Toy Soldiers

Part 5

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Darkness and confusion were in plentiful supply.  Scrambled memories danced around one another.  And for some odd reason,
the feeling of anger was strong.  The anger only served to add to the confusion.

'What was my name?  I've been called Duo ... but that isn't me.  Is it?'  Eyes opened to take in strange surroundings.  'Have I
been here before?  It's familiar ...'

"Ahhhh ... you're awake!  Excellent!  I'll call the doctors."  The owner of the voice was a very attractive young woman that he
didn't recognize.

Only a moment later, a strange man entered with a clipboard.  "Ahhh good!  Let me just check your vitals."

He put up with the poking for a few minutes before he managed to croak out a question.  "Where ...?"

That moment, the nurse returned with a girl who looked familiar, though he couldn't place where he'd seen her before.

The girl walked over swiftly.  A happy, if tired, smile was on her face as she clasped one of his bandaged hands into hers.  
"Hey, bro!  How are you feeling?"

He took a few sips of the water offered to him before trying to speak.  "Confused.  Everything is all fuzzy."

The girl shook her head.  "That's probably because of the drugs in your system.  You're on a whole barrage of painkillers and
antibiotics.  Do you have any questions?"

He frowned in thought a moment.  "Uhmmm ... the main question is ... who exactly am I?  I thought I knew, but ... everything
has been jumbled for so long."

The girl's smile fell and tears filled her eyes.  "I'm so sorry about that.  If I had known ..."  She simply sniffled and gave her
head a quick shake.  "At any rate, your name is Solo."  She looked hopeful.  "Do you know who I am?"

'Solo ... yes.  Yes that feels right.'  Some of the jumbled memories started to fall into order.  Looking at the girl brought the last
few of his clear memories.  "Yes ..."  For the first time in his jumbled memories, he smiled.  "I remember you.  You're the little
hellcat who always managed to get into the worst trouble and then sweet-talk herself out of it."

She nodded and smiled.  "Yeah ... that's me."  Then her smile crumpled and she started weeping.  "I ... I thought you died."  
With a sniffle, she clasped the hand that wasn't bandaged.  "I named myself to do you credit.  I wish you had been the one to
give me my street name, but ..."

Solo was confused.  What could she have possibly named herself?  At the time of his remembered illness, he had been about to
dub her Hellcat.  He swallowed before speaking again.  "What name?"

She smiled softly.  "Duo.  I named myself Duo."

Solo returned the smile, albeit weakly.  "Duo, huh?  I like it better than Hellcat.  That's what I was going to name you."

Duo looked thoughtful for a second and then smiled.  "You can still call me Hellcat."

Solo shook his head weakly.  "Nah ... you've grown into your name."  He yawned a little.

Duo gently stroked a little hair away from Solo's eyes.  "Go back to sleep, buddy.  I'll be nearby when you wake up again.  You
rest and heal."


Duo smiled warmly as Solo closed his eyes.  Her relief was almost overwhelming as she stood up and left the room.  A huge
weight lifted off her shoulders.  True, Solo was a bit out of it, but he was still the same impish guy that she remembered from
her childhood.  She turned to the nurse.  "When the guys wake up, let them know the good news."  With that, she headed for
the greenhouse where she usually went to relax.  The smell of herbs and flowers mixed with potting soil brought peace to her
soul.  The guys were there, Solo was truly on the mend, and she felt better every day.

Entering the greenhouse, Duo noticed that she wasn't alone.  She smiled and leaned against the doorjam a moment as she
watched Wufei going through his tai chi motions.  After she knew the set he was doing, she walked over and joined in.

The two of them went through the motions as effortlessly as if they had studied together.  Once the set was complete, Wufei
turned to Duo with a small nod.  "You did that very well.  It will be a pleasure to have someone join me."

Duo smiled back a moment before turning her attention back to the garden.  "It took too much energy to try and get those
motions remotely."  She sighed and turned back to Wufei, who was regarding her curiously.  "It may interest you to know that
Solo regained consciousness briefly.  I would have had the nurse call you and the others, but I had no way of knowing if any of
you were up."

Wufei nodded in acceptance.  "Wise choice.  Plus there is no guaruntee that he'll recognize any of us.  No need to frighten him."

Duo nodded and then sighed.  "The only thing bugging me is ... how much of his memory is intact?  If he's able to pilot, does he
get the new Deathscythe, or do I?  Oh I'm sure he still knows the technicalities of piloting ... but does he remember actualy
doing any fighting."

Wufei shrugged and headed forthe doorway.  "The battlefield is no place for a woman.  If he remembers how, let him pilot."

Duo watched the Chinese youth leave with a sneer.  "Asshole male chauvanist pig."  She shook her head and headed for the
bedrooms.  She sighed and knocked on the door to Quatre's room.

The door opened not ten seconds later to reveal Quatre looking a little sweaty and flushed.

Duo forgot her previous foul mood and smiled at her friend.  "Did you see something you liked?"  She motioned to the obvious
buldge in Quatre's sweatpants.  "Or did you shove a gun down your pants?"

Without preamble, Quatre yanked her into his room and walked over to sit at his desk.  He promptly dropped his face into his
hands and groaned.  "You didn't warn me about how flexible Trowa is!"

Duo laughed outright.  "Quatre ... he's an acrobat in a circus!  Of COURSE he's damn flexible.  It wouldn't shock me to find out
that he's double jointed."  She smirked in good humor.  "Guy could probably give himself a blow job if he really wanted to."

