Part 8

Note:  Since this is Relena's POV, Solo will be referred to as Duo Maxwell and Duo will be referred to as "The Girl" or "The

[Won't you come out and play with me?
Step by step ... heart to heart
Left right left ... we all fall down
Like toy soldiers]

Relena smiled as her limo pulled into the driveway of the spacious estate.  It had taken several days, but she had finally found
Heero again.  She was so happy that she almost skipped to the door like she would have as a little girl.

She rang the doorbell and smiled politely at the girl who answered the door.  Despite the capri pants, tank top and bowl of
cherries the girl carried, Relena assumed the girl was a maid.  "Hello.  Is there a young man named ..."  She pushed her way in
when she saw her target.  "Heero!"

Heero, who had been carrying an empty glass, jumped a little as he spun towards the sound of Relena's voice.  The sudden
movement caused the glass to slip from his grasp and crash to the floor.

The maid turned and sighed when Heero bent to clean up the broken glass.  "Don't sweat it.  I have about three dozen of those
glasses, and I know where to order more."  She walked over and handed him the umbrella stand that had been by the door.  
"Here ... you can put the pieces in here until we can throw them into a proper garbage can."

Heero looked up at Relena and took a deep breath.  "Why are you here, Relena?"

The maid snorted softly.  "I can't believe you just asked her that question.  The answer is obvious ... she's here to see you."  
With that, she gazed directly into Relena's eyes.  "The real question is HOW are you here?"

Relena regarded the girl with only a passing interest ... the same interest she would give to any servant.  "How I got here is not
really any of your concern.  And you are ... whom exactly?"

The girl blinked and then shook her head.  "How do you like that?  You come into my house unannounced and uninvited and then
treat me like I'M the one who is trespassing.  You have a lot of nerve, lady."  She shrugged and made a mocking bow.  "Anyway
... I'm Duo Maxwell."  She scowled a little, then shrugged again.  "I supposed that since you took it upon yourself to invite
yourself in, you can stay a little while."

Relena stood there, somewhat shocked, for a few minutes.  "Wait a second ... Duo Maxwell is a boy!"  Then she noticed the
pair walking away and hastened to follow them.

The girl called out as she approached a room of some sort.  "Hey guys ... we have a visitor!"

Relena entered the room and gaped with surprise.  How could the girl claim to be Duo Maxwell when Duo Maxwell was sitting
right there in her house.  Relena motioned to the youth.  "You can't be Duo Maxwell!  Duo Maxwell is sitting right there."

Duo looked up and let out a small yelp before jumping out of his chair and bolting from the room.  Wufei Chang sighed and got
up to follow him.

Relena blinked after him and then shrugged before noticing that everyone in the room had some refreshments of some sort.  The
group of them seemed to be watching a television program or movie of some sort.

After a few minutes, Wufei returned with Duo and they sat in their respective seats. Relena frowned as everyone resumed
eating.  "Well ... aren't you going to ask me to sit down or offer some sort of refreshments?"

The girl looked up with an 'oh ... you're still here?' expression.  "Why should I?"

Relena brushed her shirt off.  "It's impolite not to offer a guest something when you're eating.  It is also quite rude to make a
guest stand for a long period of time."

The girl glared a little.  "Who are you to talk about being rude?  You barged into my house without so much as a 'by-your-leave'
and you expect to treat you like a guest?"

Duo nodded.  "Yeah ... that WAS pretty wrong."  He looked up at her with a frown.  "Did you bring that cotton-candy car with

Relena blinked at the question.  "Of course I did."

"Good thing the bad guys dunno about your habit of following Kinky around."

The girl groaned.  "His name is Heero, Solo."

Relena frowned as she walked over to where DUo was sitting.  "Solo?  But your name is Duo Maxwell!"

Duo stood up and shook his head.  "Nah ... SHE'S Duo Maxwell.  I'm just Solo."

Relena scowled.  "If this is your idea of a joke, I don't find it amusing in the least!"

Duo tilted his head.  "Why would I joke about that?"

Relena rolled her eyes.  "Honestly ... I don't know why Heero puts up with you.  You never take anything serously ..."


Total silence filled the room and Relena stared at Duo in shock.  Already she could feel the stinging of a red hand print where
Duo had slapped her. "You ... hit me."

Duo blinked as if his own actions had shocked him.  "I am so sorry ... I don't know why I did that."

Relena narrowed her eyes.  "I don't believe you actually hit me.  No one has ever hit me!"

The girl chuckled.  "Maybe they should have.  You might be better behaved if someone smacked your backside once or twice."  
She tilted her head.  "Actually ... no ... considering your attraction to dangerous men, that might have turned you on."

Relena blushed and then cleared her throat.  "What sort of person are you that would speak in such a crude manner?"


Relena's jaw dropped as she gazed at Duo Maxwell who was, again, staring at his hand as if it wasn't his own.  "I wasn't even
TALKING to you!  Why did you hit me again?"

Duo shook his head in confusion.  "I honestly don't know!"

