa.  He grabbed Trowa's impressive length and guided it to his unprepared entrance.  Granted
Trowa knew it would cause discomfort, but Trowa also knew that Duo sometimes liked it rough.  Without any preamble, Duo
sat down hard, sheathing Trowa quickly with a loud groan.

Trowa waited a moment before growling at Duo.  "Giddy'ap!"

Duo growled back.  "Hang on a moment, Tro!  You know you're hung like a damn horse!"  He flexed his muscles and groaned.  
"Hung like a damn fine horse.  My god it always feels like my first time with you."

Trowa rolled his hips and grinned when Duo shuddered above him.  "Come on and take your ride, Duo before your ride takes

Duo groaned and started little movements to loosen unused muscles a little.  Before long, however, Duo was moving up and
down in wild abandonment of reason.

Trowa threw his head back and let his groans of pleasure escape.  He was normally very quiet, but when he was buried inside
Duo, he couldn't stop himself from making noise.  Which was a good thing, since the noise he made tended to encourage Duo in
continuing whatever it was that caused the noise in the first place.  The friction and heat against his member was delightful.  If it
was this good with Duo, he wondered what it would be like with the one he loved.  In the middle of the round, Trowa grabbed
Duo's waist and flipped them over so that he was the one taking charge.  He bent Duo almost in half and slammed into him over
and over in search of release.

Duo cried out and threw his arms over Trowa's shoulders as his body started to tremble.  "Tro ... Tro HURRY!  I ... I'm almost

Trowa reached down and grabbed the firm globes of Duo's ass to seperate the cheeks so he could thrust deeper.  He was so
close to his own release that he practically molested Duo in order to gain it.  As it was, Duo was going to have massive bruises
on his hips and buttocks.  With a carnal cry, he released his fluids into Duo's willing body.

Duo groaned beneath Trowa and then whimpered a little.  "Come on, Trowa ... finish me."

Trowa smirked as he reached for something else.  "Just a moment ..."  He held Duo's wrists and ran a vibrator up Duo's
hardness before he pulled out of Duo and thrust the toy in.  He sat back and watched Duo writhe as the vibrating dildo buzzed
inside him, stimulating his prostate.

Duo was obviously beyond words as he tried to get out of Trowa's grip.  Trowa let Duo suffer the delightful torture before his
pulled out a smaller vibrator and rested it against the tip of Duo's angry red erection.  He didn't have to wait long before Duo let
out an inarticulate cry and fluid spurt forth from the tiny slit that the vibrator rested against.

Trowa felt a small surge of satisfaction as Duo flopped bonelessly against the mattress, panting heavily.  He turned both
vibrators off and pulled the larger one from Duo's ass ... which allowed Trowa's seed to leak out.  Once both toys were away,
Trowa caressed Duo's face.  "We really can't do this too much longer.  I'm in love with someone else, and you deserve more
than to be my fuck buddy."

Duo groaned and slit his eyes open.  "Yeah ... but the sex is so damn hot, Tro.  I don't care that I'll be sore for a week."

Trowa shook his head.  "Come on ... let's go get cleaned up ..."  With that, he leaned over and picked Duo up.