Toy Soldiers

Part 7

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Trowa relaxed on the sofa to read one of the various newspapers after everyone had left.  He was glad of the chance to just relax
and maybe do a crossword puzzle or two.  He had just found one when he felt a gentle hand touch his thigh.  He lowered the
paper to see Solo moving his hand towards the fly on Trowa's pants.  "I thought Duo told you to behave yourself."

Solo smiled impishly.  "But I am behaving.  I can make you feel very good ... you know I can."  He deftly pulled the zipper of
Trowa's jeans down.

Trowa pushed at Solo's shoulders gently.  "Look, don't take this the wrong way, but I can't do this with you."  

His words were ignored though, as Solo wrapped his fingers around his length and slowly stroked it.

"Solo, please ..." he choked on his words as Solo lowered his head and began to lick at the head of his member.  "Oh, that feels

Solo smirked at Trowa.  "I told you I could make you feel good."  With that, Solo slid his mouth over Trowa's shaft and started

Trowa bit his lip and clutched at the material of the sofa as the sensations went through him.  However ... it wasn't the same
anymore.  He'd had quick tumbles with Duo, but this wasn't Duo ... no matter what the youth looked like.  This was a young man
that looked like someone he used to have sex with, but he couldn't do that anymore.  Quite honestly, no matter how good it felt,
he was getting no real satisfaction from this ... and he merely grunted when he released himself into Solo's mouth.

A moment later, Trowa heard a soft sob, so he glanced to the source.  "Solo ... why are you crying?"

Solo sniffled and shook his head.  "It really can't be the same anymore."

Trowa gently pulled the distraught youth into his arms and simply held him.  "No ... it can't be the same as it was."  He rubbed
Solo's back gently so as not to aggravate any wounds.  "I'm truly sorry."  There was nothing more he could say, so he simply
offered comfort through his mere presence.  He hoped that it would be enough.


Duo smiled as she walked to her favorite room in the whole mansion.  She went there whenever she just wanted some peace and
quiet.  Everyone in the estate, from the maids to the doctors, knew that she was not to be disturbed when she was in the library
... and for good reason.  She opened the door and stood aside to allow Wufei access to her little sanctuary.

Wufei gave a wonderful impersonation of a beached fish as he gaped at the large room.  There were several comfortable chairs
far enough apart to give each reader privacy ... as well as a nice sofa in front of a beautiful fireplace build from river stones.  In
the center of the library was a nice sized solarium where various plants with bright green leaves grew.  The green of the plants
matched the base that held a globe in the corner of the room beautifully.

That was only the furnishing, however.  The main attraction was the beautiful selection of books.  All of them were hardcover ...
and a great many of them were bound in leather.  Duo watched as Wufei carefully selected a couple of books before putting them

The Chinese youth pulled out one volume and let out a soft exclamation.  "I thought this was in a museum somewhere ... there is
only one first-edition hardcover copy left in the entire earthsphere!"

Duo smiled a little at that knowledge.  "I convinced the curator that the book would be in better hands with me."  She chuckled
softly when Wufei looked at her in disbelief.  "It's the truth!  Oz had just appropriated the museum as a base ... the curator didn't
want that book, or others like it, falling into the wrong hands.  Some of the hired Oz soldiers were already looting the valuable
exhibits when I was sent in for a quick reconnasainse mission.  I promised I would keep the volumes safe until the war was over."

Wufei nodded and looked over the book.  "So ... when the war is over, you will return it?"

Duo gave Wufei a look.  "Of COURSE I will!  I'll return all of the books in this particular cabinet.  That is ... if the museums
aren't destroyed in the war."  She nodded in satisfaction.  "Feel free to read any of the books in that case, but be careful with
them.  I have other, more recent, copies of the same books so that you can read them without getting the old paper all messed

Wufei placed the book he had been holding back on the vacant book holder on the shelf.  "I think I would rather read one of the
less valuable volumes that you mentioned.  Such rare and beautiful pieces should not be handled too much."

Duo nodded.  "The top shelf on this bookcase has all the volumes displayed in that cabinet."  She walked over to a
comfortable-looking chair and sat down.  "I also make sure to have electronic copies of any book I acquire.  Reading is a life
saver when I'm stuck in bed due to one of my relapses."

Wufei looked through the selection that Duo had.  "How can you tell what is where?  It looks like everything is jumbled."

Duo snorted.  "It's an odd alphabetizing system.  They're alphabetized by subject, then author, then title ... sort of like a phone
book.  It makes sense after a while."  She leaned back and closed her eyes.  She must have dozed off since the next thing she
knew, there was a hand on her shoulder giving her a gentle shake.  "Hmm?"

Wufei's brown eyes were regarding her with concern.  "Just how ill are you?"