The girl smirked.  "To answer your question ... I'm a dildo designer!  You want one?  I do occasionaly give out free samples for
a test market.  Of course you WOULD have to contact me with the degree of satisfaction and how long your orgasm lasted.  
Also whether you used it for vaginal or clitoral stimulation ..."

Relena looked around the room to see that the others were also staring at the girl as if she had come from another planet.  "I
have never ben so insulted!"  She spun on her heel and walked towards the door.

The girl let out a small huff.  "What?  You're a woman, too!  Don't tell me you don't occasionally use the pulse setting in your
shower for something other than stiff muscles!"

Relena whirled around and grabbed the first thing she could see ... one of the whipped cream covered cherries from the bowl the
girl had been carrying.  She simply threw it and was pleased when it landed with a soft plop against the girl's chest.  Then the
whipped cream gave way and the cherry fell down the front of her top.

The girl looked down and then back at Relena.  "Am I supposed to writhe in pain now?  Was that supposed to HURT?"

Heero stood up and regarded the girl. "Someone should go after that cherry."

The girl quirked an eyebrow and smirked at Heero.  "You want my cherry, Heero?"

Several snickers filled the room and Relena frowned at the girl.  "You're disgusting!"

Heero frowned a little.  "I'm confused.  What's so disgusting about me wanting to get someone's cherry?"

The girl meeped in soft laughter, then shook her head and addressed Relena.  "I'm not the one who was throwing my creamy
cherry around."  She leered at Relena.  "I bet you want to give Heero your cherry!  Will he want it, I wonder ... or does he want

Quatre squeaked and buried his face into a pillow, Trowa started snickering, Duo was laughing loudly and Wufei had gotten up
to leave the room ... although his face had a reddish tint to it.

Relena scowled and turned to Heero.  "I came all this way just to see you!"

Heero sighed.  "Relena ... I really couldn't care less about why you decided to bring your conspicuous car here, but I am not
interested in you!"

Relena could only think of one reason why Heero wouldn't be interested.  "You're gay, aren't you?"

Rather than answer with words, Heero pulled the other girl into his arms and reached into her tank top to fondle her while giving
her a deep kiss.  When he pulled away, he had the cherry in his fingers ... which he promptly popped into his mouth.  Once the
fruit was swallowed, he tilted his head.  "That answer your question?  You aren't my type."

The girl, for her part, had a brilliant smile on her face as if she had gotten every present she had ever wanted all at once.

Relena couldn't stand it any more.  She spun around and marched out of the house.


Heero watched Relena leave with no small amount of relief.  Duo was right in the observation that Relena wasn't a bad person,
but she was a little self-centered and that was bad enough.  After Duo left the room, Heero walked over to where Trowa and
Quatre were still snickering.  "Would someone please tell me what the joke is?"

Trowa blinked and his laughter died.  "Heero ... you honestly don't know what a cherry is besides a fruit that grows on trees?"

Heero shook his head.  "I was unaware that there was another type of cherry until just now."

Trowa sighed and shook his head.  "Heero ... a person uses the word 'cherry' to refer to their virginity.  When someone takes
someone else's cherry ..."

Heero blushed a little as the new implications fell into place.  "I hope Duo doesn't get the wrong idea.  She's a very attractive
young woman, but ..."

Quatre's tone was warm and full of understanding.  "Duo isn't stupid, Heero.  Although she'll resume her flirting with you now,
she won't push too much harder than she did before you knew she was a girl."

Heero snorted.  "But that's the whole problem.  She IS a girl.  About the only reason why I was about to resist her was because
I didn't know her true gender."  He motioned to Solo, who was looking at him in curiosity.  "I mean ... look at him and tell me
that you wouldn't find him attractive even if you were straight."

Solo chose that moment to speak up.  "So maybe you swing both ways!"  Then he blushed slightly and ducked his head.

Heero groaned.  "That's beside the point.  Just because I kissed her does NOT mean I'm going to hop into bed with her."

Solo shrugged.  "Perhaps not ... you always seemed a little too war-oriented.  It's always the mission with you.  It pisses her off,
you know ... that you don't expect to live past the war."

Heero blinked at Solo.  "How do you KNOW all this?"

Solo shook his head.  "Simple ... she told me."  He stretched and headed out of the room.  "I'm gonna go lie down."  He turned
and looked between Quatre and Trowa before sighing.  "Look ... I know it isn't my place, but it's PAINFULLY obvious to me
that the two of you want each other.  You should really do something about it."  Then he fled from the room as if he expected
someone to run after him.

Heero watched Solo leave and shook his head.  "I don't understand him at all."

Quatre smiled a little, though his cheeks were flushed.  "He's just trying to get back to his normal self, I suppose."  He
shrugged.  "Leave him be.  It's good to see him a little more sure of himself.  Although I wish he'd stop acting like one of us will
hit him"

Heero nodded and then sat down to finish his soda.  He grimaced at the can only a moment before he started to drink the