Toy Soldiers

Part 6

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Solo yawned and stretched.  His limbs were all sore, but since nothing was in a cast, he believed it was safe to get out of bed and
explore a little.  He pushed himself up and swung his legs around.  He felt a little wobbly, but got to his feet with only a little
trouble.  He saw the IV stand and decided to take it with him.

He could hear the sounds of voices talking and he could smell food, so he followed his senses and found what looked to be a
communal living area.  There were a few comfortable looking sofas and a large entertainment center with a wide-screen
television and a stereo system that Solo would be thinking of stealing if he wasn't living in the house that had the system.

He blinked when he saw someone who looked achingly familiar.  He couldn't help smiling as he scrambled to the youth and
climbed into his lap.


There was a silence broken only with the sound of violent coughing.

Solo tilted his head.  "Was it something I said?"  He smiled and tried to fondle his boy toy.  "Come on ... let's go to bed."

Those gorgeous green eyes widened as he gently tried to push Solo away.  "At any other time before now, I probably would ...
but ... but you're not who I thought you were, and I don't really know you as yourself."

That's when Solo heard Duo's voice.

"What are you doing out of bed, Solo?  I don't think that it's a good idea for you to be walking around."

Solo turned to his second in command and grinned.  "I was going to have some fun with my fuckbuddy!"

Duo turned bright pink and she cleared her throat.  "Uhmmm ... Maybe right now, we should get names straight."  She
approached, with a blonde youth following not too far behind her.  She motioned to Trowa.  "Do you even know who he is?"

Solo nodded.  "Yup!  He's Fuckbuddy!"

Duo choked a little before she shook her head.  "No ... that's Trowa Barton."  She pointed to the blonde behind her.  "And how
about him?  Do you know him?"

Solo narrowed his eyes and thought.  "Uhmmmm ... Hung like Horse?"

At this, Trowa's eyebrows shot up and regarded the blonde with interest, and the blonde turned bright pink.

Duo shook her head.  "No ... this is Quatre Raberba Winner."  She sighed and motioned to the boy with black hair and
almond-shaped eyes.  "What about him?"

Solo tilted his head and studied the boy with a smirk.  "Buns of Steel!"

The youth in question started coughing ... again.  Solo recognized the coughing from earlier.

Duo laughed softly an shook her head.  "No, but the description fits.  That's Wufei Chang."  She snickered and motioned to the
last youth.  "I'm almost afraid to ask if you know him."

Solo studied the youth, who was currently looking as if he was trying to ignore everyone else in the room.  'Can't have that.'  
With a decisive nod, Solo spoke.  "Kinky threesome!"

Duo and Quatre started laughing, Trowa snickered softly, Wufei looked shocked, and the final youth had frozen a moment before
trying to melt into his chair.

Duo's laughter died down slowly.  "No ... nonono.  That's Heero Yuy!"

Quatre smirked.  "Kinky threesome, hmmm?  Who would the third party be?"

Duo pulled a face.  "It's not Relena, is it?"

Heero shuddered.  "Eww ... NO!"

Duo blinked.  "Did you just say 'Eww'?"

Solo frowned in confusion.  "Relena ... is she the stalker girl with the cotton-candy car?"

Duo nodded.  "That would be her."

Solo shook his head.  "Glad she's not included in the kinky threesome, then.  She hurts my ears."

That got Trowa to snort softly.  Then he stood up after making sure Solo was comfortable on the sofa.  "From the stories I've
heard of Relena ... I'm almost glad that I haven't met her yet."

Duo sighed softly.  "She really isn't THAT bad, but the girl doesn't know the meaning of the word 'discretion.'  After all ... if Oz
ever caught on to the fact that Relena had a thing for Heero and followed him just about everywhere, they'd start following that
pink abomination of a limosine and track him down.  Then they'd discover HOW she tracks Heero down and then apply it to each
of us.  Then kkchhhht!"  She made a motion across her throat with one finger, the sound indicating that they'd be dead in almost
no time.  She shook her head and walked over to where Heero was slowly regaining composure.  "Why don't you just tell her to
quit following you?  Tell her she's putting you in danger, and she'll probably get lost.  She doesn't want you to die."

Solo tilted his head.  "At least not before you kill her."

Duo nodded.  "Yup!  What is up with THAT, anyway?"

Heero started going through the motions of closing the computer down.  "Your guess is as good as mine.  She thinks that just
because she found me lying on the beach in my space suit that she's entitled to know my life's story."

Duo sank gracefully into a lounge chair.  "At least she found you in your space suit, and not your birthday suit.  Mind you, I
wouldn't mind seeing you in your birthday suit, but that's neither here nor there."  She spun in the seat so her sweatsuit-covered
legs hung over one of the arms.

Solo blinked at the girl.  "Do you always have your mind in the gutter?"

Duo chuckled.  "Pretty much, but Father Maxwell thought that I'd be an awesome nun when I grew up."  She threw her head
back and laughed merrily.  "Can you imagine it?  ME as a nun?"

Quatre sat down on one of the many cushions littered around the room in decorative points.  The room had been expertly
designed so that many people could watch television or just sit around and talk.  "I don't see why not.  You do have a ... a quality
about you.  Despite your part in the war, and your occasional bad language, you have a great deal of patience and kindness."