Quatre's head flew up and he spun around to give her a look.  "DUO!!!!  You aren't helping!"

Duo snickered and walked to where Quatre was sitting.  "Yes I am.  I'm helping you see that you have one hot guy that's just
perfect for the taking.  He's totally smitten with you and would probably literally bend over backwards to please you."  She
winked at Quatre with a smile.  "All you gotta do is take the first step."  She placed a hand on his shoulder.  "What are you so
afraid of?"

Quatre shook his head.  "I don't know if you'd understand."

Duo smiled gently.  "Maybe ... maybe not.  Do you want a little help here?"  She reached around and caressed the hard buldge in
Quatre's pants.

Quatre whimpered.  "I thought ... you were saving yourself for that special someone."

Duo licked Quatre's ear.  "I am, but I can give you a hand job."  She giggled.  "Well?  Are you going to take me up on my offer,
or do I have to go get one of my toys for you."

Quatre sighed and shook his head.  "I shouldn't.  It wouldn't feel right, Duo.  After all ... you're like one of my sisters.  It would
be ... strange."

Duo snorted and hefted Quatre to his feet.  "Oh please, Quatre!  Don't tell me you've never imagined me going down on you."

Quatre struggled a little.  "You're awfully certain of your charm.  Besides ... I don't believe in casual flings.  It goes against my

Duo laughed softly as she pushed him onto the bed.  "That's bull and you know it, pal.  Every society has its 'companions' to
take care of men or women who need a little bump and grind every now and then."  She shook her head.  "The very fact that
my business is so lucrative attests to that fact."  She smirked a little.  "Besides ... WEI has a few shares of my company's
stock."  Quatre turned such a pretty shade of pink that Duo had to stop teasing him.  "Look ... do you want some help with that,
or not?  You could always pretend that I'm Trowa."

Quatre shook his head.  "It would never work."

Duo sighed.  "Look ... I want to do this as your friend.  It's just a handjob and you'll feel a LOT better afterward."  She rubbed
him intimatly again.  "Just close your eyes and imagine Trowa in all those lovely positions."

She firmly pressed her palm against him, smirking at the way Quatre clenched his eyes closed and bit into his bottom lip.  He
had lost some of his hardness during their conversation, but with a few caresses of her hand, he was fully hard and ready
again.  Duo decided not to waste any time.  Quatre was uncomfortable as it was, there was no need to give him a way to escape
this.  She popped the button on his trousers and unzipped him, easily reaching in to the loosened garment and curling her fingers
around the waistband of his briefs.  With one swift tug, his erection popped free of the constrictive material and Duo had to
admit, Quatre was pretty well endowed.

Quatre muttered several phrases in Arabic ... all of which Duo understood, even though she didn't know the meaning.  "That's it,
Quatre ... just let me do this for you."  She stroked him firmly and watched as his hard length pulsed and throbbed in her hands.  
A part of her was tempted to have a taste, but she had promised only a hand job.  If she went any further than that, she doubted
that she'd be able to face Quatre again.  Besides ... she never lied.

Although never having been penetrated by man or machine, Duo knew a few tricks from her life on the street.  L-2 was famous
for its prostitutes, and Duo had stayed with quite a few of them as a child.  It may have not been the most wholesome
environment for a little girl to grow up in, but she had to admit that she had learned some very valuable lessons during that time.  
She learned how to remain chaste in body if not in soul.

So she put some of that early training into use and skillfully handled Quatre as easily as if she were handling the controls of
Deathscythe.  She made sure to keep her hands tight enough to give friction, but not to cause injury.  After all ... this was a very
delicate body part she was handling, and who knew when Quatre would be needed.

She chuckled as Quatre started to thrust into her hand.  "Patience ... patience, Quatre."  she gently scratched the bulbous head
and smiled as he let out another string of Arabic.

Quatre growled and managed a coherent sentence.  "You've ... been practicing ... on your toys ... haven't you?"  Then he let out
a wordless cry.

Duo shook her head.  "No ... but I have a vague knowledge of what feels good from my times connected with Solo.  And my
memory of life with prostitutes."  She smiled in gratitude.  "Thank you for not jumping to conclusions when it comes to my
skill."  She caressed Quatre's heavy sac with her other hand.

Quatre moaned, not too far off now.  "I would never infer that you are anything other than what you have said."  He let out a
grunt.  "I hope you don't stop now!"

Duo smiled as she sped up her hand.  "Not until you get your release, buddy."  She knew Quatre wasn't that far off.  After only
a few more strokes, Quatre let out an inarticulate cry and released his seed.  The gooey substance shot out, hitting the both of
them as well as the bed and floor.  She reached to the bedside table and pulled out a few tissues to tenderly clean Quatre off
before tucking him back into his pants.  "There ... now doesn't that feel better?"

Quatre sighed a little before opening his eyes to gaze at her.  His expression turned from contentment to alarm and he sat up.  
"Oh no!  You're a mess!"  He frantically grabbed a couple of tissues and proceeded to wipe at Duo's face.

Duo laughed softly.  "Chill out, buddy.  I'll just swipe a sweatsuit from your stuff and shower in your bathroom.  No harm, no
foul, no bruise."  True to her word, she wiped her hands on her soiled clothes before opening a drawer and pulling some clothes
out.  She had made sure to put some generic clothing in each of the rooms in case someone needed to borrow something from
someone else.  It had always worked that way, and Duo saw no reason why she should change how things were run.  She
turned to Quatre again.  "Of course since this is your room, and you made the mess, you get to clean it up."  With that said, she
winked and sauntered into the bathroom.