Duo sighed and shrugged.  "Progress towards where I can go through a day without needing a nap is slow.  It's frustrating
beyond belief.  One moment, I feel fine and the next ... it's like someone sucks all my muscles out of my body."  She sighed
again.  "I'm not really supposed to spend more than a few minutes on my feet."  She smiled ruefully.  "It's better than when I was
confined to a wheelchair and could barely stay awake long enough for my missions to be completed."

Wufei pursed his lips.  "Perhaps, then, you should rest."  He motioned to the sofa.  "I gather you had that placed in here for that

Duo smirked and shook her head.  "Not just for that purpose, but it'll do the trick."  She pushed herself to her feet and swore
softly at how weak her knees felt.  "This sucks!"

Wufei shook his head and offered her an arm to lean on.  He slowly led her to the sofa and eased her onto it.  "Is there anything
you require?  Should I call one of your doctors?"

Duo blew a raspberry.  "Nah!  I should be fine with a little nap.  As much as I hate taking them as if I were a kid, even I can't
argue that I feel better after one."

Wufei nodded once and shook out the thin coverlet that had been laid on the back of the sofa.  Then he settled it over her
shoulders.  "Sleep well."

Duo simply hummed softly before she let herself fall asleep.


Quatre licked his lips as he watched the vid file again.  True he had watched it countless times already, but he couldn't get enough
of how erotic Trowa looked in them.  He had the vid on a loop and was gently running his fingers along his own erection.

There was a soft knock on the door and Quatre adjusted his robes.  He assumed it was Duo stopping by to ask how Heero was
doing in the hangar.  He walked over to the door and opened it with a soft smile ... which froze on his face when he saw Trowa.

Trowa smiled a little.  "I went to the hangar, but Heero told me you had come back to your room."

Quatre was about to respond politely when a loud moan was heard from the computer speakers.

Trowa blinked and strained to look over Quatre's shoulder.  "Quatre?  What are you ...?"  He blinked again and his eye widened.  
"Is that ME?"

Realization slammed into him and he spun around and ran for the computer.  He scrambled to close the window, and only
managed to pause the file on a particularly good angle showing how flexible Trowa was.  He blushed miserably and swore a great
deal in Arabic as his body, once again, reacted to the visual stimulus.

"I don't think I want to know how you got a hold of that file ..."  Trowa's soft voice trailed off and fond amusement filled his
tone.  "But it seems to me that Solo's assessment of you is correct."

Quatre yelped as he covered himself as best as he could with the robe he was wearing.  "Trowa ... I am so embarassed about

Trowa shook his head.  "What are you embarassed about?  Are you embarassed because you have this vid, embarassed that it
turns you on, or just embarassed because I happened to catch you watching -and obviously enjoying- it?"

Quatre felt relief seep into him as he gazed at Trowa.  "You aren't angry?"

Trowa shrugged.  "I'm upset that Duo didn't think to ask for my permission before giving these vids to you, but I'm not angry
that you enjoy them ... or embarassed about my body."  He reached over and closed the file.  "In the near future, we will have to
talk about this.  Right now, I'm mostly concerned about how you are.  Are you feeling dizzy at all?"  He reached forward and
gently brushed his fingers against the area of Quatre's forehead which was still bruised.

Quatre smiled at Trowa's concern and understanding.  "A little, so I think I'll turn in after a cold shower."

Trowa tilted his head with an almost predatory grin.  "You want some company in there?"  He wrapped his arms around Quatre
and caressed Quatre's stomach under the robe.  "I could probably help you with that quicker than cold water could."  With that,
he turned Quatre's chair around and gave him a kiss filled with the desire he felt.

Quatre felt a shiver travel down his spine as Trowa helped him to his feet and ground against him.  He could feel that Trowa was
hard as well, and had no doubt that Trowa would be able to give him a more satisfying way of relieving his sexual frustration.  
Still ... he shook his head as he regained his senses and gently pushed Trowa away.  "No.  Although I appreciate the offer, it's a
little too soon for me to be thinking like that.  Vids are one thing ..."  He bit his lip and shook his head to show he was at a loss for
an explanation to give.

Trowa nodded once in obvious understanding.  "So we'll take this slowly."  He started to leave the room, but paused before
turning back to gace Quatre.  "I want to make one thing clear.  This was clear from the beginning with Duo, and it has just been
made clear for Solo ... the only reason I was ever with ..."  He paused as if trying to think of whose name to say.  "Anyway ...
the only reason I slept with someone else is because I didn't think I could have you.  I thought you were straight and wouldn't be
interested in me like that, so I kept our relationship purely platonic.  I would have continued doing so if not for those vids, so
maybe I should thank Duo rather than scold her."  With that, he turned and left the room.

Quatre sank back into his chair as he heard the door click.  "Well, damn it ...I wish I had KNOWN he was interested before
now."  Then he glanced back at the screen wistfully ... wanting to see the vid once more, but he simply stood and headed for his
bathroom.  He'd worry about all the ramifications of what Trowa had said at a later time, but he wondered where Trowa had
gotten the idea that he was straight.