Toy Soldiers

Part 4

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Wufei was shocked to say the least as Trowa swept Quatre up.

Duo sighed a little.  "I didn't mean to stress him out."  She pursed her lips and shook her head.  "Well ... might as well show you
where you can let him rest."  She turned and walked into the main house.  "Of course, you each have your own rooms.  I
designed this place so that there are formal areas as well as a private wing for the residents to chill."

Wufei looked around with a small smile.  "After the war ..."

Duo paused to smile at Wufei in return.  "After the war, I'm gonna have enough money to have a big house where you all can
stay with me if you wanna."  She shrugged and motioned to the house.  "Well ... here it is."

Wufei sighed.  "Too bad you have to sell filth in order to afford it."

Duo froze a moment.  "Listen very carefully.  I sell toys and accessories as well as garments and books.  There is no violence in
what I sell.  Every person who applies to join my catalogue is given a thorough background check.  I refuse to have my products
misused."  She suddenly smiled again.  "Maybe YOU should test them out, Fei!  I always thought you were WAY too uptight.  A
good orgasm every now and then will do you good."  She winked at him.  "Who knows ... you might find being tied up is a

Heero coughed softly.  "I thought you said there was no violence in what you sold."

Duo laughed as she opened a door.  "This is Quatre's room."  Once the blonde was settled in, she shook her head with another
laugh.  "Don't get me wrong, I sell BDSM equipment ... but only to clients whom I've personally interviewed.  Every one of my
products has a tracking number."  She motioned for them to follow.  She opened another door.  "This one is yours, Fei.  I hope
you like the view."

Wufei walked into the room and nodded in satisfaction.  There was a large window overlooking a garden.  Other than some basic
furnishing, the room was quite plain.  There was just a bed, a dresser, a desk with a computer and some shelves.  On the shelves
were a few books and the bed was already made.  Wufei didn't doubt that if he checked the dresser, he would find some clothes.  
He turned back to Duo and raised an eyebrow.

She simply shrugged with a little smile.  "Well ... there was always the chance that you would have to drop everything and come
here.  There's also something in the closet that belongs to you."

Wufei blinked and opened the closet ... which was empty except for a wooden box that was intricately carved with chinese
characters and symbols.  On the top were images of the chinese zodiac.  "This is beautiful, but it isn't mine."

Duo laughed and shook her head.  "No ... the box is a gift that I thought you would like.  Open it!"

Wufei snorted and opened the box.  There was an oddly shaped object inside wrapped in some fine silk.  As it was uncovered,
Wufei felt his heart leap up to his throat.  There, looking just as majestic as it had when he first saw it, was the Altron statue that
he'd had to sell to fund his war efforts.  "What ... where?"

Duo smiled fondly at him.  "When you first told me about it, I went online and started researching Chinese artifacts and statues.  
It was the first thing I bought when I made enough of a profit to buy stuff.  It wiped out my whole savings, too and I had to start
almost from scratch."

Wufei shook his head and reverantly re-wrapped the precious statue.  "I ... there are no words, but I thank you.  I loathed to part
with this heirloom ... but ..."  He carefully placed the box back into the closet.  "I thank you.  This means more to me than I can
express in words."

Duo smiled brightly and inclined her head.  "Wufei ... no thanks are needed except for the look of joy in your eyes.  It's a
momento of your home, and I know how important such momentos are."  With that, she fingered the cross around her neck.  
"Anyway ... I'm gonna show these two gloomy guys to their rooms before checking in on Quatre.  THEN I'm gonna go take a
nap.  If I don't, my doctors are gonna pout at me and nothing is more depressing then a pouting doctor ... except for when
Quatre pouts."

Wufei chuckled as Duo left the room with Heero and Trowa behind her.  He picked up a book and smiled.  There wasn't much,
but the little that was there screamed that this room was set aside just for him.  Wufei sighed and locked his door before stripping
out of his clothes.  He'd change into some sleeping garments and take a nap himself.  This was proving to be a very interesting


Quatre sighed as a warm hand caressed his inner thighs and rubbed him an a very intimate place.  He shifted in his sleep as a soft
mouth gave him a few little nibbling kisses on his neck.  He shifted and smiled.  "Hmmmmm ... that's nice, Trowa."

The hand stopped.  "Trowa, hmmmm?  Somehow I knew it."

Quatre's eyes snapped open and he yelped when he found himself looking Duo in the face.  "DUO!  What do you think you're
doing?  Gyahh!"

Duo giggled as she removed her hands.  "Solo was right ... you DO have a nice package.  Trowa will be a VERY lucky man
when you stop playing cat and mouse with him."

Quatre felt his face heat in embarassment.  "DUO!"

Duo laughed wickedly and bounced a little on Quatre's bed.  "Soooo ... you're interested in Trowa!  Not bad taste if I do say so
myself.  You're in for a real treat.   He's got an awesome body and he's one hell of a lover.  That's because his package is pretty
impressive, too."

"DUO!"  Quatre could hear his voice going up an octave every time he made a little outburst, but he didn't care.

Duo shook her head.  "Quatre ... calm down!  I'm not gonna blab."  She stood up slowly.  "I wasn't sure, but just in case, I made
these ..."  She pulled out three DVD-ROM disks and handed them to Quatre.  "Everything was recorded for study.  I must say
that these particular recordings have made for some VERY enjoyable study time."  She got a dreamy look in her eyes.  "I've
studied them again and again and again."

Quatre swallowed nervously.  "I'm not sure ..."

Duo placed the disks on Quatre's desk.  "You don't have to do anything you don't want to, Quatre."  She smiled warmly.  "Now
I'm going to go take my nap like a good little girl."  She walked towards the door.  "Later, Quatre!"

Quatre waited a moment before tentatively putting a disk into the drive.  He had to admit that he was curious.

After a moment, he was gazing at the images on the screen.  "Wow!  Duo's right!  He DOES have a nice package."