Part 3

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Present Day ...

Quatre paused in his story to take a sip of water and to take stock of how the others were reacting.  He had to admit that it looked

Trowa was leaning forward, looking thoughtful.  Heero had his eyes closed as if trying to imagine the whole scenario.  Wufei
looked as if he had swallowed something sour.

Quatre decided to continue.  "Of course ... the real trouble started when Duo arrived."



Quatre watched as the shuttle landed and felt the urge to run onto the pad.  He knew, however, that doing something so reckless
would not only put him in danger, but Duo as well.  Besides ... it wasn't too long before the shuttle was down and the frail female
was wheeled out in a chair.  There was an oxygen mask over her face and she looked like something dug out of a grave.  The
three doctors with her were glaring at Quatre.

Fortunately, Duo chose that moment to speak.  "So ... do you wanna pop my cherry, or do you want me to pop yours?"  She
winked with a little smirk at Quatre.

One doctor gasped, scandalized.  "You are in NO condition to do anything of that nature."  He turned to Quatre.  "She is a very
sick young woman and should not have come to Earth.  The gravity is hard on her frail body and ..."

Quatre held up a hand and looked from one doctor to the other.  Something about this whole situation was wrong.  "Considering
OZ's latest threat to the colonies, she is safer here than there.  If you'll come with me, I'll make sure you're all made comfortable
and get settled in.  Then I'll take some time to get to know Duo better."  He gazed at the girl.  'And have one of my own doctors
examine you.'

He blinked when she made a little circle with her thumb and forefinger with one hand and subtly started moving the forefinger on
her other hand in and out of it in a steady motion.  He managed to keep his delighted laughter held in until she was wheeled out.  
Even then, he kept his laughter to restrained giggles.  It wouldn't do for the others in the hangar to wonder just what he had found
so amusing.  Instead, he regained his composure and walked into the main house.

"No no no ... this won't do at ALL.  All this sunlight will just hurt her eyes.  All the pollen and dust in the air will clog her lungs
and I dread to think about what eating and drinking the local cuisine will do to her digestive system."  The doctor who seemed to
be in charge had a look of severe disapproval on his face as he turned to Quatre.  "I have half a mind to just take her back to L-2
where she can be taken care of properly."

"And I'd tell you to shove it if you even suggested it."  Duo wheezed a little.  "I am staying here ... with or without you and your
ideas as to what is good for me ... so just shut up and go unpack!  I wanna talk to Quatre alone!"  She pulled off her face mask
as well as a few other supposed unobtrusive items.  "And WITHOUT your damn bugs.  I have enough breath and strength to
scream if I need you."

Quatre watched as the doctor huffed and left the room with his two cohorts.  Quatre turned back to gaze at the sickly girl and
took a breath.  "I know you've probably had enough tests, but ..."

Duo smirked.  "But you have to make sure that I didn't carry anything planetside that could hurt you or your people, right?"  Duo
winked.  "After all ... L-2 is NOT known for it's healthy population."  She leaned back with the same grin.  "AND you'll want
your own docs to do the tests."

Quatre laughed outright then.  "You don't miss a thing."

Duo snorted softly.  "Can't pilot a mobile suit by remote if you're a dunce.  Besides ... I don't trust those guys as far as I could
throw them."  She sighed and looked around.  "When does this poking start and are the guys who are going to poke me cute?"

Quatre shook his head in amusement.  "Just relax a little for now.  Get some sleep and breathe in the air that hasn't been recycled
a hundred times."  He walked over and helped Duo to the bed in the room.

Duo grinned up cheekily ... the expression lit up her pale face.  "Wanna keep me warm, Quatre?"

Quatre shook his head.  "Go to sleep, Duo!"  He walked out of the room chuckling.


Later, after the doctor he had on staff had run a full barrage of tests, Quatre called in the three people that had come with Duo.  
He held three folders in his hands and kept his face neutral as the men were led in.  "Don't bother to sit down ... this won't take

The main doctor smirked.  "You've seen what we already know."

Quatre nodded.  "Yes I have, and I have something to say to you all."  He tossed the folders across the desk to land in front of
them.  "You're all fired."

"WHAT?!!!  But ... but ..."  The smallest of the doctors picked up a folder and glanced through it, growing paler every second.

Quatre sat down and steepled his fingers.  "What you have in front of you, gentlemen, are the results of the tests performed by
my personal doctor.  There are toxins in Duo's blood that the human body can not, by any stretch of the imagination, produce by
itself.  And the amount of said toxins is more than enough to keep Duo the sick young woman that she is.  Quite honestly, if this
had been allowed to continue she would have died within another month or so."  He glared at the three men in front of him ... men
that had been SWORN to heal the ill, not poison a healthy young woman.  "You are to leave within the next hour without Duo.  
You should be glad that all I am doing is submitting my findings to the health officials.  You're only going to lose your livelihoods.  
When some of my men found out, they wanted to kill you."  He stood up and walked past them.  "Leave now, or I will kill you all

The three men stomped out of the room angrily, but Quatre ignored them.  Right now, he was worried more about his friend than
he was about some doctors that didn't have the right to practice medicine.  He headed for Duo's room and stopped just outside
the door.  Inside, his resident doctor was setting up an IV and fluffing pillows for the young woman lying in bed.  "You are a very
lucky young lady.  If this had gone on for much longer, I would not have been able to do anything for you."