Duo shook her head.  "Yeah ... but I'd have to be celibate.  As much as the creeps of the universe freak me out, sex looks like
too much fun to swear off."

Solo nodded quietly.  Now that the initial excitement with re-meeting the pilots. Solo was unsure of his place.  After all ... they
knew him not as himself, but as the face that Duo had worn.  He had bits and pieces of G doing something to him -and foggy
memories that were only partially his own- which explained why he had been angry upon first awakening.


Duo glanced over to where Solo had gone silent.  She grew concerned at the look of doubt on Solo's face.  She hopped up and
over the arm of the chair fairly easily and walked over to him.  "What's up, buddy?  It's not like you to look so serious."

Solo gave her a look that was full of confusion.  "What happened to me?  Why is my memory full of holes?  Why is it that I
know these guys, but I don't?"

Duo sighed and sat next to Solo.  "G ... for some reason he put some implants in you that made it practically impossible for you
to think for yourself.  Then he told me he had built a very sophisticated android that I would control remotely through a VR
helmet because they kept me sick so I would be helpless."  She motioned to Quatre.  "If not for Quatre, there ... I'd probably be
dead right now."  She stood up and started pacing.  "They had us both.  I was physically incapable of piloting, and you were
mentally incapable.  Without one, the other would be useless."

Solo made a soft sound.  "So ... where do I fit in?"

Duo shrugged and shook her head.  "Probably where I do.  You're one of the group, but the guys don't really know you."  She
motioned with her hand.  "Just like me ... they don't really know me, either.  Not really ..."  That thought depressed her a little.  
She adored the guys because she had worked with them and she did know them to some extent, but it was a moot point now
with everything that had happened.

She walked back to her chair and sank into it.  "The only real question is ... which one of us will pilot our baby?"

This question seemed to draw a lot of curiosity from the other pilots, except for Quatre ... who already knew about the new suit
that Duo had been constructing.  She chuckled and shook her head.  "The suit isn't in the hangar ... it's in the level below - the
Gundam garage, so to speak."  She smirked at them.  "I ... well we ... call him Deathscythe Hell!  The hyperjammers on that
baby are kickass.  The thermal wepons and thrusters are upgraded and the cockpit can be sealed in the instance that we have to
go to space."  She grinned wickedly.  "There's also a sort of outer shield that can unfold to look like wings.  He's such a COOL

Solo sighed and nodded.  "We could take turns ... I suppose."  Then he looked as if he had swallowed something sour.

Duo let out a breath and shook her head.  "Well ... neither of us is up to piloting all that much at the moment."  She bit her lip and
felt grief start to swell within her, even though she knew she was speaking the truth.  "I suppose ... you should be the pilot.  You
were, after all, trained first.  Also ... I don't think I'll ever really be physically fit to pilot a suit."  Admitting that she wasn't strong
enough to pilot was hard.  She wanted to be out there fighting beside her comrades.

Solo scowled a little as if her idea had hit a sour chord within him.

Quatre tilted his head.  "Why not apply the technology you have, then?  Find a way to pilot a suit by remote."

Duo felt nauseous at that thought.  "Quatre ... it was one thing when I really didn't have much of a choice.  It was use Solo to
steal the suit or let some asshole come down and cause total chaos while waiting for a whole colony to drop.  It's another thing
now ..."  She leapt to her feet and typed in a few commands to her system.  "Look at this.  I've been doing what I can here, but
there isn't much I CAN do.  It looks like someone from G's lab is leaking info to Oz."  She pointed to a few designs.  "These
preliminary blueprints are for what Oz is calling Mobile Dolls."  She pushed away with a scowl.  "Basically they're planning to
take away the human element."

Wufei looked ill.  "This is ludicrous!  If they merely pilot via remote, they could keep coming and coming until we get obliterated!"

Duo nodded.  "Again ... it was one thing when I did it.  I didn't have a choice and doing that whole remote thing took its toll on
me here.  With people controlling maybe ten of those things at a time each, this would no longer be a war.  It would be a

Heero frowned.  "What is this line of code down here?"

Duo smirked.  "That ... is why the dolls aren't already out there.  My own little virus.  It isn't stopping development, but it is
helping a bit."  She spread her hands.  "I've just been waiting for input as to what measures can be taken.  The main production
facilities are in space and I don't think just one suit alone can take the base down."

Quatre pursed his lips.  "And our suits aren't outfitted for space.  We all used shuttles to get here."

Heero walked over to the door.  "Wing can be adjusted for space very easily.  J made sure my suit would be versatile."  He
turned and walked out the door.  "If you need me, I'll be in the hangar making adjustments."

Quatre smiled and ran out the door after Heero.  "Wait for me ... maybe I can help."

Duo chuckled as the blonde vanished.  "I wish him luck.  Heero is very protective of his suit."  She walked over to Wufei.  
"Come on ... I'll show you the library."  She paused beside Solo and gave him a look.  "Behave yourself."

Solo sighed and crossed his arms in disappointment.  It was quite obvious that he had been thinking of taking advantage of the
fact that he was about to be alone with Trowa.

Duo shook her head and motioned to Wufei to follow her.  "This way."  With that, she left the room with Wufei following her.