Duo smirked cheekily in her bed.  "So ... what's really wrong with me?"

The doctor sighed.  "It's a mix of quite a few drugs that, when taken as directed for the symptoms they treat, are really
beneficial.  However ... they were never meant to be taken at the same time and any doctor should have known better than to mix
them.  Of course I'm not making any promises that you won't need some form of medication until these drugs work their way
out of your system."  He pulled out a few X-rays out and held them up to the light.  "However ... my preliminary tests show no
tumors or black spots to indicate that you needed to take the medications you were on.  So it is my firm belief that you were
being kept almost incapacitated."  He sighed again as he put the x-rays away.  "Unfortunately, the medications you were on were
addictive ... so you'll be going through withdrawal pretty soon.  I would LIKE to keep you sedated through most of it, but the last
thing you need is another drug in your body."  He smiled sympathetically.  "To put it bluntly, you'll be feeling like ten pounds of
crap in a few hours ... when your normal dose hasn't been administered."

Quatre became alarmed.  "But ... that can't be good for her!  Look at her!  She doesn't have the strength for that."

Duo shook her head.  "Quatre ... I appreciate your concern, but I'm tougher than I look.  This'll wipe the shit outta me, but I'll be
better for it in the long run."


Present Day...

"And she survived through withdrawl."  Quatre finished his water.  "Of course it DID wipe the shit out of her like she knew it
would, and she's still far from healthy.  My doctor says that she may never be fully healthy again with the damage that was done
to her systems."

"BUT ... I'm not likely to believe another doctor ever again in my life."  Duo was trudging into the sitting room.  A tired smile on
her face.  "I'm glad Quatre told you all that.  Saves me the trouble of doing it."

Wufei's eyes narrowed at her.  "How do we know you are who you claim to be?"

Duo shrugged a little.  "Don't know ... don't really care, Feifei!  You don't want to believe me, that's not my problem.  I know
who I am and that's all that matters to me.  I'm secure enough in my own identity to not need you believing me."

Wufei's glare turned up a notch.  "My ... name ... is ... WUFEI!"

Duo winked at him.  "Whatever you say, Wuffers."  She tilted her head as she stopped behind him.  "I never really noticed this
before, but you have one nice ass!"

Wufei's response was to sputter and do an imitation of a codfish.

Quatre snickered softly for a moment before clearing his throat.  "Should you be out of bed?"

Duo shrugged.  "Probably not, but I gotta show you guys where you can dump your gear.  After that, I promise to sit on the sofa
and watch T.V. like a good little girl."  She took a breath.  "Although I'll still be bored as all hell."  She motioned for them to
follow.  "Of course I COULD always use the time to work on my designs."

Trowa spoke up.  "Designs?  You mean augmentations for your suit?"

Duo shook her head.  "Nope!  It's something I do on the side to pay for my parts.  It's also great for my bank account.  My
designs are a very lucrative way to make money even when the war is over."

Quatre perked up.  "That's right!  I never did find out what it was you did.  I thought you just skimmed off of Oz's funds like I

Trowa spun on his heel.  "But ... aren't you rich?"

Quatre laughed softly and shook his head.  "I have a trust fund that I can't touch until I'm 18 ... other than that, I have access to
my family's estates and a small allowance that goes straight into a savings account.  I'm basically broke until I ..."  He made little
finger quotes with his hands.  "Come to my senses."  He shook his head.  "If it weren't for the Maguanac, I'd be starving
somewhere in the desert."

Duo broke in.  "Hey!  I hate to interrupt you two lovebirds, but I was talking here!"  She had a smile on her face to take away
from the slightly annoyed tone.  She shook her head with a dry chuckle.  "Anyway ... I'm designing toys."

Quatre smiled brightly, looking forward to seeing some of Duo's designs.  "Really?  I'd love to see some of your products ...
maybe I can help you come up with new designs!"

Duo's eyes widened and she started laughing.  "Quatre ... man ... I design toys for adults!"

Quatre blinked at that and swallowed as realization sank in.  "You mean you sell ...?"

Duo nodded.  "Sex toys!  Yup!  I have my own site with a mail order catalogue.  The production facilities are a little away from
the house as well as the warehouse.  I do all my designs here with my laptop and then they're tested before mass production."  
She smirked at Quatre.  "If you'd LIKE to be a test subject, you just let me know."

Quatre felt extremely embarassed and blushed.  Unfortunately, his body decided it had had enough stress ... that and the head
injury.  His vision went grey around the edges before it went dark.  He barely heard his name being called out in alarm when arms
were around him in just enough time to keep him from crashing to the floor as he passed out.